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Best finale performances (John Legend era)


Best finale performances (John Legend era)  

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  1. 1. Choose your favorite performance!

    • S16: Maelyn Jarmon "Hallejuah"
    • S16: Maelyn Jarmon "Wait For You"
    • S16: Andrew "Lips of an Angel"
    • S17: Katie "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing"
    • S17: Rose "Border Song"
    • S19: DeSz "Holy Ground"
    • S19: Jim "With a Little Help From My Friends"
    • S20: Cam "Stand Up

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Out of these, Cam´s Stand Up. I also enjoyed Jim, Maelyn and Rose. I liked Katie and Andrew´s runs a lot but wasn´t in love with those particular performances from them. 


I would include Ricky Duran´s performance of his original song too. That was my favorite of the night.

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Cam’s Stand Up is the best, followed by Maelyn’s Hallelujah and Rose’s Border Song and then Jim’s performance. I considered all of these the best of their respective finales.


For S16, I actually thought Dexter’s Anything Goes was the second best performance, as I thought it was one of Dexter’s best performances and he was my choice for runner up out of the finalists.


If S18 was represented, I would probably go with Thunderstorm’s cover, but if not, I would choose one of Todd’s performances.

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It's VERY tough between Cam and Rose for the #1 spot. I gave my vote to Rose just because I feel like her finale cover is pretty underappreciated here.


3. Maelyn (Hallelujah)

4-7. Everyone else.

8. Maelyn (Wait For You)

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