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S19 Country Guys (Poll)



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  3. 3. ¿Who´s gonna go the farthest in the competition?

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yall are underestimating ben imo, im the only person who voted him for going farthest. if ben makes the lives, he may be able to cruise to the finale. however, whether or not this occurs depends on who makes it with him, which team he's on going into lives, and song choices.

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Favorite: Ian, he's the most interesting tonally so even though he's more at-risk being on a country-heavy team I'm hoping to see him do well.

Least Favorite: Tanner, his voice is fine but boring - Jim's got a clarity/power behind it that I like and Ben's twang at least makes him more memorable.

Longest Lasting: Jim, he's gotten decent reception on social media so far and has Blake's voting block to back him if he needs it. His biggest obstacle is the fact that a country-adjacent pastor that worked with Blake won last season.

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Jim's audition > Ian's audition, but I'm more intrigued to see more performances from Ian, so I voted for him. Jim's the best vocalist for sure though.


Ben's twang slightly irritates me but at least his voice is big enough to make an impression.


Tanner is the most forgettable out of all of them. I find his voice thin and even when he hits a high note (and on pitch), it feels short of impact for me. This is only based from his audition, but I don't find him to be compelling at all. Especially when he sang the line, "her kiss is my Salvation", which demands lots of earnestness to make it work. It didn't feel like he believed what he was singing.

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