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On 2/16/2022 at 11:25 PM, Bk1234 said:

I have too many favorites, but here's my top list right now.


Allegra Miles

Cadence Baker

Elli Rowe

Emyrson Flora

Jay Copeland

Kenedi Anderson

Leah Marlene


Adding Ava Maybee to this list. She sold me with that performance of “Tell Me Something Good” 🔥 

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10 hours ago, KelseyW said:

I was rooting for Cole Ritter early on but yeah... Not in the next round so... 

Anyway. Waiting to watch the show to tell who I fall for! ;)


Agree on Cole 🙂


My pre-show faves now:








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pre show - Females: 


1.  Allegra 

2. Scarlett

3. Kendi

4. Sage

5. Lady K 

6. Hunter


Pre show Males:


1. Noah 

2. Jacob

3. Daniel 

4. Chris

5. Mike 

6. Fritz





















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4 hours ago, FloorWax said:

Kenedi, Allegra, Lady K, Cadence.


Mike and Leah are cool too.


Edit: Oops, forgot Danielle, will need a full performance from her though.


I'd like Danielle as well, if I saw a full performance from her.  And I have to see girls like Sage before I can think about whether I like them or not.

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