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  1. Would you like me to add you to the team hunter
  2. i cant wait to see her ko I hope its this week
  3. i am more of a fan of her know what a kind human being i hope nothing happened to her and i hope she keep being herself this is what an idol is to me humble and can sing and is unique
  4. I hope he gets to sing like he did in his audition that what made me become a huge fan of his he is doing brilliant it just song choices for Beane right know he could go far if he picks the right songs
  5. Casey is becoming a reel contender I feel she can make it all the way
  6. i would love for Cassey to go as far as she can she is incredible
  7. i hope next week he gets to sing into the uknown
  8. his best performance hopefully he comes back and nails next weeks performance
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