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Worst song choice of Season 21?


Worst song choice  

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  1. 1. Worst song choice

    • Katherine Anne Mohler & Vaughn Mugol - Dilemma
    • Joshua Vacanti & Keilah Grace - good 4 u
    • Raquel Trinidad & Hailey Mia - Car Wash
    • BrittanyBree - Best Part
    • Katherine Ann Mohler - Poison
    • Samuel Harness - So Sick
    • Bella DeNapoli - The Sweet Escape
    • Ryleigh Plank - I'm Your Baby Tonight
    • Bella DeNapoli - Ain't No Other Man
    • Shadale - Life Is a Highway
    • Shadale - Breathe
    • Joshua Vacanti - My Heart Will Go On

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Life is a Highway was a shameless bus.


I may be wrong but I feel like Samuel and Bella’s playoff songs were a choice that backfired (not necessarily their choice but maybe their coaches’).


At the end of the day maybe the worst song was Best Part cause in hindsight I don’t think John was planning to drop her and she had a free path to the live shows, but that song killed her chances.

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I will say, if we're being completely fair here, Samuel, Bella and Shadale all said they were happy with their songs. Shadale even said she chose it as a dedication to her dad, since I believe its a favorite of his.


They seemed to have imput in those choices, sadly, those just weren't their nights. We know Bella was invested enough in her PO song to record a studio version of it.

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7 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

Then I guess she bussed herself - as Shadale has repeatedly said that she chose the song and even went on to say that it was her favorite performance of hers (on the show at least.)

Honestly, unfortunately she wasn't gonna get that far anyway. There were many R&B/Soul females on the live shows, and she was sadly one of the less popular ones. 


Her knockout will always remain iconic, though. 

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