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Season 25 Top 5 Power Ranking


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1. Asher: He has the most views and second most likes on Facebook. Minivan loves him a lot and he's Reba's TCO as well and had her backing. TPTB seem to really love him quite a lot. He's really dominating Facebook and Youtube all season. I think he could win it all.


2. Karen: She is also dominating Facebook. She has the most likes but Asher has more views than her. She could win it all if she continues dominating. Give her songs like Stay, I Hope You Dance, and Georgia Rain and she wins. 


3. Nathan: He is a frontrunner but I can't tell if Minivan loves him more than Karen or Asher or not. But maybe they do. He has excellent stats. I wouldn't be shocked if he got the win.


4. Josh: He's the only country male but he doesn't have TPTB or Reba's backing to be her frontrunner so far. He's been great all season but he hasn't been dominating all season on social media. He only managed to be ahead of Nathan on Facebook but that's about it. He would need TPTB and Reba's backing in order to win it all. He very well could but he isn't pure Minivan bait like majority of the country males are. Give him songs like Go Rest High On That Mountain or a George Strait ballad, it's game over.


5. Bryan: He's an Instant Save winner. I don't expect him to place higher than fifth. And he has been underwhelming live so far but his social media was still good enough for him to be here I guess?

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1. Asher - maybe I’m being a touch delusional, but Minivan does seem to actually appreciate him; watching an openly, unapologetically queer man come on this show and consistently kick ass every week is so satisfying, and being a consistent performer has likely helped win over some people that normally would pass him by. Add in the fact Reba adores him and he could have a pretty good shot to take it all home.


2. Karen - she’s crushing it on Facebook, is also a rock-solid live performer, and is the only one who doesn’t have to worry about vote splitting with a teammate. The main thing holding me back from placing her in the top spot in is the fact that of all the previous winners, only one of them has been a woman over the age of 30. She’s definitely good enough to overcome that potential hurdle, so if she ends up winning, I’ll be happy for her.


3. Nathan - if Facebook view/like ratios are accurate then he’s the least polarizing member of the group and an absolute star when he steps on stage to boot. The main problem he’s got: coach affiliation. While John is a perfect match for Nathan, the audience hasn’t backed John’s artists to get them higher than fourth place since before COVID. That said, he does have the advantage of being a public vote into the finale on a season without coach quotas, so he might just pull this off.


4. Josh - on paper, this should be his season to lose: he’s the last white male country act standing on a show that typically rewards artists exactly like him. Trouble is, Reba’s got Asher and D&S have Karen, both of whom the producers seem to be more invested in. If he gets a song that lets him cut loose vocally while also tugging on the heartstrings (and delivers), then it’s game over; whether that’s in the cards for him is another matter. 

5. Bryan - when the man that seemed like a promising front runner for Team Legend in the pre-lives struggled with the transition to live TV despite tons of onstage experience, I was underwhelmed. That’s not a knock on Bryan’s talent whatsoever - he’s clearly got the talent and he’s an engaging performer with a knack for working the crowd. Unfortunately, song choices have bit him in the rear more than once, and I don’t see that changing next week. He might have a shot of edging past fifth place, but winning it all is a much longer shot after needing the Instant Save to make the finale in the first place. 

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1. Karen - could switch with Josh but I think she had a bigger moment than him this past week, her performances are always convincing and also consistent vocally

2. Josh - compared to past winners I don’t think he’s had a Jake-Desperado or Bryce-Heaven Wasn’t So Far moment, maybe he will have it this week but with another performance like his T12 or SF, I don’t see him going past Karen

3. Nathan - great vocalist and performer, but the 2 above him are also really good and with Minivan preference for country I don’t see him going past them unless someone gets bussed

4. Asher - he’s been doing great on social media, this past performance was a little bit of a step back and I feel like he was probably 4th in votes this week. Will depend on song choices if he can go higher than this

5. Bryan - instant save, I only see him doing a Jacquie or Omar into 4th place if someone flops and given the consistent performances of those above him I don’t really see that

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I don’t even want to predict anymore but I’d very happy with any of Nathan, Karen, or Asher as the winner. All three would be rather unconventional winners and I love that.

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