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Worst song choice of Season 21?


Worst song choice  

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  1. 1. Worst song choice

    • Katherine Anne Mohler & Vaughn Mugol - Dilemma
    • Joshua Vacanti & Keilah Grace - good 4 u
    • Raquel Trinidad & Hailey Mia - Car Wash
    • BrittanyBree - Best Part
    • Katherine Ann Mohler - Poison
    • Samuel Harness - So Sick
    • Bella DeNapoli - The Sweet Escape
    • Ryleigh Plank - I'm Your Baby Tonight
    • Bella DeNapoli - Ain't No Other Man
    • Shadale - Life Is a Highway
    • Shadale - Breathe
    • Joshua Vacanti - My Heart Will Go On

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3 minutes ago, Cookie73 said:

Where is Last Dance by Holly Forbes? And that country song for Jeremy. These song choices weren’t great, but there were worse song choices this season than some of these

They should both be in, I did 15 options in the poll but for some reason only 12 are showing lol

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So Sick by Samuel and The Sweet Escape by Bella were also terrible. NeYo really did not fit Samuel’s style and something more alternative would have worked better for him. The Sweet Escape also really didn’t work for Bella, and the performance showed.


Dilemma and Car Wash were both terrible for the battle losers, but Save Your Tears for Tommy was probably even worse. LiBianca and Tommy should have never been paired together in the first place 

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Nearly all of the above oh my gosh


I'll give my opinion on each one because I can and I have a lot to say about some of these


Dilemma: Yeah it was a horrible song choice for them, but I didn't hate the end result. It was equally a challenge for both and KK rose to the challenge more than Vaughn. That said, I would've liked to see a more fitting song choice for both. Something like Beneath Your Beautiful would've worked so much better


good 4 u: Not that bad tbh. They had some great vocal moments. It's only bad if you think too much about Joshua being an angsty teen. It gets a pass from me.


Car Wash: Another one that didn't work. While it wasn't necessarily bad, it didn't go anywhere. IN other words it did them no favors but it's not like they flopped.


Best Part: Yeah this one didn't work either. A song that requires a smooth tone for someone with tremendous rasp was a head scratcher


Poison: Oh my gosh what a crime this was. While KK did what she could with the arrangement, TPTB was so wrong for this


So Sick: Yeah this was terrible as a song choice as well.


The Sweet Escape: Hated this song choice for Bella at the time, but I've grown to appreciate it (especially the arrangement), I firmly believe it wasn't a bad performance until it went slightly off the rails in like the last 30 seconds... it does live in my head rent free ngl.....Can't wait for the studio version!


I'm Your Baby Tonight: VERY rough.....really disliked this song choice for Ryleigh, it had no connection to her whatsoever. A close second but I was close to voting for this one


Ain't No Other Man: I don't think this was that bad of a song choice, but it just felt off. I feel like on paper Bella would slay it, but it didn't really go anywhere and the arrangement didn't help either


Life is a Highway. What. a. Bus. Fortunately Shadale is the queen that she is and killed it live. 


Breathe: Yeah on paper this didn't work for Shadale. I don't remember it being that bad tho? idk haven't rewatched it 


My Heart Will Go On: This wasn't a bad song choice for him tbh, it just wasn't exciting or helpful at all considering he had just sung Celine that week.





Holly Forbes: Last Dance (yikes....this really was the kiss of death for her after maybe being Ari's frontrunner huh....it's high on the list of bad song choices this season)


and I know these didn't matter for the competition but both of Kelly's song selections for her duets were very underwhelming




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I didn't think The Sweet Escape was a bad song choice, she just didn't execute it that well. I didn't think it was as bad as some of yall were saying lol. liked the arrangement tho, cant wait for the studio! 

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“Last Dance” had an okay studio, but the live performance…yeah, I’ll just leave it at that (to be fair, Holly was sick that week so it wasn’t 100% her fault that the performance turned out that way, but still).


Of the options in the poll, I voted for “So Sick” because it took the momentum Samuel had from both his solo performances in the pre-taped rounds and effectively threw it in the garbage. The one upside to that exit was that it freed him up to start posting content/after-show plans sooner than he may have otherwise, so…not a total loss, I guess? 🙃

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