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  1. I loved the the voice Australia this year can’t wait to see Jesse audition tomorrow I really hope he gets4 chairs
  2. I agree Dillon is extremely talented he is the winner in our eyes but know we need to support his music let’s hope he gets signed
  3. I cant believe it we did it
  4. this is it lets see how far he is going to get
  5. lets hope she sneaks in and gets to the top 3
  6. tonight is the night we find out if Todd wins even if he dosant remember he come all the way to the final lets just be proud of him hope he wins
  7. vote as hard as we can for our guy tonight lets get him the win we can all do this
  8. I loved toneiha tonight she nailed both of her songs it made me emotional both of her performances
  9. Todd is performing know we all need to vote this song seems amazing and might get emotional for everybody
  10. she is about to perform lets hope she nails her cover
  11. i loved his cover he looked saw tired but still he did amazing
  12. i have voted for dillon online for the encore
  13. I think this will be a good night for Todd tonight I hope we will all love the original
  14. how many songs will he be singing tonight will it be 3 or two
  15. we all have to vote as hard as we can tomorrow night for Todd we need to vote like we have never doe before if he wins he will be my favorite winner ever
  16. I think he did better and has improved a lot since this performance
  17. he did amazing tonight he is just starting his journey I wouldn't be surprised if this time next year he will be a big star
  18. even though Dillon did not win he has inspired saw many people this wont be the last time we see Dillon lets hope he gets a record deal I can see him being a bag star
  19. wow I'm shocked congrats am I'm happy you won
  20. Let’s hope everybody voted I really hope Dillon can win
  21. I loved his last performance on the show he absolutely gave it his all my favorite performance of his
  22. lets vote for him he deserves to be the winner I cant wait to here his 2 performance
  23. In 11 minutes then I think we n Ed to start voting as hard as we can fir dillon
  24. How lovely I really hope he does well tonigjht
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