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  1. I was about to seethe over Sasha slander, but it's the wrong one. Please continue.
  2. Jumping in to say Imans contemporary was beautifully choreographed and he did a great job with it. Did it deserve a perfect score? Debatable. I can see that being absolutely amazing in person.
  3. I need to go emotionally prepare for when they call Billy the Puppet Saw/Jigsaw.
  4. Horror movies do have iconic songs that are attached. They didn't need to try this hard. Like come on
  5. The judges lurk here, see us slandering them all the time and then sabotage the prediction game. I can't lie. I appreciate the petty.
  6. Melora is great at bringing personality and character to her dances.
  7. The song and style of dance wasn't a perfect fit for me. She is still one of my favorites.
  8. That was cute but slightly underwhelming. Olivia and Val are still a cute partnership.
  9. I learned that Cody loves Little Mix, so I now love him.
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