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  1. I need sex scenes with him and Drew Tanner asap!
  2. I still watch riverdale no matter how messy it is for the shirtless scenes nd Queen Cheryl!
  3. *promise to add all the photos i owe steven soon* BOB'S BURGER Honestly, I have never watched an episode of this show. I've watched The Simpson, Family Guy (gross btw but Stewie is an icon!), American Dad, and Futurama but this one never really interested me. I don't like the art or the design or the animation of it. The show is about the Belcher family with Bob and Linda as the parents and their children Tina, Gene, and Louise. They run a burger shop I guess. I've seen that iconic dancing gif of Tina (is it her? I don't know and I don't care!) so there's that. Anyway, this is the easiest cut for me for this round because I do like most of the shows in the nominations list. So yeah this one has to go. Sorry to Elliott and anyone else who likes this show! SAVING: LUCIFER
  5. I like both shows and sad that either had to go
  6. I was drunk ok im here now again
  7. *picyure sone* CBBUK I'm way too drunk to right a proper write up but I judt got to save the show i jsut brought back and so here it is. I've never watched bbUK and I am not a big fan of the big brothwr franchise. Even here in my country it is probably the qorst franchise ever. I would just watch clips if i like the celebrity or the person if i like them. I just don't find it very interesting to watch unlike survivor,the amazing race, etc. Im in a bar and i need this to be 100 words so hopefully this is 100 worss and oh i know it has ehead of hosuehold,power of veto and then elimination. That's it to be hoenst. I know Charlotte Crosby and Scotty T. From Geordie Shore won so there's that!!! People from geordie shore. Slay!! Also Queen New York was in the seaosn with Scotty T. And I wished ahed win but it is thw UK so they woudl gote someone form the UK. Hit whatever. So yeha. SAVING: WHY WOMEN KILL
  8. Save why women kill Cut big brother uk
  9. Everyone asking for safeties and you not being to nominate anything!
  10. Wallace will decide which shows wont be in the top 100
  11. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Kaley 12. 13. Vee 14. Alex 15. *Wallace
  12. Remember when Steven said he'd only do 400 shows for this rankdown...
  13. Cut elliott Save the nominees
  14. I dont want to cut anyone as they are all messy icons!
  15. I know I'm probably the only one who has watched it but I think this show deserves a to go farther so I'm bringing back... WHY WOMEN KILL
  16. PHIL OF THE FUTURE Im currently in an excursion up the mountains and can barely get any signal so here is my quick write up for a show zi know I did watch when I was a kid but barely remember what it is about. I just know how Phil looks like because he was kinda cute. I also remember something about Milk being fuel or something too. Lmao anyway. It stars Ricky Ulman for Phil and Ally Michalca is there too. Phil was from 2021 and did some time travelling and got stuck in 2004. He knew amazing inventions and stuff so he did them there. They are forced to pretend they are normal and from the same timeline. Anyway not my favourite disney show but Ricky is hot now. SAVING LOOKING
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