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  1. Felt like crap all day. Just looking through the movies for possible nominations now.
  2. I might have more. I haven't decided yet. Bringing back: 10 Cloverfield Lane Cutting: Cloverfield, Saw VI, The Hills Have Eyes (2006 dir. by Alexandre Aja) Bringing back: The Invisible Man Cutting: The Blob (1958 dir. by Irvin Yeaworth), Underwater (2020 dir. by William Eubank), Resident Evil: Retribution (2012 dir. by Paul W. S. Anderson) Bringing back: Get Out Cutting: Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (1986 dir. by Tom McLoughlin), Manhunter (1986 dir. By Michael Mann), Tales From the Crypt (1972 dir. by Freddie Francis)
  3. Vote to Save: The Dark Knight Rises - Dee, Rei, Anne Ben is Back
  4. River Deep, Mountain High was robbed.
  5. I still struggle to remember all the couples. That is not including people I recognize but can't remember their names.
  6. Vote to save: Captain America: Civil War - Steven, Rei Logan - Dee, Anne
  7. 2 things caused this one. Someone else already beat you to the punch + my twitter notifications being dumb.
  8. Vote to Save: Tom at the Farm & Gloria - Chris, Nico, Anne Dear White People & The Skin I Live In - Elliott, Megan, Dee
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