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  1. This should be what's left: American Idol Fosse/Verdon The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel RuPaul's Drag Race Queer Eye So You Think You Can Dance Grey's Anatomy Desperate Housewives
  2. Riverdale Here I am saving and cutting two of my immunity picks at the same time because they apparently had to be nominated at the same time, which is very much not appreciated, and left me with not much choice. Here I am also cutting one of my very favorite shows, which I am ONLY doing because it was going to be cut regardless (nobody wanted my deal for some reason, so that's fine I will keep my favors to myself ). I do not like doing this, but I prefer to give it a write-up as a fan, and prefer to do that over a tribute post later on as well, so here we are. I will edit this gif out later or not, but I have a lot of feelings right now, so I need to channel Cheryl for the time being. You all made me miss the end of tonight's episode of this very show in order to cut it myself. That's not manners. Anyway, let's begin. I will give a brief overview, and get back to this in the coming days because it will take me some time to say all I want to say here. Riverdale is a drama that premiered in 2017 on The CW and is based on the characters of Archie Comics. It was originally going to be a movie from Warner Bros. before the idea shifted to a television series. It was also originally set to air on FOX. It moved to The CW in 2015, when the pilot episode was ordered. The show premiered to positive reviews, is currently in its fourth season, and has been renewed for a fifth. Riverdale is named after the town in which the show is set. The show follows Archie (of Archie Comics, of course) and his friends and family, as they deal with living in such a troubled town. And boy, is it ever. Riverdale wants to give Rosewood a run for its money as a town you want to get out of asap. My parents actually grew up with Archie Comics and got into watching the show because of my love for it. Actually, my mom would watch it and I think my dad was just there. But they would comment on how it's SO different and I'm sure of it... the show is very dark. It is only based on those characters, after all. But I am here for teen drama and darkness, including black hooded figures that go bump in the night. Oh and how ironic because in my write-up this morning when I referred to some shows I love with masked murderers haunting teenagers... that was again about the two shows I'm cutting and saving. That also reminds me that three of my top favorite shows were all nominated in the same day, so why do you hate me? Obviously this write-up will take much more than the time I have now to complete, but I have to post it, so will do this as a temporary write-up. I'm going to keep working on this and quote it once it's actually done. Let's be real, I might as well call in sick to work tomorrow now so I can do this. And... yep, my time is up right now, so must post. Saving: Pretty Little Liars
  3. Best gif choice. Thank you. Oh.
  4. Thank you. Thanks. I know. And thank you.
  5. Only because it's going to be cut anyway. But thank you.
  6. Save Pretty Little Liars Cut Riverdale out of love
  7. Can you change your cut so I can do the write-up please?
  8. Actually if nobody will save Riverdale for me, I might as well cut it to do the write-up.
  9. Oops. Let me see what's left.
  10. I will. I just picked something to be fast.
  11. If anyone saves Riverdale, they will get a deal from me.
  12. Save Pretty Little Liars Cut Lucifer
  13. Why am I not special enough to be invited to a video shoot and hear new music? But really, that is so amazing and sweet. And love how he met his video co-star on DWTS!
  14. - - - Noo, these are supposed to be non-singles not eligible for the list, not songs that just didn't make the cut (honorable mentions). I didn't view this as a single, which I explained in the comments. Movie songs are always tricky. - Aww okay. - Oh, I was like "what is Crus?" and then realized. Okay, agree they are fun! - Yes.
