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  1. 1-GNT-Amazing 2-Wendy-Amazing 3-Hailey- Dark horse 4-Holly-Still waiting for Easy on Me as song choice. She has so much to offer 5-Joshua-He has such an amazing voice. He should sing Sign of the Times next 6-Lana-Her best performance 7-Paris-He is 7nth only because I liked last week's song more. Would be nice to see him sing Break Every chain. He could be in the finale 8-10: Jershika- I am her fan but she has had better song choices. She should sing Nina Simone next. Her voice is insanely special Jim & Sasha- It didn't really surprise me Jeremy-One of his best performances but didn't really catch me
  2. TEAM KELLY: Girl Named Tom - Afterglow by Laila/ A song by Fleetwood Mac Hailey Mia - Without Me by Halsey Jeremy Rosado - Can't Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake TEAM LEGEND: Joshua Vacanti - Sign of the Times by Harry Styles Jershika Maple - Any song from Nina Simone TEAM ARIANA: Holly Forbes - Easy on Me by Adele Jim and Sasha Allen - Any song by Ariana Grande (calm/acoustic version) TEAM BLAKE: Wendy Moten - Shallow by Lady Gaga (would be even interesting if she went to finale and sang it as a duet with Blake) Lana Scott - Johnny Blue by Lena Valaitis/Those were the Days by Mary Hopkins Paris Winningham - How about have him sing Break Every Chain by Tasha Cobbs
  3. That sounds good. I just hope the songs choices are better that the last week ones. I really wish GNT could sing Afterglow by Laila or smth similar and Jershika to sing a song by Nina Simone. Would be interesting to see his version, even though it will be quite difficult to top Kimberly's.
  4. Girl Named Tom - Afterglow by Laila Gymani - Without me by Halsey/Here I Am by Jennifer Hudson Joshua Vacanti - Sign of the Times by Harry Styles Jershika Maple - I Look to You by Whitney Houston/Any song by Nina Simone Holly Forbes - Easy on Me by Adele Lana Scott - Johny Blue by Lena Valaitis Wendy Moten - Shallow by Lady Gaga For the other contestants I am not so sure.
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