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  1. I wish we still had a general discussion sub-forum so other threads wouldn't get buried under so many new contestant threads. But I will still seek out and find yours. That's good. But that's bad! I wonder why it's taking so long. Ooh I thought of one clue that I might use... let me think a bit more. I thought that was a good thing to listen to all the songs posted... and there were a lot of them too. Ah yeah, I understand that. Oooh wow, I don't know what that song is or it's actual title, but wow. I figured. I will let you know! And okay, yay.
  2. I was about to agree except there is one I don't care for. But yeah, this worked out for them. Lucky Group B! Now I can't remember who is even in Group A besides the Russian Dolls.
  3. Oh, I didn't know people thought Cluedo was him. My mom thought one of the other contestants was, but I didn't want to think they'd lie about Nick having COVID to pull that off. It worked with him only appearing under a mask for one episode. I'm the opposite because I know exactly who Black Swan and Piglet are.
  4. Such a random mix of opinions shared so far. I agree with almost none of them, so this thread is serving its purpose.
  5. Her solo song choice was perfect because I think she is a legit queen. THAT. VOICE.
  6. Also, poor Crab. I felt so bad for the guy. I'm glad he was okay after getting some time to breathe.
  7. Bahahahaha I totally called it when Niecy said she was going to choose who to unmask. I thought she was just going to send herself home and bring Nick out, but when she chose Bulldog, I figured it was him.
  8. That smiley says it all. Ugh, I don't like this... he could still do other projects. It's true each story focuses on a different Bridgerton child, but the others are still around and some of them were shown much more in season 1 than in the first book, even though they weren't the focus. I am sure they would do the same for each season, so Simon would have been a minor character, but still there. I've seen some fans try to explain the announcement with that reasoning that Simon isn't featured much in the following books, but... if that was the case for him "leaving the show",
  9. I'm avoiding this thread until I'm calm enough to discuss. Kidding... but also not.
  10. I have no idea who the guy revealed to be Grandpa Monster is. Also, if Piglet was a replacement for someone.... I'm dying to know who.
  11. I lost this whole post when I went to watch the videos in the spoiler contents, so that is part of why my second reply comes so much later. And because I was watching them during the commercial breaks of This Is Us. Anyway... - I still think about it to this day. It's crazy Candice was cut whenever that was, but yes, of course worked out for the better. Ah, now I can't remember if it was during the season or after. - Haha thank you! - Yes, I thought I made it obvious. - - - I didn't either, but that's what they said about it. - Ye
  12. Ooh, I like pumpkin seeds, but I never buy whole pumpkins anymore. This is very true and I love that. I just don't want them in my food I'm eating. I see. Yeah, technical papers were never my favorite, but I've always loved reading and creative writing. I feel like I never meet anyone outside of my school who had Language Arts rather than English. I'm not sure if that's something I'm actually interested in, but can keep it in mind. I know I've heard of it from time to time and think I heard of all of them being on there. Aww thank you, I appreciat
  13. I found this halfway down page 2. Just want to bump it back up before I get to work on my (delayed) response.
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