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Performances You Think Should’ve Closed The Show


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Ali Caldwell - Did I Ever Love You (S11 Top 12)



This was fantastic. A relatively obscure Leonard Cohen song done as a tribute as he passed away around that time. And she delivered it beautifully. 


She went second to last, but I think this merited the pimp spot. Brendan's Whipping Post was solid, but he got bandzilla'd at times, and as a whole it didnt pack the punch that this did for me.

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- Davon Fleming - "I Am Changing" (Playoffs)

- Kymberli Joye - "Break Every Chain" (Top 11)

- Jershika Maple - "God Only Knows" (Top 13)

- Joshua Vacanti - "If I Ain't Got You" (Top 10)

- Girl Named Tom - "River" (Semifinals) (yes, I'm saying they should've swapped with Joshua lol)

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