  15. INTERMISSION: Part 5 Brennin Hunt & Tinashe (from Rent Live) - Light My Candle I featured a song from Rent Live earlier, and here is another one of my favorites from it. I had this stuck in my head so much, and for SO long when I would light my candles at home... this song would again pop up in my head. I'd just hear Tinashe's voice all the time. "Would you light my caaaannnnddle?" Her and Brennin were really cute together in this show (and also poor guy as he actually broke his foot in the dress rehearsal). This song does seem to go on for quite awhile, but I enjoy it. "Your smile reminded me of --" "I always remind people of --" I don't know why I love that. Mimi (Tinashe's character) is so flirty in this, always wanting him to light her candle again, among other things she says. Oh my. "You're staring again." That part was cute. But ouch at "Like your dead girlfriend?" OMG one of my parts... "You look like you're sixteen" "I'm nineteen" If that's not relatable I don't know what is! "Bah humbug" I love that part too for some reason. And my favorite... "You wanna dance?" "With you?" "No -- with my father" That was so cute and the whole ending with them dancing is. But ah, she walks away. Not nice. I really enjoy both Brennin and Tinashe's vocals on this and their chemistry is cute. P!nk - Happy This is such a real and raw song, and kind of reminds of some of Pink's older music in a way. "Since I was 17, I've always hated my body, and it feels like my body's hated me" Aww. The song is really about that struggle with finding happiness. The chorus is my favorite. "I don't wanna be this way forever, keep telling myself that I'll get better, every time I try, I always stop me, maybe I'm just scared to be happy" But this lyric from the second verse also stands out to me and is relatable: "I've been with somebody who loves me, and I've been tryna believe it's true, but my head always messes up my heart" Ahh the melody of this makes me feel sad and nostalgic and lots of things. Ed Sheeran - Put it All on Me (featuring Ella Mai) This song has a music video! Yet it's not one of Ed's many singles from the album. Interesting. "Having my woman there is good for my soul, I try to be strong, well, I got demons, so can I lean on you? I need a strong heart and a soft touch, and you're the one when I want love" I love that whole part. This song has such a sweet sound that suits the lyrics, as it's all about love and leaning on each other for strength. "Hey baby, we can dance slowly, my darlin', I'll be all you need, I know it hasn't been your day, your week, your week, your week, so put it all on me " So sweet. Ella Mai's voice is so good and fits in well to the song. I love one of the same parts that she sings. "I try to be strong, but I got demons, so can I lean on you? I need a strong heart and a soft touch, and you're the one when I want love" "Your arms are where I wanna remain, grab my waist when I start to say, now" Love that too. The whole song has a great feel and vibe I love. I love when they sing together near the end too. Ariana Grande & Chaka Khan - Nobody Here is another song from the new Charlie's Angels soundtrack, this time featuring one of pop's biggest modern stars and a legendary singer together. This has such a soulful, funky kind of sound to it that I love. They are singing about their love of their man and both sound so great on their individual parts. The chorus is so fun though and my favorite. "Who gonna love you like, like, like me? Nobody (like, nobody)" It's cool how they switch who sings the first verse and the pre-chorus the second time around. I especially love both of their transitions into the choruses where they really belt. But yeah, this is fun and a great collaboration between two fantastic vocalists. Emily Ann Roberts - God Must Have Told You To I know Emily Ann Roberts was on The Voice, but I never watched her season and I heard of her somewhere else. I think this is my favorite song I heard of hers so far. It's soo pretty, cute, and sweet. I especially love the chorus. "I don't know how you got me all figured out, it’s like you came down on an angel's wings" Her voice sounds so angelic there. "Made just for me, you always know what to do, God must have told you to" It's like this guy is perfect for her and she doesn't know any other way than if God told him what to do. Her little vocal inflections at the end of the song are all pretty too. Camila Cabello - Dream of You I have tons of Camila songs both on and off the actual list, and here is another one. It's so pretty