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Favorite Lives Team


Favorite Lives Team  

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  1. 1. Favorite team?

    • John - The three smooth voiced peeps (A first timer)
    • Gwen - The Wildcards, you never know
    • Niall - An alt rocker, a cigarette-toned voice, and a talent show veteran (at less than 25)
    • Reba - The Honky Tonk Women

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I'll take the country gals from Team Reba. By far the most consistent vocalists in the competition (in addition to the two arguably most talented). None of them have missed a note.


NIALL's team in theory should be my favourite, but Nini and Mara have been on and off for me, and I'm a bit less confident in them controlling their pitch come lives.

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Unpopular opinion, but John and Gwen. Tanner and Kara are probably my two favorites, who I look forward to seeing each week. No comment for BIAS. I also love all of Lila, Mac, and Azan, even though Mac and Azan are probably first week boots. I get the appeal of Team Niall, but Huntley kinda bores me and I dislike Mara. 

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