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  1. Donate to a great cause and get a chance to win an awesome prize!
  2. I was out shopping yesterday and all the Christmas decorations were 50% off... on December 1st! I could not believe it. Got some good deals though. Also, this is not a new song, but I heard it for the first time on the radio last night and loved it.
  3. It's so festive! Love Carol of the Bells and love holiday light shows! Have you seen this drone one?
  4. This makes me so happy! The snippet of Love Story sounds SO good.
  5. Will start by posting these Christmas songs they recently released! I love them.
  6. Reserving this post to add media later.
  7. I think we need a thread for this talented duo! They are one of my favorite current musical artists.
  8. New video. He calls this one The Time Machine. I love reliving all these great memories with Hunter.
  9. 16. Vonzell Solomon: Aww Vonzell. I didn't remember the martial arts moves, but I remember that outfit. Her audition was really great, and she only got better and better on the live shows to become a favorite of mine too. 15. Amber Fiedler: I remember this audition and really liked Amber. I was bummed she was cut ahead of the live shows and would have liked to see more of her too. Her story was compelling and I liked her voice a lot. 14. Dennis Lorenzo: I didn't remember his audition much, but this was really good. His voice sounded great on that song! 13. David Brown: I
  10. Somehow days off have a way of making a person even MORE tired. Or at least for me, lol. - Or maybe the guy is just special. - lol this gif. - LOL that would definitely cheer Len up. Oh no, so sorry for that hassle! I don't blame you for going straight to bed afterward. That order better have been worth it! - Aww that's nice. I'm going to have to look at that TXFUS audition again. - LOL so true about Randy with the paper over his face. LOL YES! I'm so glad you were as entertained as me. I do
  11. I agree there is a such an uplifting and comforting feel with this song.
  12. Tori has a new digital advent calendar for the next 12 days!
  13. Great Billboard interview with Tori!
  14. Ugh, I'm really disappointed they're cutting down the final six so fast like this. I wish we spent less time with the groups so we could have more with the best of the best. I want a final three of Seahorse, Crocodile, and Sun, so I guess I'm hoping for the other three to go by default.
  15. We are down to only six masks! But what the heck? They are eliminating half of them?!
  16. Where are all the Christmas lovers? It's December!
  17. LOL I don't watch The Mandalorian but I still stan Baby Yoda and this is trending on Twitter.
  18. I had a dream last night that I met Lauren. She sang part of You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman to me.
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