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  1. Jesse McCartney We made a mini-movie! Let me know what you think about it! Tag your Bonnie or Clyde in the comments with the hashtag #KTWG
  2. I don't know if I should make any further comments on this. And maybe you found out who they are awhile ago. I was reasonably sad. 35. Butterfly - Michelle Williams: lol my mention. But oh your comments on the costume are interesting... I feel the colors are fine, but I see regarding the wings and the shape. Maybe you should join the costume design team. I agree her performances were good and it was nice for her to showcase herself on the show. I couldn't really tell that was her vocal at first, even though I've heard her sing in DC. I wasn't really a fan of her voice there but I liked her more here. 34. Crocodile - Nick Carter: Yess, Nick does sing that BSB lyric and the group is still going strong. Oh, he's the first finalist to appear. I was a bit surprised he was going to rank here, although we're getting high up. I didn't realize he was polarizing but ughhh that format. Seahorse was my favorite, but I loved Crocodile too, so it was a lose for me either way. I think he did what he had to with his performance to advance. I really enjoyed his whole run on the show and ooh yes, Toxic was a stand out. 33. Crab - Bobby Brown: Oops, I didn't catch the typo and definitely didn't get the popcorn part of the clue. But aww Crab... I felt so bad for him when he overheated. That's what I remember most lol although I think I enjoyed his performances well enough. I'm not familiar enough with his voice to have been able to identify him, but I'm glad he had a good experience with the show. 32. Miss Monster - Chaka Khan: Squiggly Monster does not like being excluded from the monster costumes. But yes, these other ones do have similiar looking designs. lol Monster appearing in her first performance was cute. She did well and oh yeah... White Tiger. I enjoyed him, but he wasn't the strongest contender. I also wasn't familiar enough with her voice to know it was her, but that applies to me with most of the older singers, I guess. 31. Dragon - Busta Rhymes: I agree this is a cool costume and it was a fun performance! lol the tomatoes. Aww I knew how much you liked him, so I'm not surprised he's the highest ranked first boot. Sorry he didn't last any longer. Did Nicole guess him right after the performance? I don't remember, but makes sense. - Could not reign supreme in TMS the way its parents did on the big screen: Lion/Rumer Willis due to her not winning and her parents being movie stars. - It wasn't nice to tell a prickly lie: Robopine/Tyrese Gibson... porcupines are prickly and he lied in his clues! - Legend that has been blooming for a long time whether on its own or with others: Flower/Patti LaBelle - flowers bloom and she has been a soloist and in a group - The youngest to sting the competition in its habitat: Jellyfish/Chloe Kim - Jellyfish sting and she was the youngest woman to win the gold for snowboarding at the Olympics. - Treat that had something which led to the demise of some people in a different setting: This one is confusing me. I can only come up with Popcorn/Taylor Dayne for the "treat' part of it but have no clue what the rest of this means.
  3. I was definitely right about the ties. 20. Chayce Beckham - Baby Mine: I really liked this song choice and what he did with it, but I get what you mean about the emotion. 19. Dillon James - Our Town: I'm not familiar with most of the Cars songs either, but this seemed to suit Dillion well. I think it was one of his performances I liked best, although I already kind of forgot it. 18. Caleb Kennedy - Real Gone: I really liked this song on him and this was a performance of his that stood out to me. I guess I liked the energy of it. 17. Laci Kaye Booth - I See The Light: I love this song although I get it not really suiting her vocal stylings the best. I think this was okay for me. T-15. Gabby Barrett - Colors Of The Wind: Ahh I knew we would disagree on this one. This was actually one of my favorites from Gabby. Sad you couldn't enjoy it. T-15. Catie Turner - Once Upon A Dream: Wow, I'm shocked and never expected this to to be your #1. We were really opposite with these tied performances. I wasn't much of a Catie fan and the same was true for me with this performance. I like how she embraced the theme and all, but I guess I just didn't love this as much as you. T-13. Jurnee - How Far I'll Go: I'm sure I said last time how I love this song but not so much it being covered on these shows. I did like Jurnee's version of it more on rewatch and agree regarding her enjoying herself. I liked this overall. T-13. Hunter Metts - You'll Be In My Heart: I liked him more than you and also enjoyed his interpretation of this song. I don't know where it ranks for me among all his performances, but I thought this was nice and sweet. T-11. Michelle Sussett - Remember Me: Oh wow, you reminded me of Mara and how I wanted her in the Top 10. lol. But this was good from Michelle and grows on me with each rewatch. The song isn't my favorite but she was very natural with it and it was a good showing. Oh and you ranked it right at #11. T-11. Francisco Martin - You'll Be In My Heart: lol two of the same song in this set. Aww your comments on Francisco. I loved him and his version of this song. I see what you're saying, although I don't feel the same. "this is my least favorite version of YBIMH; however, it managed to finish high in spite of this." I did that. Oooh the Top 10 performances. A couple I wouldn't necessarily place in there, but this looks like a really strong group.
