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  1. OMG I LOVE Dustin. I am absolutely thrilled for him! I can't believe my favorite actually won.
  2. Why is that unfortunate? You want me to stay in hiding. I KNOW! Ugh, maybe not, but I'm ready for them to try. And the video is unavailable for me now. There better still be somewhere to watch that iconic performance. lol. Aww that's nice, thanks. I thought so. lol I guess I should. I am happy! Yeah, I'm pretty sure they said "punk rock" regarding his costume a couple times. Because all his performances were so good. I'm glad you think so! lol yeah. The dance breakdown was an *amazing* something to see. I do and yeah, that one is my favorite and touched me so much. I love being dramatic sometimes. Oh wow, this painful question! That is so interesting and strange to think about... both were terrible and I was sure both could win. Maybe Archie because I was a lot younger and that was more of a competition, while this show is more for fun? But... it was still awful for me. I do. Thank you. I had to toot my own horn for a minute because it's such an accomplishment that I can't believe. Oh yay! I'm sorry if I messed up your schedule. 08. Night Angel/Kandi Burruss: I wasn't a fan of her costume, as that face scared me so much. My mom also hated it. I do love the colors though... but also don't know what a Night Angel is supposed to be. Okay anyway, she did well with her performances, but I never personally cared for her. I thought the judges overhyped her a lot. I love your comment on lips costumes. "One of the things that stood out was Nicole’s open mouth reaction (I don’t know why; I’m weird like that). " Oh at you saying her finale performance was the weakest and thought she would place third. I don't know what I thought would happen with her placement... but I did prefer Frog over her. "An explanation of the first two clues for Denise:" Oh, I get the detail of the first one now. I wish I could have thought of that. I did get the second part of the second clue, at least. - Could have something colorful in common with another Top 10 act: Not sure on this one, but I really want to know. Hmmm. - Has a license to kill anyone with vocals: Gladys Knight has a song "License to Kill", so this could be Bee. - Was eliminated in another show in a week in which the buzz should've been strong: Gladys was eliminated during the Motown theme on DWTS, which was ironic... and "buzz" can refer to the Bee costume.
  3. - Amanda Avila, Pia Toscano, and Hollie Cavanagh: They're all from Idol, which makes me think Rottweiler or Seahorse, but... I'm confused because these three are so random. Hmm. I'm missing something. - Like to just kick it among the stars in a dark environment: This sounds like Night Angel. I don't know how it could be anything else? - Placed some tender, love, and care on a hit single: Kandi Burruss worked on TLC's song "No Scrubs" sooo yes, this must be Night Angel. Still not sure how to tie her to the first clue.
  4. I guess so. It was correct and I am here for it. Not sure if it's possible since I'm always expecting it. I appreciate that. - Let's do it now! - We'll have to make sure she's there for you. And I sure hope there's another season! That show is amazing. But hey, you could say three. Oh yes, I'll try to remember. Ahh I see... I'll have to look for that... maybe. OMG this part about him not winning. I don't want to think of it that way, but Piglet and Black Swan were my favorites (outside of Russian Dolls). True. Ooh yes, you do but I'm just amazed how he was your favorite and you don't like him outside the show. Ahh you're much better at that than me. 09. Turtle/Jesse McCartney: Can you see my heart eyes?! Reptilian Jesse. I love that you called him strong, versatile, and consistent, because I definitely felt that way. I didn't expect him in your Top 10 but am SO HAPPY. I love his costume, although it's interesting they gave him this ~punk rock~ version of it. I guess it made it cooler... and hotter. lol your comment on Ken during his first performance. But I loved every single Turtle performance. They're all so good. I love how he showcased his voice, especially the falsetto, but also showcased his moves and entertaining side. I WAS SO PROUD OF HIM. "In addition, as with Astronaut he made me enjoy a Shawn Mendes song" My boys did that. omg you remembering other people's reactions the most from his performances! But the dance breakdown in Stay was... I was dead. Your comments on his performance of Fix You. OMG no, you lost me on his finale performance. You were going to enjoy them all.... and that one is my actual very favorite. The emotion he poured into it was so palpable. Just hearing the vocal breaks me. I can't go on. My heart won't go on. /dramatic Anyway, that was a winning performance for me and I can't discuss what happened after. I love that you say he was the most consistent though. I also have to share my Turtle montage because it reached over 1 million views.
