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  1. Season 12 is the only season where each coach eliminated a 4 chair turn in the playoffs Adam -- eliminated Josh West Blake -- eliminated Casi Joy Gwen -- eliminated JChosen Alicia -- eliminated Anatalia Villaranda
  2. Lol I still love Carson after most of Jake's performances, he always had to say "They're not booing, they're saying Hoot!"
  3. Why do I feel like Hello Sunday will be in the finale :bleh: :bleh: :bleh:
  4. Yeah, even though Aliyah helped put an end to my fav contestant ever Aliyah >>>> Marybeth That was my favorite performance of hers! Also... hopefully we can add Destiny Rayne to the list including Jaclyn Lovey & Dallas Caroline of contestants who faced a finalist in both their KO & Battle! Fingers crossed! :flowers: :flowers:
  5. I would imagine that next week Jake will close out the semifinals show, he'll be like Hannah Huston, next to last performer in the live shows and then close out the semifinals, plus Kelly is the only coach who has had an artist close out a show yet and actually Kelly hasn't had a contestant close out a Top 12/13 show since Brynn closed out the top 10 and the finale
  6. 1. Katie Kadan 2. Will Breman 3. Rose Short 4. Kat Hammock 5. Jake Hoot 6. Ricky Duran 7. Hello Sunday 8. Marybeth Byrd I don't hate or really dislike any artists left, but Katie needs to win
  7. Ugh I knew Myracle would go home tonight, shameful.
  8. I'll say Joana and Myracle, I feel like Myracle (although she is pretty awesome), just skated through last week, Joana is saved
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