  4. Okay! And haha just noticed all the disagreements in here vs. all the agreements on your last TMS set. My prediction is yes.
  5. I see. LOL true about the masks... you have to know who they are already and admire... the rest of them. Thank you. lol I sure hope that's not true. - Oh goodness. - - I love all the agreement! I know Rhino wasn't bad and I did like him, but... you know. lol it was! Let us never forget. - I'm surprised she only had two. - Yay! Hahaha yes... and for suure! lol only partially. You could but that would only give me more information.
  6. I was so shocked to see Madilyn audition too. I already knew this song + others she made out of social media comments and messages. She's done a few of them. I listened to a lot of her covers and originals over the last year and became a fan. I never would have expected to see her on this show, but of course I'm rooting for her.
  7. OMG there have been so many good acts these last few weeks. I don't even know where to start thinking of them all. Really looking forward to seeing more though!
  8. 40. Alien/La Toya Jackson: I thought she had more performances. She did well, but wasn't a favorite of mine. OMG she went on another version of TMS too? What the heck? It seems like a show you could only do once, but.... I might welcome some returnees. 39. Banana/Bret Michaels: I agree he was fun and I enjoyed him. I also like the costume. LOLLL Sharon coming on and knowing it was him right away was so funny. Of course Ken would refuse to follow her guess. 38. Rhino/Barry Zito: I liked Rhino from the start and couldn't decide for the longest time if he was actually a singer. I was so curious who he was and had no idea, until it was spoiled to me somewhere, lol. I did really like him, although I felt he stayed a bit too long at the end... which especially got to me considering he outlasted Astronaut. I also liked his costume though. AND LOL THE JAG THING is forever one of my favorite moments in TMS history. I cannot believe how that happened! 37. Mouse/Dionne Warwick: Only two performances. It is a bit surprising. I'm not so familiar with her voice to know it was her, but I knew it was an older singer. 36. Snail/Kermit The Frog: I actually did not expect him to rank this high but I'm happy about it. King Kermit was robbed! lol I didn't think about the hat but if it was on Snail's head it'd have to cover his eyes... or balance above them? I don't know. But I really enjoyed his one ( ) and did not think he deserved to go home. So sad. The unmasking was truly epic! That and Sarah Palin have to be the best ones. I rewatched both so many times. Hahaha I can picture all of what you said in my head. Poor Kermit deserved to stay but oh well. We still got an amazing moment from him. - Ain't nobody has a voice that's as large and intimidating: Miss Monster/Chaka Khan... "Ain't Nobody" is one of her songs and monsters are large and intimidating (like a previous monster clue ). - Cold-blooded creature who wants to know if its sexual: omg at this lyric reference. That's part of a BSB song, of course... so this must be Crocodile (cold-blooded animal)/Nick Carter. - Fire-breathing leader of a future learning academy: Dragon/Busta Rhymes. Dragons breathe fire and I just learned about his group Leaders of the New School, so this checks out. - Pinchers grabbing a movie treat: I can only think of Crab because of the pinchers. - Trying to emerge from its hard shell of a former group: Butterfly/MIchelle Williams makes sense for both parts of this although "hard shell" nearly gave me a heart attack.
