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Television Shows Rankdown

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I'm officially back and settled into my home after two weeks of being in the hospital.

Thank you to everyone who reached out during this difficult family time. ❤️ My mom was released from the hospital this evening and I'm staying with her as much as possible. I am so happy she's home an

I'll be taking a break from IDF today. A body has been found. I love you all. ❤️ Please tell your family and friends that. You never know what could happen to anyone of us. I love you, Naya. You did

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I love Star. 😢 


But wouldn't have asked for a change, as there were 2 other shows i would have saved over it. Sad to see it go but happy it almost made Top 300.


Ugh that show deserved so much better and got screwed over by FOX with it's Season 3 finale, which ended up beng the series finale as i got wrongly cancelled 😢 :/ 

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Fear Factor




So I've watched a bit of Fear Factor but it has never been my thing at all so an easy cut to make now. Fear Factor was hosted by Joe Rogan and put contestants against each other in a variety of three stunts for a grand prize consistiing of $50,000. It lasted six seasons and was comprised of three stunts, the first a physical stunt like jumping from one building to another, the second a daring mental type of stunt like eating bugs, and the third stunt a extreme sport type of stunt. I never watched much of it but apparently it was revived on another network with Ludacris as host and only lasted two seasons there. I also remember a bunch of Fear Factor winners doing Weakest Link and doing absolutely abysmal. 100 words so out goes Fear Factor from this rankdown.


Saving: How to Get Away With Murder

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I think I prefer the Top 30 nominations as well. But I was not able to be held responsible for unintentionally choosing the group with mine or someone else's huge favorites. :dead:

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The Punisher




Netflix got rid of these shows so I might as well do the same. Netflix got really salty over Disney+ so they cancelled all of the Marvel/Netflix shows out of spite. I use Disney+ more these days so whatever Netflix. The Punisher lasted two seasons; season one debuted in 2017 and season two debuted in 2019 before it was cancelled. It's technically a spin-off of Daredevil. The series starred Jon Bernthal as The Punisher. I was never big on The Punisher character and I never got around to watching the series so out it goes now. We all know Daredevil is the best Marvel/Netflix show anyway.


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Im currently in an excursion up the mountains and can barely get any signal so here is my quick write up for an iconic show. Sorry I can't give a good write up for this at the moment. Anyway, Family Feud is an iconic game show that started in 1976. The game consists of two teams of family whether by blood or by whatever that conncects them (cast of a show, sports team, etc.) and they go head to head in guessing the answers to the questions where they ask a certain amount of people a question and collect their answers for the contestants to guess. It's a fun game show and I watch all the funny bits on YouTube. It has been a humorous show ever since with the answers of the contestants being plain dumb, innuendo related or just plain dirty. They change hosts often and I would list their names but I need to hurry up. The current host of the show though is Steve Harvey who is probably globally known for messing up the results of Miss Universe which is quite iconic since Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach was rightfully the winner! Slay Filipinas! Anyway Family Feud has also changed networks quite a lot. It is an iconic and legendary show that has won quite a lot of awards. Sorry to the fans but I do like a lot of shows in this nomination list. And I'd rather write about a show I know right nownsince my data is shit lol.



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Family Feud

family feud no GIF

I actually really enjoy Family Feud, but I definitely think this is a decent placement for the game shows to start going. Family Feud has been on television for many decades with a variety of different hosts: Richard Dawson (1976-1985), Ray Combs (1988-1994), Louie Anderson (1999-2002), Richard Karn (2002-2006), John O’Hurley (2006-2010), and Steve Harvey (2010-present). I’m definitely most familiar with the Richard Dawson era, as I watched a lot of those reruns on GSN, but I have also seen a fair amount of the Steve Harvey ones. The contestants are 2 opposing families of 5. One at a time, a player from each team goes up to the buzzer. They are asked a survey question where the top several answers are up on the board. Which ever contestant buzzes in with the most popular answer is then given the opportunity for their family to play or pass. The family in control then each gives answers until either all are revealed or they receive 3 strikes. First team to 300 points wins and goes on to play the fast money round. Like I said, this is a fun show but I feel like this is a good place for it. 

Saving: Big Little Lies

laura dern renata GIF by Big Little Lies

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Gahh Randomizer rounds are always sooo stressful. :lmao: I did have more shows I didn’t know or care for that were nominated so that’s good but gah… so hard to decide. Portlandia is a show I never heard of and is the show I decided on cutting so I hope this isn’t too upsetting for people. Now it’s time to discuss this show.


Portlandia  is a sketch comedy series that also covers satire and surreal humor genre. Portlandia was on for 8 seasons and 77 episodes and aired on IFC channel from January 21, 2011 through March 22, 2018. Portlandia was created  by and stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein - an d was also created by Jonathan Krisel (who doesn’t star in it). Oooh I definitely know and recognize Fred Armisen and like him from SNL and Late Night with Seth Meyers, so mmmm maybe I have heard of this show but didn’t realize it. But yeah Carrie and Fred play various roles with the show being set in  Portland, Oregon. They had lots of guest stars on the show such as Kirsten Dunst, Olivia Wilde, Roseanne, Heather Graham, Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, Jack White, K.D. Lang and many others.


Well done to Portlandia making it this far. Here is a trailer for Season 1.



Saving: black-ish



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