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Big Brother Canada Rankdown (#4 POSTED)


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For cycle 2, I am taking inspiration from a twist that Canada actually knows how to do well unlike the United States - The Triple Eviction! It's time to get a decent amount of the fodder out of this game.


Each round, 12 houseguests will be nominated but only 3 will survive. That's right, 9 houseguests will be leaving each round and by the end of the cycle, 36 will have been cut from the game thanks to the mass elimination style of this twist.



1. When it is their turn to nominate, each ranker will nominate 12 houseguests.

2. On a first come, first serve basis, the remaining rankers will cut 3 houseguests and save 1 houseguest each.

3. Because I am asking you to make 3 cuts, I will give you 1 hour to post your write-ups instead of the usual 30 minutes.

4. You can choose to make all of your cuts at once or one at a time. The save can also be made at any point, but it must be paired with a cut.


6. You cannot nominate any houseguests with immunity or who were saved in the round immediately before yours.

7. You have 24 hours to make all of your cuts. Please ask for an extension if you need one. If 24 hours pass without you making your cuts, any of the other rankers can step in and make the cuts in your place.




1. @Solaris

2. @Alex95

3. @*Chris

4. @Steven_


Sola is up first. You cannot nominate:


Suzette Amaya

Kailyn Archer

Heather Decksheimer

Merron Haile

Mitch Moffit

Johnny Mulder

Olivia Riemer

Ali Martinez

Risha Denner

Paige Distranski

Rozina Yaqub

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  • *Amanda changed the title to Big Brother Canada Rankdown (Cycle 2 Info Posted)

Since I know most of the garbage male houseguests will be on lock for elimination with other rankers, I will take the time to get out some of the overrated women.  Since I can't nominate the first out women I nominated last round :(. 



Rachelle Diamond

Pilar Nemer

Jackie McCurrach

Emily Hawkin

Madeline Di Nuzio

Chelsea Bird

Rianne Swanson

Maddy Poplett

Beth Bieda

Vanessa Clements

Naeha Sareen

Kelsey Faith


This list shouldn't upset anyone, i took all the favorites out that I knew about. 

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  • *Amanda changed the title to Big Brother Canada Rankdown (Sola's Nominations Posted)

Vanessa Clements


Lol Vanessa. What a psycho. Vanessa's "game" was actually really fun to watch. For some reason she decided to blow up all her alliances and then rebuild them stronger than ever. She was in the core of the house with Kyle, Sheldon, and Brooke for the majority of the "game". Vanessa also had a side-deal with Minh-Ly which she blew up, fixed, and then blew up again. Vanessa kinda just played the game wherever the wind took her that day. It was kind of exhilarating to watch, but also exhausting. Unfortunately, she was also one of the houseguests pushing that she felt "unsafe" with Jamar in the house. She would melt down over Jamar looking at her the wrong way declaring that he was making her uncomfortable and she wasn't safe. Vanessa & Kyle's campaign to get Jamar expelled was riddled with microaggressions and unfortunately worked. So because of that I couldn't f*ck with her. Then the season ended because of COVID and we'll never see her again. I bet she would've had a really fun downfall I'm sad we missed out on, but bye forever.

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Rianne Swanson


I am completely blanking on this girl, idk how I'll even make it to 100 words to describe her. She's a very pretty girl. She's also a nurse so...good for her. Rianne found herself in the alliance with Maddy, John Luke, and Micheal. They looked like they could have power, but they ended up being in the outs and lost Micheal rather quickly. Because of that, Rianne found herself on the block next week, but lucky for her Minh-Ly was causing chaos and made herself the target so she would've survived. However, instead we got the Jamar/Kyle expulsion so it didn't matter. It seems like Rianne might've been working her way up the social ladder in the house, but then the season ended and that was it. If you asked me what her voice sounded like I wouldn't be able to tell you, she was furniture in that house.

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Chelsea Bird


Wow look at all these irrelevant blonde girls I accidentally just knocked out. It's a good thing QK's not playing or else he'd take out some icons in retaliation. Chelsea actually is slightly interesting though. Though also frustrating. She was pretty much the first houseguest who had the power to do something about the Pretty Boys, but failed to do so, unfortunately the first of many. During the Maki eviction week, Chelsea & Sam were becoming the house targets moving forward, so it was pretty exciting when Chelsea won the next HOH. Unfortunately, she ended up on the PB's side because she was close to Kyra and they helped her & Sam save Kyra. So instead of making a big move, she elected to target Kailyn. How disappointing. It was particularly frustrating because she kept considering making a big move but she didn't. The following week Dane won HOH and made the move to take her out. She kinda gave up which was frustrating, but she was also dealing with Kyra borderline sexually harassing her so it's understandable why Chelsea ran out of fight. It's hard to blame the whole season on Chelsea because so many players made terrible mistakes to benefit the Pretty Boys. However, Chelsea was the first one and she's the one that got the ball rolling so that's why she's one of the most particularly frustrating.


Save Naeha

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Rachelle was a Houseguest on Big Brother Canada 2. She's probably most remembered for being half of the "Gremlins" with Sabrina. Besides that, what is there to say about Rachelle's game? She had no agency and did pretty much nothing throughout the season. Sure, she did win an HoH competition, but what did she do with the power? She allowed herself to be manipulated into taking out Ika. It was a move that made no sense for Rachelle's game. Even Rachelle was aware that Sabrina manipulated her into making the decision to target Ika, but she seemed more than content to do her bidding. In addition, Rachelle was a mean girl and was part of the group that would say cruel things about Heather. Rachelle didn't do anything noteworthy throughout the season, and she only lasted as long as she did since she wasn't viewed as a threat. The Sloppy Second alliance took over the latter half of the game, and Rachelle was evicted under Adel's HoH reign after she unwisely (though thankfully) chose to evict Arlie instead of Adel the previous week. Rachelle just seemed like a young and immature girl throughout her time in the Big Brother Canada house. Hopefully she's matured by now (she should as it's been several years since BBCAN2). Anyway, out goes Rachelle from the rankdown.

