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  1. 070. Jena Irene: She was among my favorites, but that season was really rough for me, so although I like her, I'm not necessarily a huge fan. I share the same favorite performances as you. 069. Diana DeGarmo: One of my favorites of the season and I love her. She is actually the first Idol I ever met, so that is kind of special to me. I was already a fan from the start and loved the majority of her performances, but I do think Barry Manilow night was the turning point for her and she really was super strong through the end. A bit surprised you didn't mention that performance. I was disappointed she didn't win, as I'm not a Fantasia fan, but enjoyed her album post-show and glad she's doing well. 068. Alex Preston: Not a big fan, but I liked him somewhat and still probably preferred him to most others that season. I think I have all the same favorite performances as you, except I think I also liked Sweater Weather. 067. Michael J. Woodard: I liked him well enough, although I preferred others. He grew on me on tour though as I really enjoyed him there. 066. Casey Abrams: I wasn't much of a fan, but I did like him more in his performances post-save.... although I didn't agree at all with them using the save on him. Loved his duet with Haley. I think I actually know all the clues now. Debating if I should say or let someone else. And for the upcoming set... I have guesses on three of them for now.
  2. Okay, the two people I predicted from the clues showed up, so I think I am right on those ones. Still not sure on the other three, so will see if someone can fill those in (and I'll keep quiet on my two guesses to see if someone can get them all!)
  3. Remaining: Queen Clarisse Renaldi (The Princess Diaries) Queen Elinor (Brave) Pain & Panic (Hercules) Flower (Bambi) Squirt (Finding Nemo) Crush (Finding Nemo)
  4. I want to make another save, but there are no cuts I want to make.
  5. Remaining: Queen Clarisse Renaldi (The Princess Diaries) Queen Elinor (Brave) Pain & Panic (Hercules) Flower (Bambi) Squirt (Finding Nemo) Crush (Finding Nemo) Wendy Darling (Peter Pan) Clopin (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)
  6. Geppetto I saved Geppetto on the last round I did saves on and now I'm cutting him. That's how much I love the other nominees. Or I know someone who does, so Geppetto seemed like the best option left for me. Geppetto is a woodcarver from Pinocchio, who likes to carve original creations to entertain himself or others. He is a kind, playful, man, and he is responsible for creating Pinocchio himself. The Blue Fairy brings Pinocchio to life to fulfill Geppetto's wish to have a son and they do have a father/son relationship. Geppetto is a loving and protective father figure, who was quick to set out in search of Pinocchio after he went missing. He even got swallowed by a whale. Of course, we all know the story ends well with Geppetoo and Pinocchio both being safe at home, and Pinocchio becoming a real boy and son for Geppetto. Such a sweet man and I am sad to lose him in this rankdown. Saving: Tod
  7. Merryweather I'm really struggling with a decision here and was hoping some other characters I love would be saved to narrow down my options. However, time is running out, so might as well at least save my one and only remaining wildcard for the millionth time because I'm sure it's expected of me so nobody else will. I'll continue to ponder my second decision in the short amount of time left. Anyway, two of the Sleeping Beauty fairies were cut last round and Merryweather was spared from even being nominated. Our group didn't know if it was okay to nominate all three at once, but nobody seemed to have an issue, so this should be a safe cut choice. Plus, I believe Victoria and Kaley are the only other rankers left to make cuts here and they each cut a fairy last time, so now we each took a turn. Also, Merryweather is grouped with Flora and Fauna all on one character page on Disney Wikipedia, so Victoria was right that they could have easily been paired up in this rankdown as well. The three of them are known as the Three Good Fairies, and Merryweather is the one who wears blue. She is also presumed to be the youngest of the fairies. Merryweawther is known for altering the curse Maleficent puts on Aurora at the beginning of the movie. She replaces the intended death for her instead with a deep sleep instead that can be awoken by True Love's Kiss. That is Merryweather. I don't know what else to say about her specifically, except she's the highest ranking fairy (barely) of the three in this rankdown, so congrats to her for that! Saving: Prince Edward
  8. Save Prince Edward Cut Merryweather
  9. I know the game has moved on to the next round, but I'll say the JLC one was fun to take part in! KNIVES OUT #2. And wow my top 3 in the actual top 3, as well. I'm glad my ranking didn't differentiate too much from the majority. Thank you! They're all amazing.
