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Who Won The Battle: Season 20 Edition


Pick the winner of each battle  

27 members have voted

  1. 1. Deion Warren vs Victor Solomon

    • Deion Warren
    • Victor Solomon
  2. 2. Bradley Sinclair vs Rachel Mac

    • Bradley Sinclair
    • Rachel Mac
  3. 3. Ryleigh Modig vs Gean Garcia

    • Ryleigh Modig
    • Gean Garcia

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I picked imo the closest battles of the season and see who idf thought won the battle




This one is probably the most even battle of the season imo ( even if deion wasn't stolen..) I'm still not sure who I preffered more. I liked Deions tone more, but I think Victor pulled off more intricate vocals.





My favourite battle of the season.. I do prefer Gean's tone, especially if their singing in the same octave. But Ryleigh's voice does overpower him near the end while I don't think Gean ever did the same, and I think vocally she was more impressive.




Youtube comments seem to prefer Bradley, but idf loves Rachel, so curious who will win. I do prefer Bradley as well, I think he showed more colors to his voice and made better vocal choices, and there were some few iffy vocal moments I heard from rachel..

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I like Gean, his audition was better than Ryleigh's, imo. I get the key definitely favored Ryleigh but his tone isn't that much more unique than Ryleigh's. Moreover, she showed much more vocal capability that allows her to pull of some interesting and unique choices that Gean couldn't ever do. Gean was good in the battle but Ryleigh won. Point, period, blank.

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8 hours ago, FloorWax said:

Victor, Bradley, Ryleigh


- Victor and Deion were both excellent, but I preferred Victor on this song, and thought it was cool he showed some versatility from his blind

- Bradley and Rachel were both really great, but Rachel stumbled into a few pitch issues that Bradley didn't have. It was close for me (9.6 vs. 9.5 in my ratings), so I'm glad that Rachel moved on and went on to perform some of my favorite performances of the season. I would have loved to see Bradley continue, though.

- I preferred Ryleigh's tone here; pre-show I didn't like Gean's tone at all, and on the show, I thought it was okay, but it wasn't for me. Ryleigh sounded a little off in her blind but sounded excellent here—this was her best pre-lives effort imo.

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5 minutes ago, QueenCami said:

but Rachel stumbled into a few pitch issues


i'm glad someone finally admits that :giggle:


She still did great though. She soars in her upper register.

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2 minutes ago, FloorWax said:


Well.... this aged like milk

I remember Rachel winning by a decent margin on the poll I made the day the battle was leaked though. 


And of course I thought her being a finalist and her great KO would influence results but it does seem people are basing them only on the battle, which is good.

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