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Favorite Reba KO Artist?


Favorite Reba KO Artist?  

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  1. 1. Favorite Reba KO Artist?

    • Tae Lewis
    • Asher Havon
    • Justin +Jeremy Garcia
    • Zeya Rae
    • Josh Sanders
    • Ashley Bryant

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Asher pretty easily.


But Tae is still slept on. He's better vocally than most country singers on this show. Josh is better than your typical male country singer too.


1. Asher

2. Tae

3. Josh

4. Ashley

5. Garcia twins

6. Zeya

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1. Asher: He is the best vocalist on Reba's team his blind and battle so far have been amazing.


2. Tae: He's a great country dude and his style kinda reminds me of Kirk in a way. 


3. Josh: He's the biggest threat to win the show. He has a great tone and range that Minivan loves. Congrats to Josh on winning The Voice. Congrats to Minivan on voting for him to win and I honestly wouldn't mind!


4. Zeya: She has a beautiful tone that reminds me of Gihanna in a way but with less range. I think she's a little limited after hearing her battle. 


5. Justin + Jeremy: They have great harmonies, but they aren't my thing. They didn't deserve a steal. It was a waste when Reba could have saved her steal for AJ or Ryan A who were better.


6. Ashley: Weakest member on Reba's team honestly. I don't get her at all. I thought she is pretty generic. Taking on Carrie was a big mistake in the blinds as she didn't have the range for it and was pitchy. She was really pitchy and flat in the battle. I thought her high note was too harsh and sharp for my ears. I didn't like it at all, and I loved Elyscia's high notes way more. 

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Surprised (and glad) to see that Ashley is getting the most votes among female singers, and among country singers, on Reba's KO team. From the comments, I was expecting her to have just a couple of votes (including mine).


I would have made a fan thread for her, but I would be on the road (with limited Internet) for April and May so I won't be able to keep up with it.


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