  9. I understand. OMG ouch at saying there haven't been any pretty ladies on the show yet. Dang. Although the next comment makes it better. I wouldn't say this guy necessarily filled that role for me lol but I was pleasantly surprised at the unmasking. But then there were definitely some others that were it for me. I bet you have no idea who! - It's so sad but funny how the guesses have gone. - I've heard a song or two, but don't know his voice well enough to identify. Good job to you though. LOL I'll have to watch that back and see. It really is! - Yay me. I suppose that's true. - Understandable. Ahh, thanks for the reminder. I do know he hasn't appeared yet. Oh yeah, me neither. I hope to catch up on the next set tonight.
  10. Ugh, I know it. I'm so sorry. I've been disappointed in that way as well. All the disagreements. Not much else to add. I'm sure I'll have more to say on upcoming performances. I will guess there will be.
  11. Someone To Watch Over Me was always my top favorite from her as well.
  12. Oops, just responded to the same thing in your other thread but - I see. They are! - It was mainly the face that creeped me out. - For sure. I agree! And you can see that he's cute? I'm so glad. 45. Raven/Ricki Lake: I thought she did well, especially in the first season's cast. She wasn't a favorite, but I didn't mind her. I didn't notice about the costume, but now that you mention it... the body part of costume (outside of the wings) doesn't look like much. Oh well. I love how Robin picked up on the hand gesture to guess her. 44. Orca/Mark McGrath: How funny you thought it was him when the judges had no clue. I was surprised by this reveal but then I am not all that familiar with his voice. I agree that mask does look really heavy. I also thought he had more than two performances... strange. I enjoyed Orca, although I had other favorites. This was the toughest clue for me to figure out though so I'm so happy I got it! And at not even purposely making a Killer Karaoke reference. You literally said "killer tunes" too. Crazy how that matched up. 43. Whatchamacallit/Lonzo Ball: Well oops, I was wrong about the brand thing but I still got the clue right and that's what counts. This sure was an interesting costume. I thought he was fun enough although at Nicole's guess. I still think the Ying Yang Twin guess was worse. But this was all so funny. 42. Black Widow/Raven-Symone: I've always been a fan of Raven so I enjoyed Black Widow (despite the creature) and wish she had lasted longer. Wow, only three performances. She has a great voice though and did well. I forgot about her breaking her arm. 41. Tree/Ana Gasteyer: I didn't care for her as much as you but she did well. at your comments on the costume, especially because the head looks so happy. I also like how the tree swayed. She won a battle against ThingAmAJig? I didn't remember that. I'm not familiar with her outside the show but was always curious about who was under this mask. - Amphibian + Mollusk = surprise revelation: Kermit the Frog as Snail. - Animal that could not pitch a complete game: I'm guessing Rhino/Barry Zito with the baseball reference and him not making the finals. - One of ten of a family that is said not to be of our world: Must be La Toya Jackson as Alien. - Peel at your own peril; it could be toxic: Banana... because Bret Michaels is the lead of the band Poison. - Rodent that doesn't need a makeover: Mouse... Dionne Warwick has a song called "Don't Make Me Over." That's a fun clue.
  13. I'm sure. Ugh no, I hate when that happens with unresolved storylines. I wish every show could at least get its proper ending if it has to end. Okay. I'm not surprised. I knew you meant that but I like how it turned out. 25. Dimitrius Graham - You'll Be In My Heart: Oops, it looks like I dragged this one down. I can't remember now but I must not have cared for it. I love the song, but I think I actually didn't love his version of it. T-23. Uché - I 2 I: I guess we can keep disagreeing because I really liked this one. It was such a fun song choice and I really enjoyed how he did with it. I would have liked him to last longer, even though it wasn't a surprise. T-23. Madison VanDenburg - How Far I'll Go: I love Moana. I do not love this song always being sung, but I think she did a fine job with it. I feel like it was about the same to me as a lot of her other performances. T-21. Alyssa Raghu - Colors Of The Wind: Another song I love but then again this is Disney, so I guess I don't need to mention that. I think this was pretty good, but not my favorite. I didn't end up enjoying Alyssa as much as I wanted to. T-21. Just Sam - A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes: Looks like your/our ranking (s) on this one were almost spot on. This is not a song I care for hearing renditions of so much, but I think she did fine. I'm sounding like a broken record, but these last three performances were all kind of just there for me. Wow, all those ties.
