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  1. YAY TODD!!! so happy!!!! Congrats MJ too!!!!!
  2. he's also the oldest winner in the history of the show! such a refreshing and unique winner. Hopefully this inspires them to put more older people on the show next season. If Toneisha was really second place then that means the ages of the top 2 were 42 and 44! Such a cool first! It's nice to see the older peeps finally getting some love after the streak of teenagers/early-20's that normally win this show.
  3. During that Olympics segment I was hoping Nick would mention when he competed on the Disney Channel Games! I loved watching those every Summer back in the day lol
  4. so now we know that they film these finale filler segments several months in advance lol
  5. that performance reminded me of the epic Season 2 drama of Adam & Christina openly despising each other the whole time lmao. and all the behind the scenes drama and TMZ articles ahhhh good times, good times.
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