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  1. ... ... .... I literally don't remember that at all.
  2. My nominations: The Greatest Showman Leap Year Something Borrowed Only God Forgives The Boss The Leisure Seeker Life of the Party Burlesque It's only the End of the World Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution Doctor Strange The Amazing Spider-Man 2 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi Murder on the Orient Express Puss in Boots Godzilla
  3. Power is still out. I could finally jump on using my data plan. Hopefully I'll find some WiFi soon.
  4. Kong Skull Island Hopefully this will be 100 words. I always end up short when I do this on my phone. I can say I know two things about this movie. The first is the casting director must like Marvel movies. They got Captain Marvel, Loki and Nick Fury in this. The second is the director got really up in arms over cinema sins. (Or was it honest trailers? Hmm) Why would they spent time watching that video on YouTube? Next thing you'll tell me if they are vanity searcher on Twitter. That also takes a special kind of self hatred. I almost forgot, this movie has King Kong, other big monsters and a giant spider, so screw this movie. Save Zombieland 2
  5. Power is out so this will be a sad write up on my phone.
  6. I wasn't sure how much attention to paid to someone outside the WWE. Such a shame too. A woman holding the top title in the company. Wasted on her.
  7. Pretty much no one here will know what I am talking about, but I saw a female wrestler get cancelled pretty quickly. She posted that women needed to support each other and like 10 women came forward that she's treated them like crap. (including spitting in their faces and using racial slurs)
  8. Me trapping Zoey will her favorites without actually knowing them...
  9. I'm too lazy to come up with someone myself, so I will Vote Megan. Because she voted me first.
  10. The Glass Castle IDF ate my last write up. I did not deserve that. Anyway. This movie is not nearly as deep as it thinks it is. It is also massively underwhelming. I went through the effort of seeing an advanced screening of this. I saw it on Tuesday when it was coming out that Thursday. Taking my phone was excessive. Also taking away the ability to check the time during the movie was awful. Why yes, the most memorable thing about this movie was I could not check the time during it. This is based off a best selling memoir. The cast includes Brie Larson, Woody Harelson and Naomi Watts. So much potential. No actual follow through. Save the other guys
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