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Who sang "Weak" better?


Who sang "Weak" by SVW, better?  

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  1. 1. Who sang "Weak" better?

    • Zach Day (S18)
    • Chloe Hogan (S19)
    • Awari (S20)

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Chloe -> A - stunning version, one tiny off note but I'm ignoring it in favor of her otherwise extremely stellar performance

Zach -> A - another amazing version, he showed off such great dynamics. 

Awari -> B - he's cool, but seemed a liiiittle wavery; he's a little lower in part as well because his tone isn't my favorite.


Overall, Chloe > Zach > Awari, but they all did well!

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Chloe >>>>>> Zach >> Awari


I tend to prefer RnB males with fuller tones, so I wasn't the biggest fan of either Zach or Awari. However, I do feel Zach made better choices overall. Chloe, aside from a few iffy notes, absolutely killed the song.

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Chloe > Zach > Awari


Chloe was phenomenal ❤️

Zach was such a great, unexpected audition.

Awari was great as well, but I preferred Zach's choices overall.


I doubt Weak was a top choice for any of them, but they all did well! Assuming they were forced to take the song, I hope they continue the trend of giving throwback song choices like weak for I'm Like A Bird since they gave it to Halley this season. Probably the wrong thread to make this comment, but I need more Nelly :haha:


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