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  1. That's what I was hoping not. LOL at not going back to work. I can't blame you. Yeah, ice is so scary. I've had my car stuck in snow a couple times and it is a nightmare. Oh haha you would be good at that and at the Stubhub/Taylor Swift comparison. Thanks, I hope so! If I could go absolutely anywhere, I'd pick France and Australia. *bye spoiler tags* Haha yeah, I just follow a lot of Bachelor fan accounts on social media so I see them all over. Haha, well good luck! And that is fine, of course. Best of luck with your research paper too. Oh.
  2. It sure does. I'd love to have it in the 80s now after so much cold weather, but 60s is actually perfect.
  3. Also, just saw he tweeted about The Masked Dancer finale. Seems sooo random.
  4. New song coming Friday! Some other things: Happy birthday to the debut album.
  5. These guys tweet way too much for me to keep up. But some highlights... This cartoon is so cute. And...
  6. There weren't as many standouts for me this week compared to last, but still some good talent.
  7. Dang, 82 degrees? I am so jealous. The snow finally melted over here, at least.
  8. LOL yes, that's what I thought and was saying I hoped she wouldn't beg for your winnings. Icy roads are the absolute worst. I can drive in actual snow okay, but not ice. But then, getting your car stuck in snow is a whole other battle. lol right?! I can't believe the way some people drive. Yeah, it's been so long since I took a vacation, but with everything how it is now, that's not likely to change soon. I'd really want to go somewhere farther that would require flying anyway. Yes, I hope you do! Ugh, I know it. It really does make it harder to be
  9. It does. I think Emma Stone looks very convincing in the role though.
  10. Since the next list might not start right away, I'll revisit this and add some more to it...
  11. Me submitting half my write-ups right as the clock struck 9.
  12. Aw cute, what kind of dog? Speaking of... I'll go ahead and post this here. It may not be Disney+, but it's still Disney and more relevant to post here than anywhere else. It's scheduled to release in theaters on May 28.
  13. My write-ups are in. I think there were only four on the list that weren't also part of my own submissions. I could maybe throw something together for those ones as well, but I was really pushing myself to come up with some words to say on even ones I submitted.
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