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  1. Ooh, only six episodes? I may bump it up on my list of shows to watch then.
  2. ! I really liked the show, and wish it had done better (in general). But nice that it went so far in this. I kept my eye on it.
  3. Ah, glad you're okay with this placement of it. I enjoy murder mysteries as well, although I wonder if this one may be too dark for me or not? The weekly guessing sounds so fun though! I was confused if it was meant to be a miniseries, or it was just cancelled after one season due to ratings or something. Yeah, I did read about and mentioned the new people for season two thing. But if they considered a second season, I wouldn't think they'd call it a limited series? I don't know.
  4. omg I know the feeling. Seeing the images reminds me that I saved this show earlier in the rankdown. Maybe I'll check it out sometime.
  5. Wow, I loved the Frog. Not convinced on who people are from this group anymore.
  6. Harper's Island Harper's Island is a horror mystery show that aired on CBS in 2009. It lasted one season and 13 episodes. I'm a bit confused because I read it was marketed as a limited event, yet also that it was cancelled, so was the hope for it to go for more seasons or not? Do not know. Well okay, I did more digging and found that a season 2 was unlikely, yet there were also early ideas for one. So still, which is it? But apparently, if there had been another season, it would have featured new characters. Anyway, the show follows the character Abby Mills, and takes place seven years after her mother and five other people were murdered by John Wakefield. She returns home to Harper's Island for one of her best friend's weddings, which also turns fatal, as a serial killer is at large and starts killing friends and family one by one. This certainly sounds cheerful. The wedding guests discover secrets about the wedding as well as John Wakefield, who was supposedly killed by the sheriff all those years ago,. It looks like a social web show called Harper's Globe was created to go along with this. It ran for sixteen weeks, which is longer than the show itself. Interesting. Anyway, hope this isn't a big favorite of anyone's, but it's not to my knowledge. Saving: Saturday Night Live
  7. My underdog Life Sentence sneaking all the way into the Top 276 on its own.
  8. Save Saturday Night Live Cut Harper's Island
  9. This should be what's left: American Idol Fosse/Verdon The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel RuPaul's Drag Race Queer Eye So You Think You Can Dance Grey's Anatomy Desperate Housewives
  10. Riverdale Here I am saving and cutting two of my immunity picks at the same time because they apparently had to be nominated at the same time, which is very much not appreciated, and left me with not much choice. Here I am also cutting one of my very favorite shows, which I am ONLY doing because it was going to be cut regardless (nobody wanted my deal for some reason, so that's fine I will keep my favors to myself ). I do not like doing this, but I prefer to give it a write-up as a fan, and prefer to do that over a tribute post later on as well, so here we are. I will edit this gif out later or not, but I have a lot of feelings right now, so I need to channel Cheryl for the time being. You all made me miss the end of tonight's episode of this very show in order to cut it myself. That's not manners. Anyway, let's begin. I will give a brief overview, and get back to this in the coming days because it will take me some time to say all I want to say here. Riverdale is a drama that premiered in 2017 on The CW and is based on the characters of Archie Comics. It was originally going to be a movie from Warner Bros. before the idea shifted to a television series. It was also originally set to air on FOX. It moved to The CW in 2015, when the pilot episode was ordered. The show premiered to positive reviews, is currently in its fourth season, and has been renewed for a fifth. Riverdale is named after the town in which the show is set. The show follows Archie (of Archie Comics, of course) and his friends and family, as they deal with living in such a troubled town. And boy, is it ever. Riverdale wants to give Rosewood a run for its money as a town you want to get out of asap. My parents actually grew up with Archie Comics and got into watching the show because of my love for it. Actually, my mom would watch it and I think my dad was just there. But they would comment on how it's SO different and I'm sure of it... the show is very dark. It is only based on those characters, after all. But I am here for teen drama and darkness, including black hooded figures that go bump in the night. Oh and how ironic because in my write-up this morning when I referred to some shows I love with masked murderers haunting teenagers... that was again about the two shows I'm cutting and saving. That also reminds me that three of my top favorite shows were all nominated in the same day, so why do you hate me? Obviously this write-up will take much more than the time I have now to complete, but I have to post it, so will do this as a temporary write-up. I'm going to keep working on this and quote it once it's actually done. Let's be real, I might as well call in sick to work tomorrow now so I can do this. And... yep, my time is up right now, so must post. Saving: Pretty Little Liars
  11. Thank you. Thanks. I know. And thank you.
  12. Only because it's going to be cut anyway. But thank you.
  13. Save Pretty Little Liars Cut Riverdale out of love
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