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  1. Oh my goodness, I remember her dad and had no idea he had passed. I'm so sad to hear.
  2. Ah yes, that makes sense with the comparison between Katharine and Haley. I still get very protective of my biggest favorites, even if they do have tons of fans. It's true Kelly has a lot going on both professionally and personally. I look forward to new music from her whenever it comes. I didn't get a trophy. I'm just messing with you. 001. Katharine McPhee: I have to mention before I forget that your little poems are so cute and clever. Well done with those. Kat and I had any interesting journey on the show. I started out as a fan, although I don't remember exactly where she ranked among my favorites. Certain performances of hers I LOVED and others I didn't care for at all. It's mainly because of what you mentioned regarding her vocal registers. I love her voice in that lower range, but it was often too much for me when she'd go higher into, as you said, the "screechy" parts. But when she was on, she was really on. Love your comment about playing poker. Aww and I also love how you talk about her being the first contestant you voted for and all that. I know that makes her extra special for you. Wow, sorry to hear about those nicknames she was called. Definitely not okay. I am surprised to learn it took you awhile to love Kat! SIFFY is still one of my favorites of hers, but then it was weeks before I really loved another one of her performances. Oh my at some of your comments on her looks But yeah, I completely agree on TVW (which is I song I LOVE) and those are the things in her voice I struggled with. Only made worse by the judges praise. So, I did have a bit of a rocky fandom with her throughout the season. Love that you mentioned the 2-hour power voting because I definitely did that with multiple phones for some people back in the day. BOTE is actually a favorite of mine from her too and randomly WWTLF which, on paper, probably isn't one I'd expect to love. STWOM was probably my personal favorite though. Her voice was perfection there. Oh, I loved BHATCT as well! But yeah, Elvis night was not good for me for her (starting to sound like Randy here ) with those two performances. I was a big fan of Chris, so that was definitely a hard elimination to take coming off those particular performances as well... although I know it's obviously not her fault. Emotions can get in the way in moments like that, but I'm definitely not one to bash a contestant or anything like that. I've been on other side and know how it feels towards your favorite. SOTR is amazing and another great highlight of her voice. I wasn't a fan of her other two performances that night.... but I was a fan of My Destiny. I feel like that song's biggest fan somehow. I don't know what it is, but I loved it a lot and her studio version of it. This was probably the start of my Kat song obsession because once her debut album came out, I was in love with and played (and still play) those songs to death. I am happy for her other success as well, even though I haven't watched her shows or anything. I am forever indebted to her self-titled album, at least. I do consider myself a fan and her one of my favorites of the season when all is said and done... even if my own feelings on her were very inconsistent during the show. I loved your write-up her and it's sweet how special she is to you. Oh no, the list is over. But you did an amazing job! Such great work. I thoroughly enjoyed reading through all your thoughts and love how you had a great balance of critique and compliments throughout your write-ups. It was fun to see your taste in contestants, which at times was very different from mine. But we found some in common too! And more so than all of that, I've really enjoyed getting to know you and making a new friend! OMG your story of this whole thread being an accident? I'm so shocked to learn this. Hahahaha well I'm glad it happened. And if you PM me to delete your next list, I'll refuse. Just kidding. But if you do decide to do any other kinds of rankings in here, I'd definitely been interested and comment! This has been so much fun.
