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How do you feel about this Top 5?


How do you feel about this Top 5?  

44 members have voted

  1. 1. Choose:

    • Love it! Wouldnt change a thing.
    • Love it, but I would change one artist
    • Like it, but I would change two artists
    • Meh, I like 2/5. I would change 3
    • Don't like it, I have only 1 favorite left
    • Hate it. S22 it is.

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Based on who was in the Top 8 I would'nt change a damn thing. An argument could be made about Joshua cause he was so consistent but the actual Top 5 is so deserving.


Based on the Top 13, there's a couple I would've picked for my Top 5 but it is what it is.

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