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  1. 01. Bre 02. Lisa 03. Jayla 04. Nicole 05. Cassandra 06. Nik
  2. Ariel Versace I love Ariel and I’ve saved her a few times but this is about the time she needs to go. Ariel is sickening. Her looks and mug are absolutely gorgeous and if the competition was based on that then she would’ve made the finale. Unfortunately, the competition also includes crappy challenges which sees some queens fall flat on their faces. Ariel went home during the episode where the queens had to create three looks and I personally think she should’ve been safe compared to some other queens. I definitely don’t think she should’ve been near the top but at least her looks looked finished and polished unlike some others. Her star sign look is absolutely STUNNING! I honestly wish she could’ve seen more because I could watch her walk the runway all day. saving Sahara Davenport
  3. So happy Vivacious made it this far.
  4. 01. Bre 02. Jayla 03. Lisa 04. Nicole 05. Cassandra 06. Kyle 07. Nik
  5. B&W 01. Lisa 02. Kyle 03. Nicole 04. Bre 05. Jayla 06. Cassandra 07. Coryn 08. Nik Pin up 01. Jayla 02. Lisa 03. Bre 04. Coryn 05. Nicole 06. Kyle 07. Nik 08. Cassandra
  6. Kimora Blac I’m just cutting more fodder. I’m surprised Kimora has made it this far but I guess she’s here by mistake. Kimora is a look queen and she really had some looks. I could probably let her slide another round based on what she brought to the runway but I think she’s probably out of her depth now we’re nearly at the top one hundred. I remember Kimora being in the bottom with Aja for her banana fairy tail sidekick and I probably wouldn’t have her there. I thought it was cute and robotic but Aja killed her in the lip sync and she ended up going home. I would’ve liked to have seen what she brought later on the show because she’s seasoned but I’m not massively upset. I’d enjoy her back for all stars and I think she’d be quite fun. saving Trixie (AS3)
  7. Who’s the ranker who can’t save?
  8. Photoshoot: Nicole Lisa Jayla Diane Coryn Bre Cassandra Kyle Nik Commercial: Lisa Bre Nicole Jayla Diane Cassandra Kyle Coryn Nik Interview: Lisa Jayla Bre Cassandra Coryn Diane Kyle Nik Nicole
  9. Danni! How can anyone be so messy?
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