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𓇻• Huntley Fan Thread •𓇻


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ℍ𝕦𝕟𝕥𝕝𝕖𝕪 𝔽𝕒𝕟 𝕋𝕙𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕕 



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Michael Huntley

  Originally from Florida, Huntley found himself in the heart of Virginia at the start of high school. After being in several bands in high school Huntley ventured back to Florida to enroll in Full Sail University to become an Audio Engineer. Graduating with his degree, Huntley took some time off in Memphis, Tennessee writing music and finding his passion.  

Huntley was later on American Idol for two seasons as well as winning his hometown version of the show titled Fredericksburg Idol.

Currently, Huntley is a Career Musician playing gigs weekly as a solo artist. He also fronts Lucys Letdown the supergroup fueled by the roots of American Rock & Roll and blends sounds of Classic Rock, Funk, and Modern Rock.






Voice Performances









Fan List!

1. Jaffy


3. jamescasaki

4. RTY

5. ernia

6. TeamAudra

7. Misirlou

8. FloorWax

9. VintageVoice

10. jork

11. Hsamid

12. New but Old

13. WastedinMemphis

14. Tomd24

15. luketapas35

16. nytsch

17. Hamza Tufail

18. allistr
19. You??


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52 minutes ago, Jaffy said:

@istersay. How do I add people?

go to the 3 dots at the top right of the post, scroll to edit, then edit what you need to or add to the list, then click edit post button at the bottom of the post





that's for an OP post, if you edit a regular post like that, you would click on the Save' at the bottom of the post

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1 minute ago, jamescasaki said:



Um, first off the Voice interns need to get their act together and fix the audio on this thing because it's SHOT.


Anyway, I've been waiting for Huntley to prove himself on the show, and he absolutely delivered and then some. I lovvvvve how grungy this was, I didn't expect him to lean in that part of his voice. But given that Gwen is here, I should have known he was casted to appeal to Gwen's tastes. I do think Huntley had her in mind as a first pick, but his daughter Stella sealed the deal for him. And FWIW, it worked well for him so far!


The genres he listed when he was asked what kind of music he likes.... I love that mix and I really hope he gets to touch on some of those.


One thing I noticed in the pitches is the coaches namedropping a lot of artists that reminded them of Huntley.... Chris Stapleton, Daniel Merriweather (❤️), James Morrison, Sublime. That just goes to show how much crossover appeal there is to his voice.


Also, I love how emotional Huntley was when taking in all the praise from the coaches. It really felt like he got a huge break with this audition. That should go a long way to endear him to the audience.


 Niall, take care of this one! 

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