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  1. I'll advance The War is Over.
  2. If found footage needed representation, the Blair Witch Project should still be in this.
  3. Knives Out I actively dislike this movie. I think it was intentionally misleading in the trailers. I do not like that. Ana De Armas was fantastic in the movie. They should have promoted her as the lead of the movie. Hollywood really continues to be the worst. Let us get into the characters of this movie. We have the Saint Nurse Marta. She pathologically cannot lie. For some reason, she drinks alcohol and then works. She picks up vials of medications (without looking at the label) and then injects into the patient.(oh yes, I am getting into the ~twist ~ of the movie.) Somehow, this movie wants me to believe she is good at what she does. She can tell the completely discernable weight difference! Not looking at labels of medications makes her a good nurse! Duh. I guess I most also pretend that vials do not have safety caps. Also that Toradol is not in an amber vial because it needs to be protected from light. Somehow, someone who has never drawn up medication from a vial didn't core it. According to this movie, Electronic Medical Records also do not exist. Once you burn a paper copy and burn down the facility, there is nothing else! There is absolutely no log of it anywhere! Obviously! This movie also attempted some political talk. I don't know. It was mostly just buzz words from twitter thrown together because it gets an easy reaction. Chris Evans plays a completely awful character. Because he is an attractive white man wearing that sweater, all is forgiven. The end. I hate this movie. Saving John Wick.
  4. I wish I was saving songs instead of actively cutting them.
  5. High Life Was a living under a rock two years ago? I do not even remember trailers for this movie. Wiki classifies it as a science fiction horror movie. Sounds interesting so far. It is directed by Claire Dennis. Oh. I see the problem. It barely made 2 million in the box office. I guess marketing was not a major consideration of the budget. A shame this movie didn't do too well. It has generally favorable reviews. It has an 83 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Metacritic has a score of 77. Also respectable. This movie revolves around a group of criminals. I guess they are sent up to space because no one cares what happens to them. They are sent to a black hole and take place in experiments. Given that it's a horror movie, I don't want to think about these experiments. Saving 12 Years a Slave
  6. I can throw this together during my lunch break. Any recommendations?
  7. Every movie I care about has either been cut or saved. Hmm.
  8. Would you be Thankful? Is it All You Ever Wanted?
  9. Yall are lucky the Smoackstack Sessions were not included. I would go psycho if someone cut this.
  10. Remember all the things we wantedNow all our memories, they're hauntedWe were always meant to say goodbye
  11. I was being snarky because of the Live Version of Beautiful Disaster being cut when the Studio version was right there.
  12. My cuts: I Hate Myself for Losing You You Love Me (thank you for the sacrifice) Whyyawannabringmedown
  13. People don't love all the songs they advanced equally. I'm trying to be nice and not cut all of someone's advances.
  14. I would probably cut If I Can't Have You, but I am pretending it's the superior Smoackstack Sessions
  15. Someone cutting the Idol Version of Piece by Piece over the album version?
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