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  1. Yes looking forward to Fritz's Idol audition next month
  2. Yes. Last year, Chayce also promoted his band’s album during his time on the show. Wyatt and Beane also posted about their respective EPs in their Instagram stories. It seems like ABC allows that. I remember Maddie also posted links to her Songs From the Basement EP right after her audition aired. That was around the same time I followed her on Twitter and IG.
  3. Hello, Mrs. Ritter. Thanks for reaching out. We look forward to supporting Cole's music on Idol and beyond. Great sound. I've added you and put you at the top of the list.
  4. Add me. Just gave him a listen at last and thought he has a fascinating tone.
  5. Already looking forward to Jacob's return on Idol.
  6. This one from her Arrow EP has a bit of a rock style
  7. Added you. Welcome Agreed. Her voice truly has that unique quality and reminds me of the first time I listened to Haley Reinhart and Catie Turner. Been waiting for someone to make her a thread too. Happy to start one so we can have a Marlene community here.
  8. "Astronauts are better off in space." ~ Leah Marlene, Spacesuit Welcome to the universe of Leah Marlene! Official Site Youtube Spotify Music Instagram Fan List 1) jazzontherocks 2) jamescasaki 3) Bk1234
  9. Lol been wondering where movie guy went I remember laughing at all his posts
  10. Haha I just saw. Congrats I think he and I were the first two to like it. Great job. And great videos you posted
  11. Lol I’m glad that the entire Top 24 from Season 19 got fanpages on Instagram (and that rarely happens). Here’s to more fan threads in Season 20
  12. This would be the perfect headline I see that Kris-like musicianship and creativity and Haley's retro style lol Elvis record #delicious
  13. Had a very good feeling you’d join lol. Welcome. I actually haven’t listened to his Christmas song ‘til the end but I will now. Hard Times is amazing.
  14. Added you. Welcome And I completely agree.
  15. Welcome to this thread for Cole Ritter. He has such a bluesy sound. Let me know if you'd like to be added Instagram 1) Cole Ritter mom 2) jazzontherocks 3) jamescasaki 4) Seaker63 5) KelseyW 6) Idol Maniac
  16. Looking forward to his audition. Currently have this on repeat.
  17. Would love to be added. Such a great range for a male singer. Thanks
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