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  1. From Season 9: Loved their runs on the show 1. Hannah Huston 2. Brooke Simpson 3. Kyla Jade 4. Thunderstorm Artis 5. Katie Kadan 6. We Mcdonald Consistent but their performances didn't always do it for me 7. Paris Winningham 8. Aliyah Moulden I liked 2 performances from each of them, but that's it. Placed way higher than they should have 9. Dexter Roberts 10. Jordan Matthew Young 11. Barrett Baber 12. Kirk Jay 13. Ian Flanigan
  2. 1. Jershika- Consistently great. 2. Victor- When he was great, he was REALLY great (Glory, I Wish, Freedom), but he also had some performances that I thought were just ok. Pretty good overall tho. 3. John- Super talented vocalist technically, but some of the high notes on his performances were a little too shrill for me. Great Audition and Battle tho. 4. Micah- I liked his KO and PO, but everything else was just meh. Nothing bad, they just did nothing for me.
  3. Mike Jerel. His Blind Audition was Top 3 of that season. But honestly, all his other performances ranged from mediocre to bad.
  4. Think the breakdown is probably gonna look like this: 1. GNT 2. Wendy 3. Paris 4. Hailey 5. Jershika Paris and Hailey might switch, but I feel pretty confident about the other's placements.
  5. Best Ballad (based on studios)- Wendy Best Upbeat (based on studios)- Jershika
  6. Wendy sounds phenomenal on Over the Rainbow and decent on How Will I Know. Paris sounds good on Ain't Nobody, but I thought Me and Mrs. Jones was really boring tbh. Overall, Wendy and Jershika sound the best in the studios so we'll see what happens.
  7. Hailey sounds pretty good on the Billie song. I didn't like deja vu that much, but I don't like that song at all.
  8. I don't think GNT sound good on The Chain. Baby Now That I've Found You is fine, but boring as hell.
  9. Jershika sounds good on both, but I actually prefer Rolling in the Deep (probably cuz I like the song more).
  10. If anyone is gonna upset GNT, it's Wendy but I don't see it happening honestly. She'll probably close but I don't think it'll be enough. I doubt Hailey is winning with that set. Paris and Jershika aren't gonna happen. So to me it's GNT until the stats prove otherwise.
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