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  1. I watch it before work. Have you considered muting WandaVision Spoilers.
  2. If Nico and I can get to 100 words, anybody can.
  3. Kevin Clifton is the best professional ever and I hope all his partners make it to the end.
  4. Messy battle rounds are so much more fun when I am in control.
  5. I should have just left the thread about I saw that WandaVision was being watched. Things went downhill from there.
  6. I'm late and this post is perfection, so I'll just add on. Happy Birthday
  7. I feel like Chris and I did.
  8. No one tanked Parasite. Amazing.
  9. Parasite, Arrival and the Favourite as the Final 3.
  10. If my 16 would kindly get the heck out...
  11. This is where my #16 wins because I'm not allowed to have nice things.
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