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  1. I wonder if we'll get some kind of announcement at the end of the episode tonight about the show going on hiatus for now.
  2. the current season of Big Brother Canada was just canceled mid-season. the entire cast was sent home and told the season was over. That's even harder too since they can't just resume that show at a later date, it's just done for that cast. Most fans understood and were okay with it. Production announced that they were donating the $100k prize money to COVID relief instead.
  3. I think it's a bunch of game shows on Sundays and The Bachelorette on Mondays. not sure if the game shows have filmed already or not.
  4. I always said I would stan the first person to sing that song on this show so GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO KING DEWAYNE!!!!
  6. 40 performances to get to with a commercial break between each one apparently!
  7. I was wondering this too. does this have something to do with it being a top 21?
  8. it's so annoying how they're splicing the family talking in the middle of the performance. just do a family package before the performance.
  9. the potential trainwreck of the contestants all singing from home makes me want to see that happen lol. The View is still going live every day with Joy & Whoopi streaming from home. They could do that here too with the coaches each in their own little boxes lol. The result show/finale would have to be from home as well. Imagine if Carson had technical difficulties and lost connection right when he was about to announce the winner in the last 30 seconds of the finale? it would be iconic.
  10. I see that the April 5th episode, which was originally supposed to be semi-finals, has been re-titled "This Is Me Part #1." Could this be like that "look back" episode they did at final 8 (I think) last year?
  11. apparently production always talks to the celebs like that after they get eliminated and before they unmask, to tell them what to do and everything. They only showed it this time cause Will Arnett was being funny and providing commentary during it lol
  12. I love those two as well!! I hope they both go far!
  13. I just saw an Idol commercial where they said "The live shows are right around the corner!" or something like that. The person making that promo clearly didn't get the memo....
  14. they could just give it DWTS's slot in the Fall, and just skip a year of DWTS. then go back to business as normal in 2021.
  15. The US and Canada have just agreed to temporarily close the US-Canada border to nonessential travel for the first time since 9/11.
  16. in about a year or so, "I survived Coronavirus" is going to be a future sob story on this show.
  17. yeah she was too screamy for me. not my thing. I'd like to hear her sing a different style.
  18. AMERICAN JUNIORS! Hopefully this goes better than the infamous Julie Dubela audition..... lmao
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