  10. I'm glad to hear it. You're welcome! I'll definitely see if I can find any more. Oh, I remember liking the other ones. Or at least I loved Katharine on that song. I thought Elliott and Mary J. Blige were good together. Yes, definitely fun! Aww yeah. I feel the same as you about this. - I'm going to have to search now because not sure if I've seen him without the dreads. - Glad you agree on his recordings! I don't feel too confident. It may be up to someone else, but I'll see what I can detect when the names are revealed.
  11. Thank you! Oh, I definitely did not know about either of those, but that's a lot of Boston connections.
  12. I have a random prediction of how you might rank them, but we'll see. Thank you. Ah yeah, not surprised you heard about Carly! Her and Eva were both my favorites of their seasons. I hope you liked the performances you saw. I did some digging and am very disappointed with the lack of episodes I'm able to find so far... I may still have full episodes saved on discs somewhere that I can someday find and maybe upload myself. I'll share some links I've found though, if you are interested: Not a ton here, but some semi-finals playlists (from Australian Idol as well): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7mQarpn94K1m2lslMpU93A Quite a bit on this one, as you can see the S5 playlist has nearly 200 videos: https://www.dailymotion.com/igrecman/playlists Looks like only the 5th and 6th season are on this account though Australian Idol season 5 (my favorite ) playlist here: https://www.dailymotion.com/playlist/x457r You can ignore all this if you want. If nothing else, I can reference this post again for myself. I hope I can find more to share though! And LOL totally about dial-up. Aw okay. Well oh. I did not remember that at all and am only think about the first performance of it. I don't think they're too easy, but it is easier once the contestants are posted to match them up. I am mostly stumped before that. Although now I can add in here that the latest set was difficult for me even after seeing the five contestants they went to. Good brain exercises. LOL the afro comment. I love that we feel the same about that. Ugh yeah, I get what you mean and why you moved it to her write-up. Awful that it was involved in taking both of their lives. It just breaks my heart, especially knowing it could have been prevented. 75. Amber Holcomb: She has a good voice, but I never cared for her. 74. Anwar Robinson: Your picture comment. He's among my favorite group of the season (he was kind of interchangeable with Jessica for me). I agree his showing in the semi-finals was amazing and so strong... it's a shame he went downhill after that. I always enjoyed his voice. 73. Siobhan Magnus: I'm not crazy about her, but I did enjoy some of her performances. She definitely has quite a vocal range. 72. Matt Giraud: One of my favorites. Gah, his first semis performance was so disappointing, but I'm so glad he picked it back up in the WC round and advanced through. I just love his voice and his studio recordings were some of my favorites! I agree on your favorite performances of his, although I really liked some of the ones you named as duds too. 71. Phil Stacey: I really liked him a lot and considered him a secondary favorite. I agree his upper range was fantastic and yikes to the comments on his lower register. I sure remember that specific performance you mentioned. Aw, I really liked Maria Maria from him, even with the voice crack. Ooh and I remember him having some great studio recordings as well. But yeah, he hit his stride in his final few weeks and it's a shame he didn't get to continue on. The clues took me quite awhile to put together, but I finally got something that makes sense, so we'll see. Now analyzing the ones for the next set and have two guesses so far. Hmm.
  13. OMG the clues are getting so difficult for me, but I think I finally cracked these. Maybe. - Third time wasn't the charm: Matt because he was essentially eliminated three times- A hit from The Village People: I end up with Phil here by default and couldn't figure out why... but it's In the Navy! Phil was in the navy. This took me forever to realize. - The first of the Fab Five appears: Amber for being the first of the five S12 girls to appear?- Couldn't keep up a strong start: Anwar since he had a string of strong performances in the beginning- It's more than a feeling for this finalist to have a peace of mind when performing: Okay, I knew it was Siobhan from the previous clue and this one had me all confused. BUT I GOT IT NOW. You are referring to two songs from the band Boston, which is where she auditioned! You are sooo tricky with this.
  14. Ugh, sorry about that with the rescheduling. I know how that is, but it's for the best. It'll be fun whenever you do get to go again! Can I come too?
  15. I didn't know you saw it live. That's amazing! Aww, that's how powerful it is.
  16. For @*Chris (and the rest of us) I wish the full performances were on YouTube. But her singing was so impressive too.
  17. Yesssss And okay, I listened back to this song and it's definitely among my favorites as well @*Chris
  18. YES. Her slayage rapping definitely caught my attention and made it one of my favorites. But then it's also
  19. The same moment gif'd. They are great!
  20. I actually think listening to it more is what will help me figure it out. Right now I want to say Wait For It is my favorite.
  21. I've been obsessed with Kelly's version of it for years.
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