  14. The original Kat fan list is like a novel. I became a fan of her from her audition. My favorite performances of hers from Idol were Since I Fell For You, Bringing Out the Elvis, Someone to Watch Over Me, Black Horse and the Cherry Tree, Somewhere Over the Rainbow.... and My Destiny. I know the last one is an outlier but I loved her voice on the song and the studio recording is lovely.
  15. He finally announced his new album coming this fall! https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop/9598047/jesse-mccartney-interview-new-stage-album/
  16. Going to take this to the next page.
  17. I hope all has been well. Thank you! 50. Penguin/Sherri Shepherd: I actually expected her to rank quite a bit lower and am surprised she's here. She was okay for me, but not great and I didn't really care for her. But I love penguins. 49. Poodle/Margaret Cho: I get you on not having much to say here and I really don't either. I loved the thing with Ken though and how he didn't guess ~his own sister~. But Poodle was just okay from what I remember. 48. Ladybug/Kelly Osbourne: I got the clue but was actually thinking of dainty being something small. I can pretty much echo your thoughts her on Ladybug as well. I have to add that her costume really creeped me out. I wasn't a fan of that. I did think she was better than Penguin and Poodle, but still wasn't crazy about her. "For HOFAH, my favorite part was Ken pumping his fist in the air. " 47. Robot/Lil Wayne: This is such a good spot for a first boot. I don't think he was all that great, but he was fun and it would have been interesting to see what else he'd do. lol Robin and his missed guesses. 46. Baby Alien/Mark Sanchez: Oh haha I didn't get the football reference but got both "baby" and "alien" from separate parts of the clue. Ahh this was one of the craziest costumes but it was so funny to see. I didn't think he was that bad, at least on the first performance. I'm not familiar with him outside of the show, but I did think he was cute when unmasked as well. Ahh yay I did well on the clues again, but let's see for this time.... -Came from great comedy roots: I'll guess Tree for its roots and because Ana Gasteyer is a comedian. -Perfect name for something unidentifiable despite a triple letter brand: I'm thinking Whatchamacallit/Lonzo Ball... because I expect ThingAmAJig to be higher and think there is a candy bar reference here. -Spoke daily on the airwaves nevermore: OH I get it now. "nevermore" references The Raven poem by Edgar Allen Poe. And Ricki hosted a talk show, so this makes sense. -Venomous act that shares a name with a costume from the upcoming set: Okay, I immediately think of Raven Symon (Black Widow), which would put Ricki Lake (Raven) in this set too... *goes back to previous clue* -Wails some killer tunes every morning or other times of the day: I want to say Orca/Mark McGrath. A killer whale... and I think he works on various shows at different times of the day. Ooh and one is Killer Karaoke so this is perfect.
  18. Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear. Ugh, I feel like so many shows never get a real chance. Aww okay. I hope nothing happened to make you want to be away. You did and it looks like a second one too! - Ohh, that's certainly helpful. I could probably find my comments easily enough through that then. Oh yes, I know you do and always notice that. - I didn't know. But also, I just ranked how I felt and yeah, I'm sure we'll have others that go the opposite way. Aww. Yay, happy belated birthday to Nicole! 30. Arthur Gunn - Remember Me: Yeah, I get the complaints about his lyrical interpretation of the song. I don't mind his voice on this so much either and kind of like the vibe of it, at least more than other versions I've heard. 29. Alyssa Wray - A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes: Oops, we were really off with this one. I'm not sure, but I didn't really care for it on rewatch. I'm listening again now and agree it wasn't bad. I don't really know what else to say for myself. 28. Louis Knight - Can You Feel The Love Tonight: And here comes the inevitable switch of our opinions and rankings. "I don't think this was not a good showing for Louis" So you think it was a good showing then. But lol oh, I see with your criticism. I didn't really feel any of that and liked this. It's also one of my favorite songs, so that helps. Oh yikes at the final comment. 27. Arthur Gunn - Kiss The Girl: I'm going to have to check and see how I ranked his performances here because I have no memory of it already. But I pretty much agree with your thoughts. I wasn't a fan of his but am weirdly finding myself liking these Disney ones from him now. 26. Walker Burroughs - When She Loved Me: I liked Walker a lot and liked this performance from him as well. I thought it was well emoted and performed, although it's not a song that typically does much for me.