  5. Oops! I'm finally catching up after being away, so sorry to delay your plan. Aww that gif is so cute. You are safe. And yes, if the duet ever comes! I'm tired of waiting. I knew it. - omg I definitely want to go rewatch it right now! I keep forgetting. - Awww. You could dress like that and go on ICSYV to lip sync. Oh wow, that's an interesting fact about Ken and the athletes. I didn't notice. Okay, I look forward to seeing it when you do! And oops I already saw who #10 was before I saw the clues. 10. Chameleon/Wiz Khalifa: I wondered where Chameleon would rank since I knew you were a big fan of his. I know of Wiz Khalifa, but did not have any idea this was him. I definitely don't know his voice well enough. I didn't notice the costume's different tongue lengths. But I agree he did perform effortlessly, even though I didn't personally care for him much. Although I'm the opposite of you because I do really like Ride Wit Me. I think Hip Hop was probably one of the performances I liked most too. LOL I need to look back on him singing from the finale because I don't remember how he sounded but it would have been interesting if he sang more in some of his own performances. Although you mentioned right after that how he did in his last performance. Oh wow, I'm shocked you don't even care for him outside of the show, yet here he is in your Top 10. Did you have any idea it was him?
  6. Just posting to say I have not forgotten about this! So sorry for the wait, but I am hoping I can catch up Sunday. @Crisis And I am positive on who #9 is and was as soon as I read the first word of the clue. The rest confirms it. - Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael...: Ninja Turtle names = turtle. Extra fun that Jesse is often told he looks like Leonardo DiCaprio. - Began on a road of subconsciousness: He started his music career with Dream Street. Road = street. Subconsciousness = dream. - Hung out with a now disgraced family figure: Lori Loughlin played his aunt on Summerland.
  7. 15. Russian Dolls/Hanson: I did not expect them to rank this high, so I am pleasantly surprised once again. I loved their costumes and that we got a trio on the show! There was also the mystery of how many there were exactly. I thought they were great and were my favorite act to watch. Hanson was a bit before my time so I couldn't have identified them myself, but I heard the rumor that it was them. I wish they had made the finals. 14. Black Swan/JoJo: Ooh, I got this clue wrong, but wouldn't "too little, too late" mean that time *is* up? But Piglet, Russian Dolls, and Black Swan make up all my S5 favorites. I did like that she showcased versatility, although I often felt she could do better than she did. I'm a huge fan of JoJo and have loved her voice for many years. Yeah, the two performances you singled out near the end weren't my favorites. LOL the dancers comment. I have to go see that. She did go through sooo much drama with her record label, so I'm glad she broke free from that at last and also was able to be on the show. 13. Seprent/Dr. Elvis Francois: Oops, I was wrong here too. His costume was a little scary, but not too bad for me compared to others. I was also impressed with his vocals. I had no clue who he was, but I was a fan. I do remember hearing of him going viral, but I could have never guessed him. He was a nice surprise to have on the show though. 12. Peacock/Donny Osmond: LOL I actually thought of the ICSYV thing for the clue but wasn't sure. The reasoning I gave also fits. Ghost Hunter. I think that performance is due for a rewatch. Anyway, Peacock is another I didn't expect this high for no particular reason. But he was one of my favorites on the first season too. He did great and I love peacocks anyway. LOL the hippo comment. I agree he always put on a show and was entertaining to watch. I probably would have preferred for him to win but oh well. 11. Thingamajig/Victor Oladipo: Thingamajig was a pleasant surprise for me. I had no clue who he was but I loved his voice. Ah yes, I loved Rainbow too. I love the interaction with Nicole and lol... I think we know how you need to dress now to capture her heart. How crazy is it that only Ken correctly guessed him. Ooh wow, your comment about him being the best non-professional singer so far is interesting. I could agree but may have to double check. Yay, Top 10! I have no clue how they will rank but am especially happy to see Rottweiler, Turtle, and Seahorse there. Oh, an intermission with the contestants from The Masked Dancer would be fun to see.
