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  1. Patti Labelle Miss Patti Labelle is a freaking icon. We all wish we could be as amazing as her. Sadly for all of us, we are not. Since this write up does have to get to 100 words, I will have to get into her time on the show. Does that make her time on Dancing with the Stars amazing? Probably not. We all still could stan her instead of the fan war that never dies. (Elizabeth vs Sam is shook) Her most memorable dance and majorly iconic is her um... "salsa". Most of the best dances ever when someone is barely moving their feet. Saving...whoever the heck I picked
  2. Adriana Partridge https://i.imgur.com/rkwk6sd.jpg?1 She is someone I was very pleasantly surprised by during her season. Honestly, so was Snooki. Because they are fairly equal in my eyes, I just went with the first request. Sorry Audriana. She was on Season 11 of Dancing with the Stars. Her professional partner was Tony Dovalani. Because of how truly awful most of his stars were, she is one of his best partners. There's a clear top 2, but that's the subject of another write up. Her highest score of the season was a 26 for her waltz. Her lowest score of the season was a 19 for her cha cha cha. She also performed a quickstep, argentine tango, and rumba. I am very sure she should have outlasted people from her season in real life, but I'm confident she lasted longer than them in this rankdown. Saving Snooki
  3. I'll go with the first request (as always) and cut Audrina
  4. Black Sails This show aired on Starz. It lasted only 4 seasons. I believe it did good with the time given. It stars Toby Stevens as Captain Flint. Seriously a pleasure to learn more and more about his character. You also have Hannah New as bisexual queen Eleanor Guthrie. She is such a beautifully complex character. Both loving her and hating her have equal validation. I enjoy that about characters. There's also Jessica Parker Kennedy as Max. She is lowkey one of the best characters on the show. To be perfectly honest, the plot is not exactly ground breaking. I prefer character driven shows. This show very much relies on it's character. If anyone has Hulu, I suggest they watch it. I can't believe I almost forget to mention this: Bear McCreary. The music to the opening credits remains unrivaled.
  5. It's appropriate I do the write up for Black Sails considering I probably am the only person in this rankdown who watched it.
  6. Underestimating the power of Chris and I's pettiness.
  7. Well...awkward. I'm more interested in saving anything than cutting. If anyone making saves wants to make a deal, just let me know. Either to cut a show for you or to leave it alone.
  8. Niecy Nash I could go on a long tangent about how much I love her from Scream Queens. If she had appeared on Dancing with the Stars post Scream Queens, I would probably would have been her biggest fan. But that did not happen. I should just focus on her time on the show. No matter how unremarkable it might have been. She competed during Season 10 of Dancing with the Stars. She was paired up with Louis Van Amstel. Damn. That is someone I really never think about. Huh. Moving on. Her highest score was a 25, which was for her quickstep. Her lowest score was a 18. She got that for 3 dances: the cha cha cha, rumba and jive. Her average score was a 20.6. She will always be absolutely brilliant for her work on Scream Queens, but I always lowkey forget she was on this show. Saving Courtney Act.
  9. Did Mandalorian just become my favorite show?
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