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  1. ADORE DELANODANNY NORIEGA Danny Noriega auditioned in the seventh season of American Idol (but apparently he auditioned in the sixth season but didn't make it). Anyway, he is most remembered because of his sassy personality and rapport with the judges, especially his reply towards Simon Cowell which later went viral. Anyway, he auditioned singing Proud Mary and he slayed it to be honest. I don't remember much of his performance in Hollywood Week of When I Need You but he made it obviously. For the top 24, he sang Jailhouse Rock where his reply to Simon became viral. The performance was a bit messy in my opinion. Randy and Paula kinda liked it while Simon just hated it. He said it was "verging on grotesque". Simon basically read and drag him as if he heard RuPaul shouted, "The library is open!" Ryan asked him what Danny thought of it and he was like he thought it was a fun song for the first live show but some people *head movements* weren't LIKING IT. Mess. Danny sang Superstar next (I guess people were just voting for him for his reply to Simon ). This is probably his best performance in my opinion. He did really well and his voice fit the song. Then for his last performance where he got eliminated, he performed Tainted Love. It was okay I guess. It was good but I still liked Superstar better. I like Danny/Adore but I was rooting for more people in his season. SAVING: ALEX LAMBERT
  2. @*Wallace Hayley & Blair are still in!
  3. The TAR teams are dropping like flies and i am NOT HERE FOR IT
  4. Hoping for a good snatch game!
  5. It all counts I remember being annoyed at that and not being called out by the judges.
  6. All I remember from Lee Jean was that he sang Ed Sheeran more than 3 times in the show.
  7. I think DWTS is/will be eliminated? Denise won't vote for PLL I think and the last two votes won't matter?
  8. Oh wow he grew up... nicely.
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