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  1. I'd call his Paso memorable.... just not for the right reasons.
  2. Hopefully this was the only round I'm blocked. Otherwise I might get confused again.
  3. Surprised it took you this long to figure that part out.
  4. South Park I used to watch South Park. I even kind of enjoyed it. I am over it now though. The last full episode I remember watching was their Game of Thrones parody. That was uninspired. Just like Game of Thrones from Season 5 onward. (soon enough I will get to that) No wait, I think I also saw the one about the genetic testing. Oh well, it doesn't matter. I appreciate that this show does not have boundaries. I appreciate that when it gets political it mocks both sides. I appreciate that show seemed to have reinvented itself. Though Kenny dying every single episode will always be iconic. So will the line I am probably not annoyed to post on this site. Their first episode being about aliens is pretty freaking fantastic. Saving the OC
  5. Save Idol, cut Fosse/Verdon Control freak Chris requests to do the write up.
  6. Lol. My poor brain is dead from studying for my final. I completely forgot about the block. Someone feel free to use my write up.
  7. Gilles Marini *picture to be inserted later* Sorry Gilles. Necessary evil at this point. You just happen to be the one left that I care about the least. You probably deserve better, but this is a rankdown. Lots of people probably deserve better. He competed on Season 8 of Dancing with the Stars. He was paired up with Cheryl then. Then he also competed during the All Star Season. That time, he was paired up with Peta. I do not believe he came off very well during the All Star Season. (If he was in the finale, it would have been Gilles, Shawn and Melissa. Missed opportunity. Let us focus on his original season. He did make the finale his season and ended up in 2nd place. I am sure fans were shocked at the time. And he was on an episode of Daredevil and had a scene with Elektra. Wow. Almost worth saving him over that. Saving Zendaya
  8. The Good Fight I have been dying to cut these shows for a while now. Finally, after many attempts, it is finally happening. Bless for that. Every other part of your nominations is noted and how dare you. Anyway. This show is a spin off of the show The Good Wife. Another show that I am dying to cut. That will come soon enough. I am rushing this write up at work so I will clean it up later. It premeried in 2017. It has had 3 seasons. Somehow it has good reviews. Have absolutely no idea how. Saving Outlander
  9. Save Outlander, cut the Good Fight
  10. Can i be annoying and switch to round 9?
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