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  1. I think he has proved to people he can really sing In the live show he needs to do another performance like this or even better
  2. Have to say I loved his ko performance tonight canโ€™t wait to see him next round
  3. We all know what to do in 2 weeks we need them to stay sAw we need to vote as hard as we can for Them there everything bathe voice is original and fantastic vocalists each one of them
  4. I have no words after that performance and itโ€™s hot again even though after that performance can anybody really blame us they our special i see something I never heard before like they our all 1 person
  5. i loved her ko cant wait to see her performance on the live show
  6. wow what a moment they all got to sing a solo i loved every moment of that saw proud of them
  7. i have an amazing feeling that they our going to have a huge moment tonight if it s anything to go by the last performance
  8. imagine him singing you will be found from dear even Hanson he would have a moment yet again
  9. i knew he had that in him what an emotional incredible performance saw proud of him
  10. this is the moment Joshua is on
  11. Just heard the song there singing tonight josh voice is amazing he should sing more solos but there all amazing
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