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  1. Tick, Tick… Boom! looks like it could be really good.
  2. The first five seasons of The Office are now streaming for free. We’re over halfway there.
  3. It’s not on until 10 pm tomorrow? I have to go to bed. I guess I’ll be streaming on Hulu this week.
  4. I keep getting Loki and Luca confused. But will we have to pay $30 to stream Luca on Friday?
  5. Title for the first episode of season 2…
  6. I understand so I hope you enjoy watching. Oh, that... I get it. Yeah, that always happens with people tanking things for other reasons. I would be shocked if it didn't happen, but it is unfortunate, especially when it affects your favorites. Oh yay for Elliott winning! I'm glad to hear that. Oh no, I don't think you threw anyone under the bus. It's nice they agreed with your choice and that makes it easy. I did watch two more episodes of Country Comfort and am sure I get the reference for your TMS post now. Of course you wouldn't complain. Oh wow, if Nicole has a twin or clone.... you will be beside yourself. Oh wow. I have no idea what this means with ranking Kat's looks in a different thread now... unless it's a full thread of Katharine rankings? Ooh I like the idea of ranking performances based on a theme! And oh yay, Disney performances! It's up to you if you want the ranking to reflect just your opinion or not, but if you want additional opinions, I'll do my best to provide.
  7. Footprints On The Moon. Love that song and love the single artwork.
  8. - Yay! I also just love giraffes. - Aww. Wow, I had no idea and wouldn't have guessed that based on his performances. Yikes, but yeah, I always hear how hot they are. - I am at everything here. My first thought was that your new avatar was Graham! But at least you are happy dancer then. - I feel the same! I am so curious but we'll never know... unless she comes back in another costume. Haha yes! Oh yay, I look forward to them. I hope to catch up in your other thread tonight as well.
  9. - An intimidating act who dealt with a crowded place: My best guess here is Bob Saget as Squiggly Monster... thinking of "a crowded place" referring to Full House and monsters being intimidating. - Dancing from a prehistoric era to the current one: My mind immediately goes to JoJo Siwa as the T-Rex... makes sense with the "dancing" and "prehistoric" references - Many late nights may have contributed to the lack of flesh: I thought of Skeleton and Paul Shaffer was on Late Night with David Letterman so this checks out. - Offspring of a GOAT who became a different mammal and was in the presence of gladiators: Hmm... my thought for the first part was Laila Ali but I can't make sense of that for the rest of the clue. *thinks* Not sure on this. - Voice soars through the air to help others in need: This makes sense for Dr. Drew as Eagle. Eagles soar and Dr. Drew helps people.
  10. 65. Giraffe/Brian Austin Green: Ahh my initial guess was right although I couldn't make sense of the winner part. So he caught a fox... that is really tricky. Anyway, I liked this costume and his performances weren't so bad. They were fun and of course, I can totally hear his voice now. lol at him being Robin's neighbor. 64. Deer/Terry Bradshaw: Oh wow, so the animal wasn't actually black and gold. Ahh that really threw me off and I wouldn't think of his team or even know the colors, lol. But yeah, he wasn't great, although I remember the judges guessing him and Robin with the shoulders thing. That was funny. He recorded some albums? I'm shocked by that. Wow, I don't remember him looking like he was about to pass out, yikes. 63. White Tiger/Rob Gronkowski: Oh wow, another one I named but for the wrong clue. I would have never put this together and still barely get it. Yeah, he was fun, but definitely not great and I think I worried he might stay too long. I do think I remember the controversary you mentioned. lol he was always fun at least and I had a feeling it was him too after the judges guessed him. 62. Llama/Drew Carey: I would have never figured out that clue. The costume is... different, but not a fan with the legs like that, lol. He was okay, but not the best and omg the dancing people you mentioned in the first video. I watched and saw and LOL I was wondering who that was in your avatar! LOL. So hilarious. I mostly agree with your thoughts here. 61. Bear/Sarah Palin: Yay, I got this one. lol I'll never forget this unmasking and how iconic it was. That performance was already something but then to learn who it was? Wow. lol Nick's reaction was amazing and I rewatched that moment several times. lol this reveal and the S5 one you are referring to were both sooo wow in different ways. Hahah I loved Nick being part of the unmasked performance too. I do wonder what she would have done with another performance. I'm going to think about these clues for a bit but wanted to at least get my comments posted.
  11. Right? It covers up part of our beautiful avatars... and there's plenty of space underneath! The notification makes no sense and seems to be missing a word at the end. But I got it at the same time as the rocket so they must go together.
  12. I don't know what I did but my rocket just showed up. I guess I'll start packing to join you all on a trip to the moon.
  13. I don't understand how it works at all. I could get used to the visual of the rockets, but that huge space is another story.
  14. She won the CMT Female Video of the Year Music Award for "The Good Ones." Gabby is slaying!
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