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All-time favorite contestant of each gender and era


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Lol this is way too hard but I'll try. The HM could easily be my number 1 pick on a different day lol 


Fox era male: Adam Lambert, HM to Joshua Ledet


Fox era female: Candice Glover, HM to Fantasia


ABC era female: Megan Danielle, HM to Casey Bishop, Leah Marlene, Kaeyra


ABC era male: Willie Spence, HM to Alejandra Aranda (mostly for his originals tbh)



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FOX era male: Kris Allen

FOX era female: Haley Reinhart


ABC era male: Iam Tongi/Alejandro Aranda (TIE)

ABC era female: Maddie Poppe/Casey Bishop/Leah Marlene (TIE)


I have many particulars here. Allison Iraheta was my main during Kris' season of Idol. Haley hasn't been topped out of FOX era. For me personally.


ABC Idol has been interesting and that I've had more female faves than male. Not equal amounts.


So my main is a guy this year. ;) 


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FOX era male: Joshua Ledet

FOX era female: Vonzell Solomon (shout out to Hollie Cavanagh as well)


ABC era male: ...honestly I can't say I REALLY care for any of them, but gun to my head, probably Francisco Martin 

ABC era female: Casey Bishop

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Don't know much about Fox era, but I did watch all of Adam Lambert's performances. I loved his run, so he'd be my pick.


ABC era male:  Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon 

ABC era female: Leah Marlene. HM: Megan Danielle.



Overall #1 is Leah. 

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