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  1. omg Martin Kove from The Karate Kid!!!!!! that's an unexpected surprise!
  2. if Ali Wentworth is really on then that makes this theory even stronger, since she's likely to get George in the audience lol.
  3. why did people think Pia wouldn't perform? what did I miss?
  4. oh man this song is taking me back to the golden days of Season 8. Kris had SUCH an epic moment with this song.
  5. I normally love Ava but I didn't care for that at all.... I wish she would have picked a much more upbeat song. She should still be safe tho.
  6. who is the "surprising" mentor they were teasing?? do we know yet??
  7. Chayce is sooo great, I love his voice so much! Chayce and Casey remain my top 2!!
  8. imagine if she did "Sweet Child O' Mine" omg it would sound sooooo good
  9. Casey Abrams sang "Smells like Teen Spirit" in Season 10, so Nirvana songs seem to be available! Casey Bishop would sound awesome on "Heart Shaped Box"
  10. I love Casey's song choices so much. she's always picking songs that are very rarely performed on this show and it's SO refreshing.
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