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  1. Klaus I am not really sure if the lack of posting was a good or bad sign. I tried to make a boring battle. This movie was released back in November of 2019. I was going to make a comment about missing movie theaters, but this was released through Netflix. This was a very well received movie. It was nominated at the Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature. It won Best Animated Picture with the British Academy Film Rewards. It also holds a 94% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Some even said it could be considered an instant holiday classic. It has an impressive 7.89/10 average. It's score on meta critic is 65/100. Too bad I don't typically watch animated movies and I actively dislike Christmas movies. Given how liked this movie is, I am surprised Ant Man survived over it.
  2. Year Anniversary of this. Perhaps I am in a good mood.
  3. I'll figure out my battle when I'm home from work. I'm not feeling as petty but deals can be made.
  4. I actually really like it. Much better films left before it, so dragging it along felt weird.
  5. I would just confuse people. I nominated, saved and cut Scream 4.
  6. Us (2019 dir. by Jordan Peele) (Victoria) (Anne) vs Little Monsters (2019 dir. by Abe Forsythe) I haven't really voted yet, but I am pretty sure we've been voting to save.
  7. Prometheus My fellow rankers/host of the horror rankdown know this, I do not like this movie. It is absolutely gorgeous. There is are some great actors in it. (Idris Elba, Charlize Theron, Noomi Rapace). As a whole, this movie is massively underwhelming. You can tell a writer from Lost is involved in this. Lots of fun questions, absolutely no pay off. Then, because people did not love this movie, they completely ignored it and went to Alien: Covenant. Making the questions and mystery even more pointless! For the record, this movie is not a prequel to Alien! It just happens to take place before Alien in the same universe. Not a prequel though! Time to get into things I dislike about this movie: besides it's existence. The person who was afraid of corpses, wants to play with the alive alien snake. Sure why not. Coincidentally, he is also the person who made the maps and got lost. Irony I guess. The suspicious android clearly dips a finger into your drink and you just take it anyway guy from the OC! What? Make better choices. A character has a surgery on their abdomen and manages to run around no problem! Amazing. There is one amazing death. It gave birth to the meme of the Prometheus School of Running Away from things. The silence would have been a nice touch if I didn't lose brain cells watching her die.
  8. You don't offer to do a write up for me when it's a movie you like.
  9. Hatchet Sadly this movie doesn't have Danielle Harris (who rumor has it is a huge Sasha Banks stan ). So it is no longer part of this rankdown.
  10. Happy Death Day 2U (2019 dir. by Christopher Landon) This movie is my cut. I claimed it first. The first movie was a pleasant surprise and really fun. This movie is just massively underwhelming. Despite its best attempts by including some sci fi elements.
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