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  1. Kelly team is stacked do you think they will go to the lives with Kelly or will they get stollen
  2. I hope your still on the show if you our good luck in ko performance
  3. There is no way they will be eliminated this round there the most talent they ever had
  4. Could she be the Corey of the season make it to the live shows
  5. Good luck today or tomorrow you all have this let’s hope they show who they our in the battles and move forwood to the ko
  6. I hope you nail it you our on a team full of amazing singers I hope Kelly believes in you like we did good luck in the battle
  7. Let’s hope it’s today then we can find out who team he is on
  8. lets hope she is on the show this year
  9. Yes sorry about that just read it to myself and it didn’t seem right what I said sorry
  10. Yes but we can’t separate them there incredible togestger they have something special my favoright act in Kelly team I just got what you meant yes one steal fir each member
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