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"I'm buzzing with song ideas for my team" - Nick   God help us all.

And Halley deserved way more  

Don't want to have a back and forth with you, but he left on his own...just sayin.

At my taping, the coaches said that Charlotte was trying to be too much like Amy, which was why they didn't turn.  Surprised they didn't air that.

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Just now, Misirlou said:

Has anyone on the show before has covered this song on it´s original key?

Has anyone even covered this song outside of him?

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Just now, Ptones2010 said:

Wait a minute...John just told this guy his team was full, but a few minutes ago weren't they talking about having just a few spots left...

Charlotte was in a VERY early taping.  Keegan was in the last one.

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