  8. I learn things all the time. Same! Oh noooo, don't think that. I wouldn't abandon your lists. I've been so busy and out of town a lot recently. I'm going to be gone again a few days this week, so if I'm delayed again, that's why. But I will always come back. I'm like a boomerang. - But I was never going to ban you, only you said that. Haha... maybe I should cry. But it's fine. Yay. Oooh okay, that's better at least. I truly was heartbroken but YES! Now I'm just patiently waiting for their duet. - That is also how I best know them. Haha I've never known how to tell them apart so I'm curious. - He is, but at least you still like him. You have all the other winners in the Top 10. They overall rank better for you than me. I understand. Agree with this! Silly Jenny. Seriously.... how did she not know what she was saying about herself? I guess congrats on her getting all the boy banders except her own husband? - I'm not at all. I hope that's not a bad "oh", but I can't imagine a good one. He was my favorite on the first season, so yes, my first favorite. That's true. Oh yeah, that is very interesting... but good it helped him. I see the next set and am planning to catch up tonight.
  9. I thought for sure Madilyn would win the fan vote during the save. Thankfully the judges vote went to deadlock to benefit her. I can't imagine she won't sing an original song next time, so we'll see how it goes.
  10. I'm still thinking. Aww, of course! I feel awful I didn't see it sooner, but I would never let it go without acknowledgement. It's so nice you thought of me and found gifs of five guys I absolutely adore! Awwww I love it so much.
  11. 20. Piglet/Nick Lachey: Ooooo darn, the clue makes perfect sense now. Ugh, I hate not thinking of things. lol Anyway, ooh the first winner to appear. Darn, we differ a lot there because he's my favorite winner. I'm glad you still enjoyed him. He definitely shone most with the emotional performances and ballads. Oh yes, the operatic beginning. That was so impressive. I also thought he'd win and was so happy he did! I also knew he was Nick Lachey from the start and am very familiar with his voice. It was so obvious to me. LOL your Jenny comment because SERIOUSLY about her not even guessing her husband. I mean hello? How could she brag right after that? 19. Kitty/Jackie Evancho: Yay, I got it right. I really liked Kitty's costume and thought it was cute. I also liked her performance-wise, but had other favorites. OMG your comment on the guy in the audience! I don't remember this and not sure I want to see it. I am also not familiar with her voice, although I heard of her and remember her being on AGT when she was really young. I might have placed her in the finals over someone else but I couldn't be bothered after Astronaut left, as long as Turtle was there. 18. Yeti/Omarion: I really liked Yeti and his costume was so cute. You're right, he does look friendly. I like Omarion and am familiar with some of his music, but I haven't heard him in forever so I couldn't tell it was him on my own. Him performing with skates was so cool. I wonder how he did it. Aww I was sad he was eliminated before the finals too. 17. Flamingo/Adrienne Bailon-Houghton: Oooh, now I get the second part of the clue. Flamingos are so pretty! I agree with your comments on the costume. I am a fan of Adrienne from being in The Cheetah Girls. I can't remember when I picked up on her vocally though. But I did enjoy her, although preferred the other two finalists. Aww it is sad what she said about her own voice, but I'm sure her time on the show helped. And omg yes, I always wondered if her and Raven knew the other was there. 16. Rabbit/Joey Fatone: I actually did not expect Rabbit to rank so high but I'm not upset about it. He was my first favorite on the show. I love Joey a lot, although I wasn't even positive it was him because I'm not familiar with his voice as much compared to other NSYNC members. lol so true about his costume and him being committed to his character. The twitching. Aww I wish he made the finals. But so true, he is the most likely guy of the band to do a show like this. I'm happy he did. Wow, Top 15! - Has multiple layers despite being lost at times: Russian Dolls? They have layers... and Google tells me the show Lost had Russian Dolls on it. Oh, Hanson also has a song called "Lost Without Each Other", so I'll say Russian Dolls/Hanson. - Nothing but net in both song and showmance despite appearance: I'm going to guess Thingamajig/Victor Oladipo with the "net" referring to his basketball career. Then there was the showmance with Nicole. - Skilled with both tongue and hands: Oh my. Tongue makes me think Frog... or Chameleon, but mostly Frog. Ooh and Bow Wow also played basketball, didn't he? Or he has a song with that name. So yeah, I'll guess Frog/Bow Wow. - Strutted its way into a spooky surprise on another show: Hmm, who would strut? I think a peacock would... and that's really it. Spooky surprise on another show... ooh Donny had some secret connection to the Haunted Mansion? Okay, this checks out. Peacock/Donny Osmond. - Time isn't up for this dark hued flyer: Who flies.... a bee. A night angel? Hmm. Well, Gladys has a song called " It's Time To Go Now", so I'll guess Bee/Gladys Knight. I hope I'm right and this means Turtle makes Top 10.
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