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Big Brother Canada Rankdown (#4 POSTED)


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  • *Amanda changed the title to Big Brother Canada Rankdown (Chris' Nominations Posted)

Carol Rosher




The first person eliminated from the Big Brother Canada rankdown this season is Carol Rosher.  I don't love her, I don't hate her.  During her 4 weeks on the show in Season 8 she sort of just flatlined for me.  She was never evicted from the game, but the week the game ended she was on the block.  Had they not cancelled the season, she would have been eliminated that round.  She voted for Michael in Week 2 of the show, and it was the only round that had anyone eligible for being voted out (as mostly people just walked or got removed from the house).  Her uninspiring journey in the rock 8th season see's her as my choice for elimination this round.


Saving: The worse Andrew Gordon in the BB history books.

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Kyle Rozendal competed on the ill-fated Big Brother Canada 8. He was an active player, helping form an alliance with Vanessa, Sheldon, and Brooke. He swayed Week 2 HoH Chris to target Micheal instead of Sheldon. Micheal called out Kyle before his eviction, but it didn't make any difference. Kyle's time in the house would soon come to an end the following week. After an argument with Jamar, Kyle said he felt threatened by Jamar using finger guns. Jamar was expelled by production. Kyle used production as strategy to get Jamar removed from the game. After the backlash from fans watching, Kyle was also removed from the game by producers. The audience wasn't shown any footage, but they explained that Kyle showed a pattern of problematic behavior throughout the season. Kyle really was very unlikable during his time on the show and displayed very ugly behavior. I'm not a fan of his at all, so out he goes from the rankdown.


Saving Kyle Shore.

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Nico Vera


While I do tend to love BBCAN more than BBUS, their twists tend to be a lot...messier to say the least. And frankly, cruel to the houseguests. Thus we get the trainwreck season that is BBCAN8, a season where I'd love to see us slaughter all the houseguests as soon as possible. During the preseason, Canada was tasked with voting for their favorites and the four with the least amount of votes would automatically face eviction. With his cocky pregame soundbites, Nico did not gain a lot of fans and ended up in the bottom four with Minh-Ly, Chris, and Suzanne. Can you imagine entering the BBCAN house and immediately finding out Canada hates you? I would be a hot mess. After losing both the safety competitions, Nico faced eviction against the very social Suzanne, and this took a toll on his mental health. He was hated by Canada, hated by the house, etc. Instead of facing eviction, he decided to pull himself from the game. I'm glad Nico did what was right for his mental health. I can't say I was a fan of him over his two episodes, but it could've very easily been clever editing that made me dislike him since we never actually saw him on the feeds. Little did he know, he peaced out before we got the trainwreckiest season in BB history so good for him.


Save Andrew Miller

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Chris Wylie


They're scared shitless of me. They shake when they're talking to me man" Big  Brother 23 Spoilers | OnlineBigBrother Live Feed Updates


Chris claims he was a brain strategist or something crazy on Big Brother Canada 8 when he competed.  Of course this is a dark cloud of a season that looms over big brother Canada.  Chris was one of the most annoying houseguests of its 4 week span.  He proclaimed to be a mastermind, and he wasn't.  That fell safely in in Sheldons court.  Chris wasn't even an entertaining "mastermind".  He aligned with people no one liked!  What else is there to say about Chris, did I mention he was annoying?  He was unlikable, and prob would have been gone early jury after he got used and abused.


Save: Jamar

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Out of the remaining nominees, I would be with fine with any of them leaving but since we have to cut only one of them so I am cutting Micheal Stubley - I hate how his name is spelled. As we all know, he was part of the infamous 8th season of Big Brother Canada. He was introduced to us as a military infantryman, and he really came in strong in the house as a potential physical threat - he was named the target of Chris's HOH. And if I remember correctly, he had some kind of showmance with one of the houseguests but everything is a blur to me.   During his short stay in the house, he is the only one to be properly evicted of the house as we all know that one quit, two got ejected from the house, and the season ended early due to the start of pandemic which we are still living in.  


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John Luke Kieper


John Luke's a cutie, but ultimately irrelevant. John Luke entered the game and formed a tight bond with Micheal, Madeline, and Rianne. They called their alliance The Evictors. They were the hot, young people that you always seen run the show on typical Big Brother seasons. However, they ended up finding themselves on the outs in the house. After losing Micheal the second week, John Luke found himself on the outs. However, he helped Maddy win a veto comp and the majority started to turn on each other. Before any more game could be played, Kyle & Jamar got expelled and then COVID happened and the show shut down. John Luke was potentially on his way up in the game, but we'll never know. Though I was initially rooting against him and his alliance, when they became underdogs the Underdog Effect was totally in play and John Luke seemed sweet enough. He was also one of the few people not being problematic towards Jamar which I appreciated. It was pretty much a coin flip between him and Suzanne but Suzanne had higher highs (and lower lows) so I kept her. Not like she'll be long for this game since no one from BBCAN8 will be :dead:


Save Suzanne

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  • *Amanda changed the title to Big Brother Canada Rankdown (Alex’s Nominations Posted)

Peter Brown





One 1/2 of Shield or Shieyld or however they spelled their stupid name.  He and his ally Alec thought they were the masterminds of the season.  Fun fact, they weren't.  This game was solidly run by the duo known as Jemmett and their east coast connections with Andrew, and buddy Talla.  Peter naively thought he could eliminate Topaz the week he won the veto during the double eviction.  He was wrong and she left.  Guess who left right after Topaz?  Peter did!  Peter went on to host the aftershow with Season 3 winner Sarah and I think he did a season or two with Gary.  Either way he is never enjoyable.  Stop making us have to deal with Peter.  This might not all be accurate, but neither is Peter's revisionist history, so who cares.



Save: Mark

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  • *Amanda changed the title to Big Brother Canada Rankdown (#4 POSTED)

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