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  1. All of the judges' time after that performance being taken up by Jesse talking.
  2. He's going to perform on The Masked Singer again tonight.
  3. I'm the worst as usual, but I've been trying to find time to catch up. Hasn't happened yet (obviously ), BUT I am still here because I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you have a wonderful holiday!
  4. I believe I'm all caught up now. Thanks again to Dee for hosting the Jesse round for me and to all of you who took part. It was a lot of fun and I was so happy to see so much love for my Jesse and his music.
  5. I'm so sorry to hear, Dee. I hope all is well or getting better with your family. You should always feel free to take the time you need.
  6. lol. One of 25 #1s. Not good enough!!!!!!!!!!! And I explained. I ranked BS higher because I thought it had a better shot to win, so I wanted to help it out, PLUS it's the original song that made me fall in love with Jesse. JSYK could still be my #1 tooooo. I've said both are my favorites over the years. Thank you. and I don't remember this. I was sure it would be this or Leavin', but not sold on a specific one. THANK YOU. And thank you again for these final comments!!!!! So kind. Awww and more about me?! Thanks so much. My most pleasant surprise.
  7. Awwwwwwwwwwww. Thank you all so much! This is so sweet and kind of you all. Thanks so much!
  8. Thank you to @Steven_ and Steven ONLY. @*Wallace Fun? @*Wallace YES I do approve of this ranking and am so pleasantly surprised!! Your last sentence too! I actually thought you were one that underrated it. But I guess not. However, it does not make up for Just So You Know! !!!!!!!!!!!!!! @*Wallace Classic vintage Jesse. And yes to me. @*Wallace Yessssssssssssssssssss. And yay the baby Denise memories! Without Jesse, I would never have discovered mainstream music. You can thank him!
  9. OMGGG Just So You Know at #9 is soooo hurtful. My spirit is broken. WOW, I did not expect She's No You at #2. Even though I wish JSYK was there (or at least top 5 ), my heart is on fire seeing his first two singles in the top 2 here. I feel so warm and happy. I'm soooooooo happy Beautiful Soul won! Both the song and the album! Ahhhh!
  10. I thought of Rottweiler for the second clue! This one: "The second clue were lyrics to the Method Man & Redman song Da Rockwilder." Exactly. I want to see both of these things! Ahhh I see. I still prefer Rottweiler all around, but can see how the studio audience is more partial to the ones with more of a entertainer aspect. 04. Frog/Bow Wow: Frog started out among my favorites from S3. I did like him more earlier on in the competition than near the end, but he was always fun. I also loved his costume. LOL I need to look back at this "old man really getting down" during his third performance. I was not a fan at all of his Imagine Dragons performance, but I did like most of the other ones. I appreciated his showmanship. I wouldn't have been able to come up with Bow Wow on my own, but I was pretty sure it was him when everyone else (online) was. He's probably my favorite rap act on the show so far. I have no idea how the top 3 will go.
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