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Favorite Joshua Vacanti performance?



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  1. 1. Favorite?

    • Into the Unknown (Blind)
    • good 4 u (Battle)
    • Falling (KO)
    • You & I (Playoffs)
    • You Will Be Found (Top 13)
    • Don't You Worry 'bout a Thing (Group Performance)
    • The Show Must Go On (Top 11)
    • If I Ain't Got You (Top 10)
    • Ashes (Top 8)
    • Hand in My Pocket (Top 8 Duet)
    • My Heart Will Go On (Instant Save)

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4 hours ago, Daillon said:

@Teraginn brought this up on his fan thread so I thought it would be good idea to make a poll ^_^

❤️ glad you made it!

The objective answer here is The Show Must Go On.... but I just have a soft spot for his KO performance of Falling, just because he really sold the emotion in that one.

You and I is very close behind those two though, as a Gaga/Ben Platt fan.

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Hopefully there will be more threads like this after tonight’s performances. They will all be very interesting to read and it will be fun to rewatch the contestants’ journeys, like it was for him.

My list for reference (to those of you that aren’t in Joshua’s fan thread)


1. The Show Must Go On

2. Ashes

3. You Will Be Found

4. Falling

5. If I Ain’t Got You

6. You and I

7. Into the Unknown

8. My Heart Will Go On
9. Good 4 U


I really enjoyed his run on the show, and as you can see, he really thrived in the Live Shows, compared to the prelives.


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11. good 4 u

10. My Heart Will Go On

9. Into the Unknown

8. If I Ain't Got You

7. You & I

6. Don't You Worry 'bout a Thing

5. Hand in My Pocket

4. You Will Be Found

3. Falling

2. The Show Must Go On

1. Ashes (that first chorus alone is enough to put this #1. Haunting)


I agree that The Show Must Go On is his best tho.

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The Show Must Go On wins it not only for being a stellar vocal but also for the number of people that went “wait a sec, this guy is a solid vocalist” after the performance.


Also, props to the people behind a catalog of songs that showed two different sides of his voice + made both of those sides stand out on their own but also weave together seamlessly.

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3 hours ago, Hamza Tufail said:

"The Show Must Go On".


IMO that's the best live performance of the season.



It's hard, but my top 3:

1. The Show Must Go On - 10 (this screamed Joshua for everywhere + QUEEN song, the chutzpah)

2. Ashes - 9.9 (i mean, vocally and emotionally AMAZING)

3. Falling - 9.5 (tone for days)


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Oops I forgot to post my rankings here:

I edited this ranking from my original one after a rewatch, one performance went two steps up for me given how strong it was.

11. My Heart Will Go On - clearly affected by nerves and emotion, but how dare he survive 2 Celine Dion songs in a row without breaking a sweat?

10. good 4 u - I honestly loved this one the more and more I rewatch it. It's nice seeing Joshua having fun and being a little edgy on stage.

09. Into the Unknown - still can't believe the audacity of this man auditioning on the show with this song. I would have turned so fast.

08. Don't You Worry 'bout a Thing - again, the absolute joy of this performance and the camaraderie between Team Legend really made this work for me.

07. Hand in My Pocket - I was beaming the whole time I watched this. An Alanis song with his bestie on his side.... you can't ask for a more fun duet.

06. You Will Be Found - this is the performance that feels the most "Joshua" to me. I really appreciate the sentiment of the song, and I really hope someone campaigns for Joshua being the next Evan Hansen. Gotta dream big!

05. Ashes - I was as shattered as that chandelier beside him during this performance when America decided that this wasn't enough for a PV. Their loss.

04. If I Ain't Got You - the way I nailed this song choice prediction to the wall.... anyway I rewatched this today and I was kinda floored by how fantastic this was so I had to rearrange my ranking a bit.

03. You & I - as a GaGa and Ben Platt fan, it should be no surprise as to why this is Top 3. I think his stage presence here was just fantastic and fun. Also, his jacket here is my favorite look from him on this show and I want it.

02. The Show Must Go On - there are two sides to Joshua's artistry. This performance showcased his dramatic, Broadway side perfectly.

01. Falling - and this one showcased Joshua's emotional, powerful side. I can see why this was the performance Ellen wanted Joshua to reprise on her show.

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