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  1. Not sure how many choices still need to be made, but I'm between a few for my last picks.
  2. Thank you. Of course and I love reading them! You're welcome. And you had your #1 for Rihanna too, of course, but I mention Beyonce & Britney since they've been your faves since foreverrr. Same... and there are still going to be 100 songs in the game.
  3. Roz did that and Alex did that. No last place for Mike!
  4. Ooh my ranking was super close to the actual, but Kaley got it spot on. No complaints here.
  5. The Top 4 has all been posted! I'm still reading through the Leona write-ups, but wow, I just love this Top 4. Samantha winning!!! That is an end result I am very pleased with. Good job to all the rankers on a strong finish, and well done to Chris for hosting this rankdown. I had fun following it.
  6. I can't believe they never released it.
  7. Wow, just finished back threading to see everyone's choices and I am overwhelmed by the amount of Kelly songs that are pure slayage! This is going to be so difficult to narrow down.
  8. Second pick: Keeping Score (with Dan + Shay)
  9. Thanks, but yeah I expected them to rank low... and before that, didn't even expect them all (my top 3) to make the finals. So glad about that at least. Yayy thanks. I love a lot of the top ranking songs. Yeah, darn. LOL. But ugh, I kept thinking it and forgot to mention how wonderfully detailed your write-ups were and so great to read! lol You're so lucky. But you deserve it, especially for the Beyonce and Britney rounds.
  10. My first pick: Miss Independent (to the penultimate round)
  11. Thank you! I was just backthreading to see specifically who I needed to address, but this helps me out. I'd very much like to take over that choice.
  12. Would anyone who advanced one of these songs want to choose something else so I can put one through to the penultimate?
  13. Yay, the final ranking started and on page 200! I didn't see Jack coming in last, but then, I also have no idea how to predict this ranking at all.
  14. Okay, will start working on my Kelly picks now.
  15. Finally all caught up on the entire Britney finals that I missed. Of course two of my top 3 rank near the bottom and I'm the first to lose my #1. Not surprised. But YAY for my #2 making the top 4, although so close to top 3! But the three above it are also iconic and deserving. Wow. I think the biggest surprise for me was Crazy ranking outside the Top 10. Thanks for the shout-outs for me on these songs, and also mentioning my write-ups. Same. And My mention. You knowww. And glad you liked my comments. I noticed this and congrats to you again for getting not only your top 3, but your #1! I can't even imagine.
  16. I missed at least 16 pages + the entire Britney final ranking. I'll try to catch up on everything tonight and advance my Kelly songs after work.
  17. Gabby's performance from the ACM Awards last night.
  18. The Masked Singer is getting ~fancy~ with their Instagram feed.
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