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  1. He's releasing an extended version of Wild Blue next week! We're finally getting TELL ME!
  2. I'm leaving within an hour! Awww would you? That's so kind. I'll be back Tuesday!
  3. I plan to submit everything tomorrow (late) morning. I've been so busy, but working hard to get it done. I'm also going out of town, so I'll likely miss most, if not all, of the final ranking. Thank you, Dee, and everyone for this round though. It's been wonderful.
  4. Yes! I love this one too. I'm most partial to Selfless since I've been obsessed with since first hearing it live years ago. My other favorites right now are What If I Missed You, Party For Two, New Stage, and Lemonade.
  5. 07. Bee/Gladys Knight: Ahhh I get the first clue now, but would have never figured that out. At least I still got her with the other clues. Gladys definitely has a very distinct voice and even I could recognize it. LOL your comments on the LooH performance. She was definitely a strong and consistent performer. "the main thing I noticed was her mouth moving underneath the mask’s mouth. I don't remember. LOL at creepy looking dancers in her final performance. I also love the Kenan moment declaring it was her. Ken is so silly, as always. Anyway, Bee wasn't necessarily a favorite of mine, but she was good and worthy of making it to the end. 06. Rottweiler/Chris Daughtry: Okay, I thought of Chris for the first two clues... although not quite sure I have the reason for the second one. And sort of thought he fit the last one too considering his band, but I'm sure there's more to it. Anyway, I love the Rottweiler costume so much! Definitely one of my favorites. I also love how he dressed for Christmas. I forgot he was scared of rottweilers. This was the first time I knew who someone was right away and before the show even started. I heard him sing on a commercial and recognized his voice instantly. He was so consistent and I loved his run on the show. "Following that, he gave an explosive performance of Grenade (ducks tomatoes thrown at me) " Wait, why are tomatoes being thrown? I'm confused. But oh nooo, once again Someone You Loved was one of my top favorites of his. It was so good. But yessssss, Alive was my other top favorite of his! That was such a moment. I already wanted him to win and thought that performance could have done it. He's definitely among my all-time favorites and I was disappointed he came up short, although Fox was my second favorite.
  6. I know. But I can use it to excuse me for how horrible I am at keeping up with things these days. Yes! Ugh seriously. I need to see if there's another video. Thank you! Ahh yes. I'm glad we agree and hope you enjoy my ~drama~. Yes, these are all good points and what contributed to it. Thank you. Ahhh okay. I sure know it about life! Haha yeah. I know they cheer everyone on but I didn't think she was as amazing as they said, although I don't remember the specific comments. It's just how I feel. Welp, the Queen of Hearts has some prominent lips on their costume. Yes, I understand. Well yay me for that, I guess.
  7. Please refrain from posting spoilers in spoiler-free threads. There was a complaint filed and the post has been removed. Thank you.
  8. Because I refuse to see RWYWM taken down like this... VOTE TO ADVANCE What's Your Name – Blow Your Mind – Steven, Denise I love both though.
  9. What I should have said was the same number of songs per album advanced through *this* round. Now that I made it to the front page, I can provide the full picture. BEAUTIFUL SOUL She's No You Beautiful Soul Get Your Shine On Take Your Sweet Time What's Your Name? Because You Live The Stupid Things RIGHT WHERE YOU WANT ME Right Where You Want Me Just So You Know Blow Your Mind We Can Go Anywhere Invincible
  10. Oh, of course! I was just looking at the last post. I'm too depressed to think beyond that.
  11. I'm kind of torn... and both albums have the same number of representation too. Two RWYWM tracks defeated by the randomizer. BEAUTIFUL SOUL She's No You Get Your Shine On What's Your Name? The Stupid Things RIGHT WHERE YOU WANT ME Right Where You Want Me Blow Your Mind We Can Go Anywhere Invincible
  12. Advancing: Invincible Cutting: Relapse and Superbad If anyone is looking for suggestions, I would most prefer to see The Stupid Things and Feelin' You also advance through. Or at least not cut, because it looks like some songs maybe still be left over after this round. My top suggestions to cut ( ) would be: Without U That Was Then Freaky In Technicolor, Pt. I Can't Let You Go Back Together Although, I know some people talked about In Technicolor earlier, so they may still want it to stay in; in which case, I'd keep it for them. Please let us know. This is so painful.
  13. Advancing: We Can Go Anywhere. This is a sentimental favorite and I can’t bear it slipping through the cracks. I’ll post my other choices later. There’s nothing to cut that won’t hurt, but I’ll try to come up with the least painful options for those asking.
  14. to this advancement although the cuts are so painful.
  15. I was going to wait but since time is almost up, I'll make my cuts. Cutting: The Best Day of My Life Rock You (featuring Sean Garrett) Runnin' All About Us Yours
  16. Thank you. The cuts do hurt but it's unavoidable. I appreciate you (and everyone) sparing the ones I requested.
  17. Since 15 more songs have to go ( ), these are the ones I'd recommend (taking everyone's requests into account). And I'll cut five of these myself. BEAUTIFUL SOUL Come to Me Good Life The Best Day of My Life RIGHT WHERE YOU WANT ME Feels Like Sunday DEPARTURE Rock You (featuring Sean Garrett) Make Up My Baby Runnin' DEPARTURE: RECHARGED Crash & Burn IN TECHNICOLOR All About Us Checkmate So Cool NEW STAGE Kiss The World Goodbye NON-ALBUM SINGLES Wasted Yours
  18. Thank you for this. It is really hard, but I narrowed it down as much as I could to songs I'd prefer not be cut. I'll respect other people's top choices as well, and if I have to narrow my list down more, I will try to do so. Thanks in advance. BEAUTIFUL SOUL She's No You Get Your Shine On The Stupid Things RIGHT WHERE YOU WANT ME Right Where You Want Me Right Back in the Water We Can Go Anywhere Feelin' You Invincible DEPARTURE Told You So DEPARTURE: RECHARGED Oxygen IN TECHNICOLOR Young Love Punch Drunk Recreation The Other Guy NEW STAGE Party For Two NON-ALBUM SINGLES Better with You
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