and romantic. She's singing all these things about the guy she loves and has learned about him. I love the pre-chorus where she goes "And you squeeze my hands two times, three times" But then I love the chorus even more and those high notes she hits. "All I do, the whole day through, is dream of you" The chorus has somewhat of a build-up too, which I love. This lyric from the second verse also stands out to me: "I was not living, I was just writing about it" That reminds me of what she's said about this album in general, which was something about how these songs were born from actually being in love and not fantasizing about it. That's great, and ahh I love her heavenly vocals near the end of the song too. Thomas Rhett - Don't Threaten Me With a Good Time (featuring Little Big Town) I will make sure to shout out Wally on this song since I know he likes it and told me about Thomas performing it on SNL last year. He said if I included this in here, I needed to let him know this was the song, so here we are. This is a groovy and funky kind of song. I don't even know. "Don't have to tell me, girl, yeah, I know that it's Wednesday" I was going to say that's it not, but what do you know, Thomas? I am actually posting this on a Wednesday. The chorus really kicks the energy up a notch and I love it! "Hop on up on that counter, let me see how you move, Let me up there beside ya, stand back, watch me cut loose, pour a little liquor, make this living room twirl, watch me set this night on fire" It's so jammy. The addition of Little Big Town, or Karen Fairchild since I only hear her, is nice as well. I love that "And I'm lovin' everything you do, baby" and "But no, I won't be asleep 'til 2, 3, 4 in the mornin')" parts in the bridge. "Baby, you know I love a party, don't threaten me with a good time" I love how Thomas sings that, especially at the end. Carly Pearce - It Won't Always Be Like This I was feeling sad the first time I listened to this song, and it really spoke to me with the feeling that... it won't always be like this. I feel like the lyrics of this can be applied to many different kind of situations, as it kind of mentions different things throughout that won't always be there, whether good or bad. She talks in the first verse about another situation growing up though: "I remember how I couldn’t wait to get out of my hometown, now I’m looking for every excuse to go back on the weekend" I'm sure a lot of people can relate to that feeling of wanting to grow up and get out, only to feel different once you reach that stage of life. The way she sings the chorus is so so pretty and gets me in the feels. "It won’t always be like thiiissss" Ugh love that. "I know nothing lasts forever, but sometimes I still forget it won’t always be like this" Yes. This part of the second verse is also interesting to me: "I had big wings but didn’t have a sky, just a front row view of everybody flying high" That is kind of sad. I just love that lyric though of having big wings, but no sky. I also love how she changes up some lyrics in the second chorus and how she sings "No, the heart won't ache forever, no matter how hard it gets" That's what applied to me in my down moment. This can be really motivational song. But it really has different situations she talks about throughout, like "I wish life would last forever, so I could live it all again" That is more so about embracing the current moment since things will change and not always be the same. Ah, so many thoughts and feelings from this song. It's so beautiful. Bexar - Handmade I know I had a Bexar song on my list earlier, but I believe this was the first one I actually heard from them. I really loved it right away and had to know what song it was. It's such a cute, sweet love song, and again, the vocals and style of it remind me so much of Thomas Rhett. And yes, he is also included in this set for comparison, so yay me. If I didn't know any better, I would think this was him. But anyway, I love the feel of the whole song, but especially the chorus. "I love the taste of your kiss, the way it fits on my lips, It's like your love was handmade for me babe" And how adorable is that. I also really love how he sings "Girl your love is so handmade" in the bridge. This is such a feel good and sweet song. Cheyenne Jackson & Dove Cameron (from Descendants 3) - Do What You Gotta Do Well, this is a jam. Descendants 3 premiered on my birthday last year because at least somebody out there loves me and this song stood out to me instantly as my favorite. It's so catchy and addicting. If