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Most Wasteful Steals In The History Of The Voice

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-Quizz Swanigan (S12)


-Keith Paluso (S15, mainly Kelly's steal that felt more wasted)


--Colton Smith (S15, both Blake and Jennifer wasted their steals here)


-Stephen Marcellus (S13)


-The millions of country men Adam stole just to try and beat Blake with one (imo that's a really poor reason to steal someone, let alone move someone forward)



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Season 17 steals would probably be the right answer, but I think the steals were each deserved in their cases.

In terms of people who shouldn't have been stolen at all based on the battle:

S16: Celia Babini (KO - awful), Betsy Ade (KO - loved her overall but that was a mess and she only got stolen because it was the first result)

S15: Anthony Arya (a montaged battle steal. It wasn't very great), Colton Smith (KO - battle steal was worthy, but that KO was a legitimate trainwreck)

S14: Jordyn Simone, Kaleb Lee, Dallas Caroline (battles - Jordyn and Kaleb were okay but not worth stealing imo, I remember thinking Dallas sounded pretty bad)

S13: Stephan Marcellus (battle - Not very good overall)

S12: Quizz Swanigan, Aaliyah Rose (KO - both didn't deserve to move on to the next round)

S11: Jason Warrior (KO - yikes)

S10: Brian Nhira (battle - nope.), Lacy Mandigo (KO - her Zombie was not very good at all)

S9: Can't complain.

S8: Jacob Rummell (battle - this was bad lol), Brian Johnson (KO - he was flat out unnecessary in this competition)

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37 minutes ago, QueenMae16 said:

But did Craig deserve it?

Short answer, no.

Long answer: He had a few performances during lives that I think were among the best of the night, but no way in hell should he have won that season overall. It would've been better off in the long run without him.

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3 hours ago, QueenMae16 said:

But did Craig deserve it?


Yes, but that's irrelevant to the question. A wasteful steal is one that was used on a singer that didn't go very far in the competition and would be better used on a different singer with more potential. Like whoever Blake stole last season instead of Brennan. 

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