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IDF's Drag Race: The Redo (Season 2 Round 5 Vote Open!)


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Ok y'all, I was gonna try and make this more dramatic but the truth is, I hadn't really planned for this to happen so early in. :dead:


So I can reveal that at the moment, we have a TIE between Jade and Akashia! This is quite a unique situation for so early in our season runs (the result initially looked clear up until the last few votes which changed things) and so I wanted to get some input on what people think would be the best method.


I'm gonna leave voting open for the next 24 hours in case of any extra votes and see if this will break the tie. In the case where it doesn't, would you prefer (and this will probably be the case for future seasons, at the moment):

  • For both queens to stay in the competition, and rework the rest of the season to fit the new number of queens per round
  • To eliminate the queen who had the lowest rating in the challenge
  • To keep to one double save per season, but if there is another tie in the season and the double save has already been used, then resort to challenge scores

I'm leaning towards the first one at the moment, but want to take time to work out the rest of the season if this vote leads to a double save, hence why I am not announcing results straight away. But wanted to get people's input on this too!

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Season 1

Round 3Queens of All Media

Lip-Sync Results


Ladies. IDF has made their decision.


I can reveal the vote remained a TIE. After contemplating both options, the decision was made to stick to the Season 1 format, and eliminate the queen with the lowest challenge & runway score.


Jade... shantay you stay.


Akashia, sashay away.


For the third week in a row, IDF's decision mirrors the show's. Jade was leading the vote for a while until the last few votes came in which helped give Akashia the tiebreaker. Initially I did plan to implement the double save but ended up deciding against it on this occasion because I wasn't quite sure how I'd work with it in some future challenges such as the makeover. However, it's something I'm open to changing in future seasons! I'm currently thinking of including the double save option in future seasons where it was used, but this is something I'll need to plan ahead. I just hadn't planned for it this soon. :haha:


Breakdown of results:



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 Season 1

Round 4Mac Viva Glam Challenge


Challenge: Develop a Mac-Viva Glam commercial.



Commercials run from around 26:00 to 33:00.






























Rank the queens based on their performance in the challenge from 1 (favorite) to 6 (least favorite). There is an optional runway vote, where you can also rank the queens from 1 to 6. This will be factored into the final vote.



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