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The Voice S24: Episode 5


The Voice S24: Episode 5  

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  1. 1. Favorite performance?

    • Lila Forde - Can´t Find My Way Home
    • Angelina Nazarian - The Trouble with Love is
    • Tanner Massey - Before You Go
    • JaRae Womack - Back to Black
    • Brandon Montel - Hard Place
    • Al Boogie - Pickup Man
    • Elizabeth Evans- All I Want
    • Nini Iris - I See Red
  2. 2. Grade Episode 5

    • A (Amazing)
    • B (Good)
    • C (Ok)
    • D (Subpar)
    • F (Fail)

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Nini is the clear winner of the episode, but out of the ones we hadn't seen yet I have to say Elizabeth impressed me a lot with that song choice. It wasn't perfect, but again, never expected someone to attempt Hayley's most difficult song.

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She's beautiful

8. Angelina Nazarian


I wanted to like this more

7. Elizabeth Evans

6. Lila Forde


Fun and solid!

5. Al Boogie


The ramp up was awesome

4. Brandon Montel


Potential, potential, potential

3. Tanner Massey


The verve, the attitude, the artistry!

2. JaRae Womack


When is she performing again??

1. Nini Iris

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Probably the most solid episode so far. It´s a B.


The whole package. Killer rasp, great song choice, and gorgeous to boost. 

1. Nini Iris


Great tribute to Queen A, the talent runs in the veins of the family, for sure.

2. JaRae Womack


Teenage pop boys are not my thing, but this dude is, should I say it? Pretty good. He needs to lose the nerves, but there´s potential for sure.

3. Tanner Massey


Gorgeous, floaty tone, but the jazzy arrangement didn´t totally do it for me. Still, I´m interested to see the direction she takes, since I´m sure she´s gonna flip songs.

4. Lila Forde


Fun performance. I would have liked more of that grit he added at the end though, felt like that was lacking.

5. Al Boogie


Don´t know if it´s me, but that first half was really, really messy? He did great on the chorus, but that beginning holds him back. 

6. Brandon Montel 


Love the song choice and energy, execution wasn´t all the way there for me.

7. Elizabeth Evans


I´m sure she´s a talented girl, this was a mess.

8. Angelina Nazarian

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1. Nini Iris

2. Lila Forde

3. JaRae Womack


Very impressive despite some imperfections!

4. Elizabeth Evans

5. Tanner Massey

6. Brandon Montel


Good, but wanted more from his performance

7. Al Boogie


Obvious issues but a whole lot of potential

8. Angelina Nazarian

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1. Nini Iris - I think this woman has the potential to be one of my favorite female contestants, haven't been interested in one as much as I am in her in a long time.

2. JaRae Womack - One of the best Amy Winehouse covers I've seen on this show! Super emotive delivery, and the arrangement made it feel all the more special. Oh, and she can sing her ass off.


Pretty good

3. Lila Forde - She was interesting! The performance reminded me a lot of Joni Mitchell's jazz era, Court And Spark and beyond-ish. Some of those flips Lila was doing sounded exactly like her. Though, I noticed her pitch wavering a few times.

4. Tanner Massey - There were pitch issues when he went bigger, but honestly? I enjoyed this audition. The kid has a lot of potential. Nice depth to his voice.


Not much to say

5. Al Boogie - He was fun.

6. Brandon Montel - He was attractive.


Loved the song choice, but.......

7. Elizabeth Evans - "All I Wanted" was WAYYYY too big for her. If someone had to sing this song this season, I wish it could have been Nini.

8. Angelina Nazarian - Messiest chair turner in recent memory? I feel like it would've been better for them to montage this instead of Crystal...


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Really good
1. Nini - I sorely missed performances like this, vaguely reminded me of SandyRedd’s audition.


2. JaRae - On paper I should have hated this - it’s one of those songs I usually don’t enjoy covers of (I mean the original is one of the best songs ever) and the arrangement is a bit weird, but her voice really powered through! Something about her tone and phrasing made this very satisfying to listen to.

3. Elizabeth - Totally expected her to butcher this but she surprised me. Some iffy parts but that’s about as well as someone can do on a Paramore song.

4. Lila - Not sure how to feel about this one. I like her tone and her creative choices were interesting but something about the whole package felt… incomplete?


5. Brandon - Uneventful but he did a good enough job. And yeah he’s hot.



6. Tanner - Not bad but I’m gonna forget about this in a few hours.

7. Al - ^^^^



8. Angelina - Started out fine but quickly turned into a flat mess. Probably the worst chair turner since the whistle fail.

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1. Nini (Favorite audition of the season:wub:)

2. Lila (Another favorite:wub:)

3. Elizabeth

4. JaRae

5. Tannere

6. Brandon

7. Al

8. Angelina


So far, this is my favorite episode of the season. Nini and Lila's auditions are on repeat.

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