I said I wasn't jamming to this in my living room on my birthday night that would be a lie. We have Dove's character, Mal, confronting her estranged father, Hades, in this song... and it makes for a true bop. The music has me sold right from the start, and both Cheyenne and Dove's delivery on this is fantastic. "Listen, little girl, you're talking to a God, and I don't wanna hear the drama" And I always love this part too: "Try being married to your mama!" But I love it all, especially the back and forth between them. And the belting! I ONLY NEED YOU CAUSE I CAME HERE FOR SOMETHING. I'VE GIVEN YOU EVERYTHING, BY GIVING YOU NOTHING. So so good, but then... I DID WHAT I HAD TO DO! OOOH OOOH OOOH. NO YOU ONLY DID WHAT'S BEST FOR YOU. OMG that whole chorus is my favorite. Ugh, their dynamic is so great. "You're stronger with those daddy issues" "Oh! Thank you!" And then that high note he hits right after on "show me some respect" Yes. Another favorite part: "Ooh-hoo! Should I be proud? Don't turn this thing around" "I guess you are your father's daughter" lol so good. And then 1:38 "I did what I had to do, ooh ooh ooh, I made it on my own, no thanks to you" One of my favorites. The bridge is so good, but ugh it all is. "No, you can keep your memories now" Love that little high note. And then them both being so over it and each other. Hades wanting to dance with his tamborine! Now is not the time, Hades. Wow, I just love this song and so much about it. I'll never stop jamming and loving the sass. Taylor Swift - Soon You'll Get Better (featuring Dixie Chicks) This is such a song. I believe Taylor said she'll never perform this song live, as it would be too difficult, and was hard enough to even write and record. It's all about her mom's battle with cancer, and Taylor's feelings and emotions as she goes through the journey by her side. It is so emotional and hits close to home. The melody is so quiet, simple, and beautiful, as it should be. The lyrics are so real and honest too. "In doctor's-office-lighting, I didn't tell you I was scared" "so now I pray to Jesus too" The chorus repeats the same line, "Ooh-ah, soon you'll get better", but it is effective, and she sings it slightly different on the third line... before closing with "cause you have to" Ugh yes. Ugh, one of my favorite parts of the song is the middle of the second verse where she goes "I just pretend it isn't real" with more force and grit. The bridge is equally heart wrenching. "And I hate to make this all about me, but who am I supposed to talk to? What am I supposed to do if there's no you?" Ugh. I also love how before the ending choruses, she changes the lyrics slightly to say "I keep saying it because, cause I have to" instead of the "you have to." The song ends so beautifully. I love the acoustic, country, feel of this song. It reminds me of some of Taylor's older albums, but also the song "Safe and Sound" she did for The Hunger Games. And it's nice Dixie Chicks sing background vocals on this, although I'd have never known. Brennin Hunt & Tinashe (from Rent Live)- Light My Candle: P!nk - Happy: Ed Sheeran - Put it All on Me (featuring Ella Mai): Ariana Grande & Chaka Khan - Nobody: Emily Ann Roberts - God Must Have Told You To: Camila Cabello - Dream of You: Thomas Rhett - Don't Threaten Me With a Good Time (featuring Little Big Town): Carly Pearce - It Won't Always Be Like This: Bexar - Handmade: Cheyenne Jackson & Dove Cameron (from Descendants 3) - Do What You Gotta Do: Taylor Swift - Soon You'll Get Better (featuring Dixie Chicks):
  16. Noo, one you *would* expect to show up, not wouldn't. You said you narrowed it down to the ones you most thought would show up.... yet there's another (should be obvious) one you named that I don't get why you wouldn't think would also show up. - I said I know one of the names lol and that's him. I don't think I really watched anything he did. Yes I know, and he was on that, which my brother told me, because I didn't know that was who voiced Timon. Oh, I know of that show too and didn't realize it was him either. They aren't necessary "singers", but their characters are singing here. Anyone can sing. - Okay, that's good. Oh, from being nominated? Ah I see. - lol. You know who, so I don't know why you want me to name drop every time. - omg this "Never now" at the end, as if there's no way it would happen now. I'm sure you meant "know" though. - Okay, but I want to be the one to show it to you, so good. You're welcome. Okay. I have to bobo! - Yeah. Okay, but yes, it makes it more like a prayer.
