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  1. ohhh I LOVE this idea! someone send this idea to Fox!
  2. yes she was really awkward and stiff most of the time. She had good taste in the acts she gave her golden buzzer to tho lol.
  3. wonder if this means just 1 host or if someone else will be announced later as well
  4. Maybe they liked what they saw when Nick & Vanessa hosted Love is Blind together so they wanted them to host together for this lol. In all seriousness tho, I would bet almost anything that they go with a POC for Tom's replacement. Alfonso seems like the obvious answer. maybe Jordan since he hosted Juniors. If it doesn't have to be an alum then maybe they'll pick Michael Strahan or Anthony Anderson since they're already with ABC.
  5. there's a big surprise announcement on GMA tomorrow new hosts??? season filmed remotely??? all stars 2???
  6. do we know the coaches for this season yet? same as last season?
  7. I wonder if they got mad at Tom for doing The Masked Singer last season. maybe he didn't tell them he was doing it? that's the only explanation I can think of. this is so dumb and makes literally no sense.
  8. Chris Trousdale from Season 3 has died from Coronavirus at only 34 years old. Couldn't find his full audition on YouTube but here's a snippet:
  9. YAY TODD!!! so happy!!!! Congrats MJ too!!!!!
  10. he's also the oldest winner in the history of the show! such a refreshing and unique winner. Hopefully this inspires them to put more older people on the show next season. If Toneisha was really second place then that means the ages of the top 2 were 42 and 44! Such a cool first! It's nice to see the older peeps finally getting some love after the streak of teenagers/early-20's that normally win this show.
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