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Big Brother Canada Rankdown (#4 POSTED)


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Jillian MacLaughlin - Season 1, 1st Place

Gary Levy - Season 1, 2nd Place & Season 5, 13th Place

Sabrina Abbate - Season 2, 2nd Place

Neda Kalantar - Season 2, 3rd Place & Season 5, 11th Place

Heather Decksheimer - Season 2, 4th Place

Ika Wong - Season 2, 12th Place & Season 5, 4th Place

Sarah Hanlon - Season 3, 1st Place

Brittnee Blair - Season 3, 4th Place

Tim Dormer - Season 4, 3rd Place

Cassandra Shahinfar - Season 4, 4th Place & Season 5, 14th Place

Demetres Giannitsos - Season 5, 3rd Place

Kaela Grant - Season 6, 2nd Place

Damien Ketlo - Season 7, 6th Place

Tychon Carter-Newman - Season 9, 1st Place

Victoria Woghiren - Season 9, 9th Place



Since the Canadians tend to get shafted in the Big Brother rankdown because not everyone has seen it and because I know that BBCAN has quite a following of its own on here, I think it deserves a rankdown of its own. Which Canadian will come out on top? What fan favorites will miss out on the final ranking because of pettiness? Which randoms will sneak their way into the endgame? Let's find out!


The Rules:
-We will have a predetermined amount of rankers that will embark on a mission to collectively rank every houseguest.
-At the beginning of the round random.org will determine the order the rankers will nominate.
-Whoever is chosen to nominate first will nominate a predetermined amount houseguests and the other rankers will have 24 hours to save one houseguest and eliminate one. To eliminate and save once the nominations have been revealed, it's first come first serve so get to it fast!
-Since this is a ranking you should have a writeup prepared for whoever you're cutting to explain your reasoning (they don't have to be too long, I expect just a minimum of 100 words).
-After decisions have been made on those houseguests, the next ranker on random.org will do the same thing, nominate a predetermined number of houseguests (you can not nominate anyone who was just saved in the last set of cuts though) and the other rankers will save one and eliminate one.
-We will cycle through all the rankers until they have nominated and then the round will end.
-At the beginning of each new round I will reveal a pre-planned twist to the round, and we will also create a new nominating order from random.org
-Once the nominations are posted you will have 24 hours to make your cut and save. If you do not make your cut in time (unless you tell me you're going to be away) you will get a strike and anyone else can make the cut and save. Three strikes and you're out and I get to name a new ranker in your place.
-If you wanna get your cut in right when you see the nominations and wanna take time for your write-up, you can post who you're cutting and saving and then you'll have half an hour to make a new post with your write-up. However, the houseguest is back up for grabs if you take too long to edit. When I say half an hour, I mean 30 minutes. If you make your cut and save at 12:15, you have until 12:45 to post your writeup. Another ranker cannot swoop in and take your cut and save until 12:46! YOU CAN RESET YOUR TIME ONLY ONCE IF YOU ARE WORKING ON YOUR WRITEUP FOR A LONG TIME
-Make sure all your nominees are within the confines of the twists and the rules of the game (i.e. no one who has already been eliminated or was saved last round are among your nominees). If this rule is broken, I'm afraid the round resets and you will have to completely renominate.

To Play:
-Every time I have seen this game get played people will inevitably go for the big dogs and it WILL get cutthroat. If this does not sound like your kind of game don't sign up. DEALS ARE ENCOURAGED.
-I expect you to be active enough that you can write about 100 words about 1 houseguest every 24 hours. If you don't think you can log on once days to do at least that, don't sign up. If you plan on going on vacation or being away for a while, just let me know and I can get a substitution for you while you're away.
-There will be an application you have to fill out so I can make sure I don't have 7 or 8 rankers who all have similar opinions. However, I do plan on choosing rankers who have seen the most seasons to participate or first come, first serve.
-You don't have to even be super active on the boards to play! If you're a more mysterious poster, that might make it easier for you to hide your faves and help them sneak through the cracks.



