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S21: Rank the Battles and pick your winners (Ep 2)


S21: Rank the Battles and pick your winners (Ep 2)  

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  1. 1. Choose:

    • Hailey G vs Lana - GIRL
    • Katherine vs Vaughn - Dilemma
    • BrittanyBree vs Samara - Something He Can Feel
  2. 2. Which battle would have liked to see in full

    • Xavier vs Carolina - Telepatía
    • LiBianca vs Tommy - Save Your Tears

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1. Brittany Bree vs Samara Brown

2. Hailey Green vs Lana Scott

3. Katherine Ann Mohler vs Vaughn Mugol


Much easier than last week.


Tommy was my personal favorite out of the four montaged, but the song really didn’t suit his style and Xavier vs Carolina seemed more promising.

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1. BrittanyBree vs Samara - Both of them killed this but after rewatches, I feel like Brittany is the more "special" singer.


2. Hailey vs Lana - I thought both of them did good but I'd choose Hailey based on tone and personal preference.


(Carolina vs Xavier)


3. Katherine vs Vaughn - I absolutely despite this song choice and I don't find either singer that compelling. Katherine had some moments of power though, so I'd choose her I guess?

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1. BrittanyBree (9.5) vs. Samara Brown (9.5) - They both went OFF. Giving GNT/Kinsey a run for their money as best of the season for me..

2. Hailey Green (8.5) vs. Lana Scott (8.5) - Both of them have such unique tones that I'm surprised worked THAT well together! I preferred Lana by a hair here, but glad they both went through!

3. Katherine Anne Mohler (7) vs. Vaughn Mugol (7) - They did not fit together at all with this song. Wrong pick for 2 otherwise great contestants. Shame it went down this way because it was just on the verge of being terrible the whole time, and that's 100% Ari's fault, not KK or Vaughn's. Glad Vaughn got to avoid the curse of being montaged off, though!


And to whoever's decision it was to montage telepatía but air the dilemma that was Dilemma:

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Praying we get someone to nail telepatía next season. In late 2022 :(

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1. BrittanyBree vs Samara: Clear standout of the night for me. I think they blended well, but Samara won it in my opinion. The clarity of her voice and control spoke to me.


2. Hailey vs Lana : Very lopsided for me here. I think Hailey easily took it, and her song isnt even in her wheelhouse. That being said, she needs rock music, some Heart, some Evanesence, maybe some Soundgarden even.


3. Katherine vs Vaughn: This didnt work me, the song was just strange for these two. They needed something more ballady that would showcase their talents more. Vaughn kinda stood out more to me but overall I would have much likely seen Carolina vs Xavier.


Which answers the next question: Carolina/Xavier. They really:


  • Montaged a battle in Spanish.


  • Montaged Kalí Uchis


  • Montaged Xavier TWICE in a row. We know nothing about him.



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Really good

1. Brittany vs Samara - Both killed it, as simple as that.



2. Hailey vs Lana - It’s such a strange pairing lol, and Girl is definitely not the first song I would have given them. Impressive how they managed to make it work.

Awful song choice

3. Katherine vs Vaughn - Most unfair battle of all time? Vaughn lost this the moment they gave him this song. They were both surprisingly decent but Dilemma isn’t a good choice for a singing competition, let alone for these two.

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1. Brittany vs Samara. INCREDIBLE. Samara's voice's sublime, has the softness and the strength, all at the same time

2. Hailey vs Lana. I preferred Hailey in the blinds, but I liked Lana's tone a lot more here. Hailey needs sing rock.

3. KK vs Vaughn. I don't like the tone of KK and Vaughn deserved something better.

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