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  1. Carson announced that the winner and runner-up will both win a trip to Universal Studios.
  2. she made it to the Hollywood rounds on American Idol before getting cut, so I'm guessing she would make the Battle rounds on The Voice.
  3. I hope P!nk is singing "U & UR Hand" tonight as a tribute to John & his hand.
  4. has Morgan Wallen performed on The Voice since he got all successful? he's def the biggest success story from The Voice by far but I can't recall if he's been back to perform at any result shows or not.
  5. that's surprising. Sweet Child O' Mine would be incredible for this show. It's been performed on a bunch of international versions of the Voice, and on The X Factor UK, but never on The Voice US. I wonder why.
  6. Carter for sure. It felt like an American Idol coronation song.
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