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  1. Quoting myself here because.... I was thinking during last week's show I could hear that voice. @*Wallace
  2. Yeah, it's unfortunate when that happens. I have never been one for confrontation so I always remove myself from the situation, but sometimes it's just everywhere. I feel the same. Aww yeah, I understand all that. Oh. Ooh, that's fun! Did you enter the contest? Ahh yes, I hope it's done well enough to get renewed. I actually watched several of the episodes on Sunday night! I am enjoying it and will watch some more soon. Also, I was wrong because I did hear the male lead have an accent but it sounds more natural to me I guess compared to Katharine. Ooh I don't re
  3. This. I didn't even recognize most of the comeback people but I'd recognize a semi-finalist from season 3.
  4. The show is live coast to coast! It's airing on the west coast now too.
  5. Four threads going on? Or I guess three if you're done with the S19 one. Wow, that's quite a bit to keep up with, but whatever works best for you is good. I'm interested in seeing any subject you want to rank or talk about. I also think anything can go here since this is the random thread, so I'm glad you'll still have it.
  6. Ahh. Ugh, this is true.... it is hard for me when there is so much of it and it's hard to escape. I've had to remove myself from situations like this in the past. Ooh, I definitely don't remember but wow. Dang, that really makes it sound like she wasn't interested in music. That's too bad. I am and will let you know! I'm confused what Gabby has to do with the show. But lol yeah, it sounded to me like she just had a random forced accent that wasn't necessary, but I guess I can get used to it. That could be! I will take your word for it. Oh yes... although did
  7. Ooooh. I have no comment. I didn't really know her singing voice, but I was listening closely to that performance and thought it sounded like I would imagine her sounding. I wouldn't know whether to guess Tamera or Tia. Oohhh, that's better then. My TV Guide actually shows that it is new this week.... although it's a sing-a-long episode. So no new performances? But... still a new episode. I'm confused why they'd say it was off for a week (unless the TV Guide is wrong).
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