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  1. I know I have heard of this show but I just never watched it or caught my attention to even watch it. It's a supernatural drama television show that had five seasons on NBC and then two more on CBS. It stars Patricia Arquette who I know! She is a medium employed as a consultant at the district attorney's office in the ficitional place Mariposa County. Oh, Phoenix is actually in Maricopa County. They sound the same so there's that. All of Allison's, Patricia A., children inherited her gift so that's cool. Basically, Allison worked for law enforcement agencies across the country and use her special powers to help them solve cases. To anyone who likes this show, I'm sorry but I like the others left So out it goes. Saving: Dynasty
  2. I need sex scenes with him and Drew Tanner asap!
  3. I still watch riverdale no matter how messy it is for the shirtless scenes nd Queen Cheryl!
  4. *promise to add all the photos i owe steven soon* BOB'S BURGER Honestly, I have never watched an episode of this show. I've watched The Simpson, Family Guy (gross btw but Stewie is an icon!), American Dad, and Futurama but this one never really interested me. I don't like the art or the design or the animation of it. The show is about the Belcher family with Bob and Linda as the parents and their children Tina, Gene, and Louise. They run a burger shop I guess. I've seen that iconic dancing gif of Tina (is it her? I don't know and I don't care!) so there's that. Anyway, this is the easiest cut for me for this round because I do like most of the shows in the nominations list. So yeah this one has to go. Sorry to Elliott and anyone else who likes this show! SAVING: LUCIFER
  6. I like both shows and sad that either had to go
  7. I was drunk ok im here now again
  8. *picyure sone* CBBUK I'm way too drunk to right a proper write up but I judt got to save the show i jsut brought back and so here it is. I've never watched bbUK and I am not a big fan of the big brothwr franchise. Even here in my country it is probably the qorst franchise ever. I would just watch clips if i like the celebrity or the person if i like them. I just don't find it very interesting to watch unlike survivor,the amazing race, etc. Im in a bar and i need this to be 100 words so hopefully this is 100 worss and oh i know it has ehead of hosuehold,power of veto and then elimination. That's it to be hoenst. I know Charlotte Crosby and Scotty T. From Geordie Shore won so there's that!!! People from geordie shore. Slay!! Also Queen New York was in the seaosn with Scotty T. And I wished ahed win but it is thw UK so they woudl gote someone form the UK. Hit whatever. So yeha. SAVING: WHY WOMEN KILL
  9. Save why women kill Cut big brother uk
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