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  1. Mine might be similar! I feel like I'd have Doc higher, but definitely Dopey at the top. The rest could be like yours, or I could rewatch it and totally change my mind.
  2. Happy This is really not a cut I want to make, but I suppose it's the best option to go with at this point. Happy is one of seven dwarfs in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and they are better known as a group, with a few being stand out favorites. Although, I suppose any of them could be a favorite for someone. I like Happy and don't know where he'd land on my own personal dwarf ranking, but that is something to think about. He is called Happy due to his optimistic and jovial personality. He often has a cheery smile on his face, and loves to share the things he loves - food, dancing, parties - with the other dwarfs. Sharing is caring and that is a thing I learned from Happy the dwarf. FUN FACT: I am reading a collection of Grimm's Fairy Tales, which includes several of the Disney stories in their original form, and none of the dwarfs were named in the original Snow White (which was called Little Snow White). They didn't have distinct personalities and were a collective unit who let Snow White stay in their home if she would do all their chores and household duties for them. It still gets me that she randomly wandered into their cabin in the woods and decided it was a good idea to sleep in their beds. Side note, in the original Cinderella the step-sisters get their eyes pecked out by pigeons. I may not get another chance to share that, so I will do it here. This write-up has really taken a turn now, but my point was that the dwarfs were not named until the Broadway play in 1912, but then Walt Disney changed their names to how we know them for the 1937 movie. The dwarfs are my favorite part of Snow White, so I am in fact, sad (not happy), to be removing happiness from this rankdown. I just hope that Happy can stay happy by joining his fellow fallen dwarfs, including Bashful, who was just cut. Saving: Peter Pan
  3. I totally get that. Oh, I believe I was caught up in the last post and don't see anything I haven't already. I'm ready for more, but thanks for waiting.
  4. omg I had to work so I couldn't be summoned any sooner, but this cracks me up. I'll look out for another time.
  5. I love that she sang a song from each album and wow, such unexpected choices too. "That's Where It Is" and "You Won't Find This" have always been underrated favorites of mine. And yay for closing with "Love Wins." So exciting that she's going to release a Christmas album! I can't wait to learn the track listing and hear her versions of all the songs. It'll all be amazing.
  6. My immunities: Marie Pua Rolly I love animals.
  7. I sure do. Yay! Ugh, he was so good and I was such a fan... He would probably be my top save choice here aside from Fifth Harmony. And I like quite a few of the noms too.
  8. I didn't cut anybody, so you can feel bad for me.
  9. I would have Stefano quite a bit higher, but I still prefer several others from that season. "I'm on a Roll" though The others are mostly okay for me, although I did like Lee a bit more than this. LOL all your "straight up" mentions on Andrew. I loved that performance, but yeah, everything to follow was a disappointment.
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