  3. Alasia Jessica Raina Naduah Tatianna Alexandra Krista Anslee Brenda Simone Ren
  4. Baymax This is a bit sad for me because I actually love Baymax, but it's going to be even harder going forward having to nominate and cut characters we are fans of. Although actually, I prefer Baymax and some of my other noms to characters I didn't nominate because I was still trying to leave some certain favorites alone for people. Of course that results in one of the ones I like best being cut, but it is what it is. At least I can give Baymax some love here. I'll also mention that I love that he's the last standing character from Big Hero 6 and represents for them in the Top 100. I do really enjoy the movie, but also not as much as many others that still have representation in the rankdown. Anyway, Baymax is an inflatable healthcare robot Tadashi built in Big Hero 6, and he is activated by sounds of distress. Baymax is highly intelligent and has a healthcare chip encoded in him to enable him to be a medical nurse full of love. It also stops him from willingly hurting humans, and is only deactivated from helping if his patient says, "I am satisfied with my care." Otherwise, Baymax will never stop helping or even leave. He is pretty much perfect, as long as his chip stays in. Without, he can take on a darker personality and lack compassion.Tadashi took 84 tries to perfect Baymax and he nailed it with the chip he put in him. Baymax is very caring, calm, sweet, naiive, and easily distracted. He has many talents and functions including superhuman strength, medical knowledge, data storage, anti-bacterial spray, heating and cool systems, a lie detector, and so much more. Baymax being Baymax. Baymax begins to pick up more human emotions after meeting Hiro and develops his own personalty apart from his original programming chip. This allows him and Hiro to form a close bond, and he cares for him more because of their connection and not just because Hiro is his "patient." This also leads to Baymax becoming less obedient of Hiro when he believes he is asking him to make the wrong decisions. Hiro learns a lot from Baymax because of this. Baymax is the lovable, wonderful, amazing, and true hero of the team. The rankers saved: these 2 and more
  5. Héctor Hector is also a musician from the Disney Pixar film Coco, so it looks like today is the day the music died... but they're already in the Land of the Dead. Anyway, Hector is Miguel's actual great-great grandfather and when Miguel enters the Land of the Dead, Hector helps him on his quest to find Ernesto and escape. When Hector was alive, he was the musical partner of Ernesto, before Ernesto went and decided to kill his best friend (aka Hector). Hector is actually the one who wrote "Remember Me", as he would write the songs and Ernesto performed them. Miguel's narration at the beginning of the film describes Hector in saying: "“The papá, he was a musician. He and his family would sing, and dance, and count their blessings. But he also had a dream: to play for the world. And one day he left with his guitar, and never returned.” But the reason he did not return was because of his unfortunate death, although his wife, Mama Imelda, had no knowledge of this, and was so angry with him. I actually wrote about this some in my Mama Imelda write-up that may or may not ever see the light of day. But Hector wanted to return home to Imedla and their daughter, Coco, and never got the chance. It's so sad. Imelda even disowned Hector in the afterlife, and Hector tried to cross back over to the Land of the Living to see their daughter again. He was shunned by his family and forgotten. However, the truth will always prevail, and there is a happy ending for Hector. Both him and music are welcomed back into the family, as they should. He has such a sad story, but thankfully Hector gets the recognition he deserves in both the living and deceased lands. The rankers saved: these 3 and more
  6. Ernesto de la Cruz Ernesto de la Cruz is considered the main antagonist in the Disney Pixar film Coco. His soul resides in the Land of the Dead, but prior to his demise, he was a popular singer who charmed audiences with his talent and good looks. Ernesto starred in movies, had a cool guitar, wrote amazing songs, and pretty much was a legend and positive role model in the eyes of his adoring fans. Although he appears to be friendly, charming, and encouraging, we later learn of his selfish and fame-hungry ways. Ernesto was so desperate for fame that he murdered his best friend, Hector (who will rank higher than him), to take credit for his talents and achieve fame. Poor Hector just wanted to go home to his family, but more on him later. In the story of the film, Miguel is searching for Ernesto, under the belief that he is his long-lost great-great-grandfather. He ends up learning a different story about his heritage than what he thought was the truth. Ernesto's ways are exposed and the way he is viewed by everyone changes drastically. He is an interesting character, but it's not my favorite movie. I believe Coco is in second place for most represented movie in the Top 100, although there is a three-way tie for first. But it still has that accomplishment, even if it loses some characters now. The rankers saved: these 3 and more
  7. Wow, I don't know why it felt like this finale really snuck up on me. Maybe because the format was so different and they barely performed on the main stage. Anyway, some thoughts.... Bailey and Kida. I so wish they made the finals. A bit weird to see no soloists in the end. MDC 3! I love them and omg so happy they won! I also don't remember them doing the final results like this before. Maybe I just forgot. It was kind of anti-climatic. Also weird because Jefferson y Adrianita were such a close second place, yet they were eliminated earlier in the episode. Did not like. But I loved them too and am so happy with the Top 2! A bit of strange feeling season for me, but still super fun and full of amazing talent.
  8. I'm not familiar with most of these movies, but randomly Googled some. I don't remembering seeing these scores before. Although I think the King Arthur one was in the Disney game.
  9. Well, PART TWO BEGINS was posted 25 hours ago, so I thought that meant part two was beginning.
  10. Our group @FrogLenzen @totes4totes @*Wallace @miss denise is advancing this song to the finals... Umbrella
  11. I will do them this evening, @Steven_
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