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I don't really remember much about Jackie's game. I suppose she tried to fly under the radar, but she never really got her footing in the game. She was instead used as the perpetual pawn of the season. She was nominated four times throughout the season, most notably during the double eviction. Jackie was the "safe" target for the round, but she ended up saving herself by winning the Power of Veto competition. Sindy being forced to nominate someone in her place set in motion the Neda backdoor, which is one of the most memorable Big Brother Canada moments. Anyway, Jackie was also in a feud with Ika. I didn't really follow the live feeds much that year, so I don't know why Ika had such a strong dislike for Jackie. The feeling seemed to be mutual as Jackie requested Ika not to follow her into the jury house so she could have a week free without her. Anyway, Jackie ended up getting evicted in eighth place and voted for Kevin to win. And now out she goes from the rankdown.

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Pilar is likable, but I don't really remember much about her game. She seemed to just be a number for her alliance, and she was part of the alliance I didn't root for. So, I can't say Pilar is one of my favorite BBCAN Houseguests. She seems nice though! And she and Kevin seem like a great couple, and congrats to them on their marriage. Anyway, Pilar faced the first eviction vote of the season due to a twist. Canada had to vote for either Risha or Pilar, and they chose to keep Pilar. I'd rather have seen Risha stay though.  For the rest of the season she was a loyal ally, although she did win one HoH competition. Unfortunately, she won HoH that night Jordan was evicted. It was a great moment to see the other side of the house come together to blindside Jordan and the side that thought they were in power. It was disappointing to see that side stay in power afterwards, and Pilar chose to nominate Godfrey and Sindy. Sindy ended up getting evicted again, which was a shame. Pilar ended up being the survivor of the triple eviction when Brittnee nominated Pilar, Zach, Kevin, and Willow. Bruno saved Zach with the Power of Veto, and Brittnee named Willow as the replacement nominee. Kevin and Willow were evicted, and Pilar only really had Ashleigh left. Pilar ended up getting evicted in fifth place, and she was the first Houseguest to be evicted by a tiebreaker vote in Big Brother Canada history. Anyway, Pilar seems really sweet. So as a person, she's great. But just based on her run as a Big Brother player, I'm not a fan. So, I choose to eliminate her instead of Kelsey. Sorry to any fans.


Saving Kelsey Faith.

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Madeline Di Nunzio, hailing from Toronto, appeared on Big Brother Canada's 8th season - as we all know, that season ended prematurely & for the better due to the start of the COVID-19's pandemic. And honestly, I barely remember anything from Madeline`s time in the house - the one thing that I remember from her is that she was part of the minority alliance which were herself, Rianne, John Luke and Michael. Her outlasting her alliance in this game is a victory as she was the least memorable out of those four individuals.  Oh, she was nominated once and won the Veto but that nomination was voided due to the removal of a contestant.  It also seems that she took part of the Big Brother Fight Night - not sure how her match went but good 4 her.

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Once upon a time, I was responsible for cutting Emily in the Big Brother rankdown so I shall just copy what I wrote about her "A houseguest on Big Brother Canada 5 which saw the return of past houseguest; Emily Hawkin was one of the few newbies to play during said season.  During her 5 weeks in the house, she is best known for being one half of Beauty & the Beast along with Dillon - it could have been called a showmance and definitely one of the weakest duo of the season, and they would late join an alliance with Neda, Kevin, and Bruno. As a whole, her game plan was pretty non-existent / weak as she willingly put a target on her back by vote on the wrong side of the vote during the 1st week. This move put her and Dillon on everyone's radar which landed both of them on the block to be later against Dallas during the 2nd eviction - luckily for her, she was able to convince the other houseguests to save her.  As public enemy number one for many houseguests, her alliance was unable to save her from elimination - she was essentially just a number for Kevin as she was essentially evicted from the game as a results of Kevin not wanting to use his veto on her or Dillon to secure Bruno's safety.  Overall, her presence on the Big Brother Canada was not that exciting & I recall never being a fan of hers and Dillon - and those are the reason for me to ensure she's no longer in this rankdown" 

And my feeling towards remains the same - she contributed nothing to the game and luckily for us, she got eliminated fairly early in the game, similarly to this rankdown.

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For those who did not watch Big Brother Canada, this is Maddy Poplett who is @Solaris's least favourite houseguest ever.  Maddy competed on Big Brother Canada 6, and I had a lot of expectations for her but she proved to not be that great of a player.  We could describe Maddy as a floater as that's pretty much all she accomplished throughout the season, as well by crying in confessionals and by being delusional in thinking she played an excellent game - I always felt that she tried too hard to be a player that she wasn't.  By being a floater and not a threat to anyone's game, the players decided to keep her around while targeting bigger player.  And if she stayed as long as she did was partly due to being in an alliance with William & Paras who was somewhat in an alliance with Kaela & Derek.  Overall, she was not a fun character to root for & I just never cared for her personality which was enough for me to cut her from this rankdown. 



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  • *Amanda changed the title to Big Brother Canada Rankdown (#4 POSTED)

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