  19. 37. Julia Gargano - Beauty and the Beast: Oh yay, we completely agreed on our ranking here. lol maybe I should recycle my comments then, but it'd probably take longer for me to find them than to just comment now. I forgot how much you liked Julia, but yeah the arrangement of this song really did not work and this is one of the few performances I actually remember from the season... but not in a good way. 36. Alejandro Aranda - Remember Me: I wish I could have liked this more but I just didn't and his performances never did anything for me. I agree on him getting into the emotion of the song, at least. 35. Wade Cota - You've Got A Friend In Me: I get and pretty much agree with your comments here. I didn't mind the performance overall and I probably like him more than most people around here. Although, I'm not necessarily a fan. T-33. DeShawn Goncalves - When You Wish Upon A Star: Ooh a tie. Aww yeah, I really liked DeShawn on other songs, but this one didn't work for me. Your comments pretty much say it all. T-33. Cassandra Coleman - Go The Distance: Oops, looked like I dragged this ranking down a bit for you. It's interesting the tie is from the two S19 performances in this set. I also love this song but the performance didn't really do anything for me. 32. Cade Foehner - Kiss The Girl: It's weird because I remembered really liking this but when I rewatched it recently, I didn't care for it as much. I'm not sure what it was. I do like the arrangement he did though and how he made it suit his style. 31. Ada Vox - Circle Of Life: I already forgot my thoughts on this but I did think it was better received by most people than I guess it was (based on your comments). This is a great song but I'm not a fan of it being done on Idol.
  20. Don't worry. That's been me this whole week and this upcoming weekend too. Oh, that's fine if you want to do it that way! Whatever works for you. That also makes sense. I agree. That's okay. But yes, if you say that, it will always hold true.
  21. Yikes, I wasn't ready for my ranking to take up half the average, but let's see what damage I caused. Ooooh. Ugh, I can't really remember... I remember something about... something. Oh yes, I meant rankdowns were going on for awhile before I played in one, not joined IDF. That was over a decade difference. Ahh yay! Oh, I don't know my overall preferred Top 3, but I would have preferred that one over the actual one. I understand and it makes sense. An Elliott victory would have been so sweet and special to see. All good points. Aww, yes I do hope so. Okay. Yay!
  22. True. Thanks for understanding. - I believe you, but how odd we both feel this way. Something weird must have happened. - I like to think Tom inspired him too. - I love it. That is true! I will at least give myself 4.5. Ahh!
  23. It was a couple years ago, but rankdowns had been going on for some time before I joined. I can't say how long though, but I wouldn't say it was one of the earliest ones. Yes, this is the same thing that I do. That would have been a great top three as well and of course, I also prefer Chris to Taylor. Aww that's so nice you would have wanted Elliott to win and I am surprised you would have voted for him over Kat. It's interesting to imagine if that result happened. Haha yes, it does mean they need to watch! Oh, it hasn't been renewed yet? I hope it is. It was only meant to be a good thing. Haha yay! I enjoyed it and now I'll be able to better comment... although I'll still probably not have much to say. But at least I'll remember my thoughts. Oooh okay.
  24. Oh wow, my power. @Bk1234 Tagging you just in case you meant to participate as well? If not, ignore me. Oooh, very curious.
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