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Physical Power Ranking for Top 13

British Man

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This is a ranking of all 13 contestants in the Top 13, but not in terms of Voting Power, but Physical Power.


So, if all 13 contestants started a boxing match, who would be the last one standing?



Girl Named Tom

Jeremy Rosado


Hailey Mia



Joshua Vacanti

Jershika Maple




Jim and Sasha

Holly Forbes

Ryleigh Plank



Wendy Moten

Paris Winningham

Lana Scott

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1 minute ago, Misirlou said:

Yeah, pretty much this lol.


Jershika is a security guard too, so she must know how to defend herself as well.


No clue about the others.


GNT could probably do well too. If Kaleb and Joshua hold someone down, Bekah can just give them a swift kicking to the balls to quickly achieve a victory.

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High chances of f**king you up

1. Girl Named Tom - I mean, there are three of them, two of them being young dudes, so it'll be hard to take them down. Caleb and Josh could take someone by each arm, while Bekah kicks them.... somewhere.

2. Paris Winningham - He's a navy veteran, and while he's obviously aged since those days, I bet he still has some of that training left in him.


Hard to take down

3. Jershika Maple - "I'M A SECURITY GUARD SO... IMMA LOCK YOU UP!"

4. Jeremy Rosado - He's a pretty big guy, he won't be easy for sure.

5. Ryleigh Plank - Idk I feel like she'd be a pretty fast runner, so she'll just exhaust you trying to chase her before she strikes.


Slightly challenging

6. Shadale - She has a fierce stage presence which might translate into martial arts very well

7. Gymani - She's a young-ish single mom, I bet she has a lot of fight in her. I mean, "we'll piss off the neighBOOORS"

8. Jim & Sasha - Yes, there's two of them, but one is on the edge of being a senior citizen, and the other doesn't seem that physically strong. They'll be a nuisance but not the hardest.

9. Joshua Vacanti - Obvious theatre kid is obvious, he's going to make the fight dramatic and be very distracting. 


10. Wendy Moten - She'd do upper belts for a solid 7 minutes to blow you away before she'd run out of air, then you can probably beat her.


You can probably take them down

11. Lana Scott - Not much to say really, just think she'd be higher than those below her.

12. Hailey Mia - She's a teen girl. Maybe you'd feel sorry for her?

13. Holly Forbes - From what I can tell, she's pretty tiny and I think she'll be the easiest to take down.

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5 minutes ago, British Man said:


GNT could probably do well too. If Kaleb and Joshua hold someone down, Bekah can just give them a swift kicking to the balls to quickly achieve a victory.


lmao exactly what i thought 😭😭😭😭

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On a more serious note, I feel like Jeremy, Joshua, Holly, Jershika, Paris, and Ryleigh would disqualify themselves because they're too nice. Not saying the others aren't  nice (cause they are),  but they just scream Teddy Bear, Pacifist (unless vocals count) Theater Kid , Mom-like (in a good way), quirky girl who wants to talk not fight, a kind heart,  and someone who would normally choose not to fight unless its absolutely necessary respectively.

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I won’t include GNT or Jim and Sasha 


1 Paris: Working in the navy for 10 years, he has a clear advantage.

2 Jershika: she won’t be scared to release her inner security guard

3 Jeremy: With momentum I feel like he could beat anybody

4 Everyone else

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Hailey is actually a trained martial artist with master assassin skills. She also has stealth to widdle down her opponents if needed. Iconic tbh.


Seriously though, Jerishka and Paris are the threats, wouldn't want to fight them. 


Lmao this thread is funny though.

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Assuming this is overall and not who’d specifically beat me (bc even Hailey could do that and she’s a decade younger than me and physically smaller):


1. GNT: trio with two young men, Caleb uses his looks to distract the target and then helps Josh pin them down before Bekah goes for the crotch shot.

2. Paris: he’s ex-military and you don’t want to fight with ex-military folks.

3. Jershika: she’s a security guard, she’s got to have some skills to take down someone in a fight.

4. Shadale: doesn’t f*** around, probably could use some onstage moves in martial arts type combat

5. Gymani: all fun and games til she goes full momma bear on your ass

6. Jim & Sasha: numbers advantage, plus Sasha could roast the victim til they cry or laugh as a distraction technique.

7. Ryleigh: affinity for spiky/punk/tough looking clothing, but she’s apparently the type to apologize for everything, so she’d do it but feel bad after.

8. Jeremy: physically big, but seems like he’d cry if he punched someone.

9. Joshua: flashy, but scrawny.

10. Wendy: age is her biggest downfall, but she doesn’t f*** around so this could go either way.

11. Holly: she works with kids who are autistic, you have to have an element of physical toughness along with mental strength to do well. That said, she’s small enough to be overpowered.

12. Lana: she strikes me as the scrappy type, so she could be higher, but she’s short, so her reach isn’t that far.

13. Hailey: she’s got youth as an advantage, but punching a kid is f***ed up as an adult so…

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5 minutes ago, Cookie73 said:

I wonder if there are any contestants in general that secretly have a black belt in martial arts 

I remember Michael Lee and Cody Ray Raymond from S15, the two guitar dudes that auditioned with songs of the 3 Blues Kings (Michael with a BB King song and Cody with an Albert King one) are martial artists.

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