The Application

Name (however you want to be referred as during this game) - 

Seasons Watched - 

Top 5 Houseguests - 

Bottom 5 Houseguests - 
Which 3 houseguests do you find overrated? - 

Will you be active at least once every 24 hours? - 

Do you promise not to engage in personal attacks and understand I will kick you out of the game if you find out you are? -  

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4. Neda Kalantar

5. Brittnee Blair

6. Kaela Grant

7. Gary Levy

8. Heather Decksheimer

9. Tychon Carter-Newman

10. Demetres Giannitsos

11. Victoria Woghiren

12. Jillian MacLaughlin

13. Sabrina Abbate

14. Tim Dormer

15. Damien Ketlo

16. Olivia Riemer

17. Talla Rajei

18. Karen Singbeil

19. Jon Pardy

20. Derek Kesseler

21. Godfrey Mangwiza

22. Adel Elseri

23. Sindy Nguyen

24. Erica Hill

25. Nikki Grahame

26. Ali Martinez

27. Dre Gwenaelle

28. Paras Atashnak

29. Mitch Moffit

30. Loveita Adams

31. Latoya Anderson

32. Breydon White

33. Josh Farnworth

34. Suzette Amaya

35. Jedson Tavernier

36. Adam Pike

37. Samantha Picco

38. Topaz Brady

39. Kiefer Collison

40. Emmett Blois

41. Merron Haile

42. Paul Jackson

43. Dallas Cormier

44. Willow MacDonald

45. Ramsey Aburaneh

46. Allison White

47. Kailyn Archer

48. Johnny Mulder

49. Joel Lefevre

50. William Laprise-Desbiens

51. Rohan Kapoor

52. Cory Kennedy

53. Anthony Douglas

54. Dillon Carman

55. Andrew Monaghan

56. Jesse Larson

57. Kevin Martin

58. Hamza Hatoum

59. Tera Gillen-Petrozzi

60. Andrew Miller

61. Beth Bieda

62. Maddy Pavle

63. Kiera Wallace

64. Brooke Warnock

65. Minh-Ly Nguyen-Cao

66. Jamar Lee

67. Zach Oleynik
68. Liza Stinton

69. Dane Rupert

70. Bobby Hlad

71. Kelsey Faith

72. Tina Thistle
73. Julie Vu

74. Austin Dookwah

75. Alec Beal

76. AJ Burman

77. Sarah Miller

78. Maki Moto

79. Nick & Phil Paquette

80. Eddie Lin

81. Veronica Doherty

82. Mark Chrysler

83. Will Kenny
84. Sheldon Jean

85. Hira Deol

86. Aneal Ramkissoon

87. Kenny Brain

88. Jared Kesler

89. Mark Drelich

90. Ryan Ballantine

91. Johnny Colatruglio

92. Angie Tackie

93. Sharry Ash

94. Susanne Fuda

95. Danielle Alexander

96. Ashleigh Wood

97. Paige Distranski

98. Christine Kelsey

99. Risha Denner

100. Rozina Yaqub

101. Naeha Sareen

102. Estefania Hoyos

103. Kyle Shore

104. Jordan Parhar

105. Tom Plant

106. Arlie Shaban

107. Kyra Shenker

108. Kyle Moore

109. Bruno Ielo

110. Raul Manriquez

111. Maddy Poplett

112. Emily Hawkin

113. Madeline Di Nuzio

114. Pilar Nemer

115. Jackie McCurrach

116. Rachelle Diamond

117. Chelsea Bird

118. Rianne Swanson

119. Vanessa Clements

120. Kat Yee

121. Laura Roberts

122. Anick Gervais

123. Andrew Gordon

124. Graig Merritt

125. Peter Brown

126. John Luke Kieper

127. Micheal Stubley

128. Chris Wylie

129. Nico Vera

130. Kyle Rozendal

131. Carol Rosher

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Season 1

7. Gary Levy

12. Jillian MacLaughlin

17. Talla Rejaei

34. Suzette Amaya

38. Topaz Brady

40. Emmett Blois

55. Andrew Monaghan

68. Liza Stinton

75. Alec Beal

76. AJ Burman

86. Aneal Ramkissoon

95. Danielle Alexander

105. Tom Plant

120. Kat Yee

125. Peter Brown

Season 2

Ika Wong

4. Neda Kalantar

8. Heather Decksheimer

13. Sabrina Abbate

19. Jon Pardy

