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  1. I bet this show wishes that Adam was on the panel when he had his cheating scandal lol. omg could you imagine lmao. the show would have had an absolutely insane amount of free publicity. everyone tuning in to the live shows to see what's happening hahah
  2. my early random prediction is that we get 2 Buble wins in a row like Kelly and Niall when they joined.
  3. will Adam get his old chair back or will he get Blake's chair as the senior coach???
  4. does this mean Kelsea will get the Blake chair??? since she's the sole country coach now.
  5. WOW ADAM OMG never thought he would come back holy molyyyyy
  6. Bryce got invited to the Grand Ole Opry! September 14th I will be making my Grand Ole Opry Debut and I can’t express just how much this means to me y’all... The biggest dream of… | Instagram
  7. whenever Reba decides to leave this show, the producers need to throw a giant pile of money at Jelly Roll immediately before American Idol scoops him up.
  8. JELLY ROLL!!!!! finally a great celeb guest. he's always incredible! and one of the nicest dudes in the music industry!
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