  17. Scream I changed my cut because I remember some people like that show, and while it may still get cut, someone else also might enjoy doing the write-up more. So I'll write about a slasher show instead, because that's totally my style. Anyway, I hope nobody is a huge fan of this show either. Scream is an anthology slasher based on the movie of the same name. It premiered in 2015 on MTV, where it aired its first two seasons, before moving to VH1. I recognize a couple cast members in this, so that's cool.The show follows a group of teenagers, who are being targeted by a masked serial killer. Well, this part reminds me of some other shows I do love. I saw a picture of that mask on Google though, and it is absolutely terrifying. So, the first two seasons focuses on the character of Emma Duval, who is connected to past tragic events in her town of Lakewood. After a murder takes place in present day, Emma finds herself, her family, and friends, all in danger. She tries to uncover the mysteries of the town and unmask the Lakewood Slasher's identity. The third season focuses on another character, so I imagine the Emma storyline was resolved by the end of the second season. In this one, we follow Deion Elliott, an Atlanta football star, who is tormented by tragic events of his past. I sense a theme here. Someone named Ghostface uses his secrets against him and goes on a killing spree. Deion could lose his future, and his family and friends are also in danger, which again, sounds like the previous plot. So I would guess the show follows similar storylines, but with different characters and settings. Oh, but I just read the third season was considered rebooted, so maybe it wasn't originally planned to follow new characters. HMM. We'll have to wait and see what comes from future seasons, I suppose. Interesting that seasons one and two had 10-14 episodes each and took a couple months to air, but season three only had six episodes and aired all in two days, according to Wikipedia. Very interesting. It looks like the show has not yet been renewed for a fourth season, but it hasn't been cancelled yet either, so there is hope for the fans. And if there are big fans of this here, sorry for the cut. Saving: This is Us
  18. Changing... Save This is Us Cut Scream
  19. Save This is Us Cut The Simple Life
  20. Just more about this topic, but I don't want to do it anymore or right here. Maybe later. Yes, I will tell you that. - Thank you. - Ooh, I think I do kind of remember because according to Wikipedia, his full name does not include Samuel. Okay, yay. Well, the question still lingers because there is one you named I would think you'd expect to show up, yet didn't include in the narrowed down ones. - Sorry. Thank you and I agree! Yeah, that may be kind of what I was describing as being different from the original. Oh? I thought it sounded like a single, but it won't be now. - Yes, it does. I'm glad you think so. Yay. - Aww... I'm not that familiar with them, although one of the guys was on Parks & Rec (but don't know him by name) and just know the other name. But It's so fun and happy. Aww. Me too. Oh. - Sorry, I didn't really know. I make mistakes. But yes, I included it in some way. I agree with what you said here. Oh, I thought it got attention? It looks like it was nominated for a lot of awards. - I felt like it. Aww... yes I agree. Oh yes, her version was in the movie for that scene, of course. Ah that would be a really good one for her to sing. - Yes. Oh, well I'm glad you like and could get into this! Yayy. Yes, she did. I'm glad you do! - I forgot what I said, so *looks* Oh, that. Well, a lot of people. I would hope not. Oh hmm not sure. But yes, I agree. - Yayy. Oh okay. Darn, I really like all of them and all the parts of this. But ah well okay, maybe it grew on you! Or maybe not. lol But oh well. - Thank you. Yes, hear it in the chorus! This is sooo good though. I'm obsessed with the song of this. Well... they wanted it ~that way~, and now this is about ~the way~ it was. - That's what it is! Ooooh well you should, but also I'm glad to share it with you for the first time. Oh, I didn't really think that, but interesting. It is so fun. lol maybe I do sometimes. I know, I can't stop! YAY. Oh hmm, I haven't really thought that, but okay. omg you could love it. - It's true though. So many songs I posted of his the last couple years were so short. Aww yes, it is. I agree. The beauty is in the simplicity and realness of it. Yeah, that's what I said about no chorus. Thank you and glad you think so.
  21. Redbox promoting greatness.
  22. 1. Elliott 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Denise 11. Kaley 12. 13. 14. Alex 15. *Wallace
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