22. Adel Elseri

46. Allison White

42. Paul Jackson

77. Sarah Miller

88. Kenny Brain

103. Kyle Shore

106. Arlie Shaban

116. Rachelle Diamond

122. Anick Gervais

123. Andrew Gordon

Season 3

Sarah Hanlon

5. Brittnee Blair

21. Godfrey Mangwiza

23. Sindy Nguyen

44. Willow MacDonald

57. Kevin Martin

67. Zach Oleynik

70. Bobby Hlad

96. Ashleigh Wood

91. Johnny Colatruglio

99. Risha Denner

101. Naeha Sareen

104. Jordan Parhar

109. Bruno Ielo

114. Pilar Nemer

124. Graig Merritt

Season 4

Cassandra Shahinfar

14. Tim Dormer

24. Nikki Grahame

29. Mitch Moffit

30. Loveita Adams

43. Dallas Cormier

45. Ramsey Aburaneh

48. Joel Lefevre

62. Maddy Pavle 

71. Kelsey Faith

79. Nick & Phil Paquette

88. Jared Kesler

93. Sharry Ash

97. Paige Distranski

98. Christine Kelsey

110. Raul Manriquez

Season 5

10. Demetres Giannitsos

18. Karen Singbeil

27. Dre Gwenaelle

50. William Laprise-Desbiens

54. Dillon Carman

82. Mark Chrysler

112. Emily Hawkin

115. Jackie McCurrach

Season 6

6. Kaela Grant
16. Olivia Riemer

20. Derek Kesseler

24. Erica Hill

26. Ali Martinez

28. Paras Atashnak

41. Merron Haile

48. Johnny Mulder

56. Jesse Larson

58. Hamza Hatoum

60. Andrew Miller

81. Veronica Doherty

83. Will Kenny

90. Ryan Ballantine

100. Rozina Yaqub

111. Maddy Poplett

Season 7

15. Damien Ketlo

36. Adam Pike

37. Samantha Picco

45. Kailyn Archer

52. Cory Kennedy

53. Anthony Douglas

63. Kiera Wallace

69. Dane Rupert

78. Maki Moto

80. Eddie Lin

99. Mark Drelich

102. Estefania Hoyos

107. Kyra Shenker

117. Chelsea Bird

121. Laura Roberts

Season 8

64. Brooke Warnock

65. Minh-Ly Nguyen-Cao

66. Jamar Lee

84. Sheldon Jean

85. Hira Deol

92. Angie Tackie

94. Susanne Fuda

113. Madeline Di Nuzio

118. Rianne Swanson

119. Vanessa Clements

126. John Luke Kieper

127. Micheal Stubley

128. Chris Wylie

129. Nico Vera

130. Kyle Rozendal

131. Carol Rosher

Season 9

9. Tychon Carter-Newman

11. Victoria Woghiren

31. Latoya Anderson

32. Breydon White

33. Josh Farnworth

35. Jedson Tavernier

39. Kiefer Collison

51. Rohan Kapoor

59. Tera Gillen-Petrozzi

61. Beth Bieda

72. Tina Thistle

73. Julie Vu

74. Austin Dookwah

108. Kyle Moore

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3 hours ago, Alex95 said:

Signing up, hoping it'll be a quick one since there's so little number of houseguests, but we'll see :dead:

I plan on it being a quick one.


We might only have 4 rankers if Wally doesn’t apply (this is assuming Chris does) which actually works out because of the small number of houseguests.

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On 9/9/2021 at 5:23 PM, *Amanda said:

I plan on it being a quick one.


We might only have 4 rankers if Wally doesn’t apply (this is assuming Chris does) which actually works out because of the small number of houseguests.

I'll apply, as long as it starts after the 20th :haha: 

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Just now, *Wallace said:

I thought I replied in here. My bad. :lmao:


I would love to participate but won't really be able to do so. :( I can maybe fill in for someone and def take part in public participation though. :yes:

Ok, that’s fine.


Looks like we’ll be going with 4 rankers.

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