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Who did you prefer?

Jordan Smith Fan

Who's Your Favorite?  

47 members have voted

  1. 1. Pick one?

    • Corey Ward
    • Savanna Woods
  2. 2. Pick one?

    • Dana Monique
    • Zania Alake
  3. 3. Pick one?

    • Jordan Mathew Young
    • Kenzie Wheeler

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Corey Ward > Savanna Woods (This reflects their runs on the show and not their battle. I was able to get into Corey more than Savanna)

Dana Monique > Zania Alake (This was really close preseason, but Dana slayed in playoffs and Zania flopped, so Dana takes this)

Jordan Matthew Young > Kenzie Wheeler (I preferred Kenzie in prelives, but Jordan surprisingly had better Live performances and he showed more versatility while Kenzie was underwhelming, so Jordan wins this)

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