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Big Brother Canada Rankdown (#4 POSTED)


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1. Ika Wong

Season 2, 12th Place & Season 5, 4th Place

Big Brother Canada': Ika And Demetres Get Flirty | ETCanada.comIka Wong - Big Brother Canada 5 Finale Interview - YouTube


@Solaris - 1/15

@Alex95 - 2/15

@*Chris - 2/15

IDF - 2/15

@Steven_ - 4/15



@taylorkat - 1/15

@*Diana - 1/15

@jarmon - 2/15

@*Wallace - 2/15

@PandorasBox - 5/15

@*Amanda - 1/15 or 2/15 or 6/15

@Erestor - 13/15



On 4/23/2023 at 6:54 PM, Solaris said:

Ika Wong


shahinfar.tumblr.com - Tumbex


What to say about Ika Wong? Icon? Truly a Canadian Big Brother legend. She had an easy time to get to the finals, only being nominated by the public. I don’t think she’s about to pull a Cassadee and win though. I do think someone might tank her to prevent an “obvious” win. Should she win? Absolutely, since no one is better television then Ika.


New trending GIF on Giphy | Giphy, New trends, Reality tv


Ika first graced our screens during Big Brother Canada Season 2. She is part of the reason the season is as great as it is. Her relationship with Adel throughout the first 4 weeks was special. She was close to Neda and Rachelle. She was nominated week one but survived against Anick. She appealed to Andrews ego in week two and avoided nomination. Week three she won HOH and tried to target Heather, nominating Paul against her. Others used the opportunity to save Heather and boost Paul. This angered Ika as she caused Paul’s eviction, someone she could have potentially worked with. Week 4 Rachelle was convinced by Sabrina to backdoor her ally Ika and she did. Before she left, she gave us the iconic letter shredding moment. The most memorable moment of the season. She wound up leaving in 12th place, only receiving support from Adel to stay.


Top 30 Ika Wong GIFs | Find the best GIF on Gfycat


She was so memorable that she was given a shot to redeem herself in season 5. She proved that season that she could not only entertain everyone at home, but she had a killer social and strategic game. She had an alliance with the veteran players, but she double dipped and formed strong connections with many of the new players. Over the season she was close to Demetres, Karen, Dre, William, and Karen. All of whom were in her pocket. She was in a showmance with Demetres, and her closest veteran relationships were with Cassandra and Gary. Girl has such taste. Neda cut both her closest allies in the prejury, and that was when she started to use her other relationships. She saw the writing on the wall and couldn’t go the distance with the veterans. When Neda lost her immunity, Ika struck at her season 2 sister and assisted in her backdoor. From that point week in and week out Ika’s game was fire. She road the middle between two groups eliminated whoever she wanted, whenever she wanted. She even got Kevin to use a power of veto on her while insulting him in the process. Prior to this season, Neda was the best player to never win in Canada. Since Season 5, Ika is that player. If Ika could win a competition, she would have won the game. Instead, we are left with the likes of Kevin Martin as a winner.


Ika Wong Bbcan5 GIF - Ika Wong Ika Bbcan5 - Discover & Share GIFs


I hope Ika wins this season, as she came so close in the Big Brother 2.0 game. We could not have a better representative for Canadian gameplay then Ika Wong. All hail the Queen!

Big Brother Canada 5 - Page 4 - Primetime - Soap Opera Network Community



On 6/28/2022 at 4:04 PM, Alex95 said:

Ika Wong

"When you take a shot at the baddest bitch in this house you better make sure you hit because when I shoot, I never miss my targets"

I'm so glad Ika made it to the end. I had some trepidations that she may be cut, but honestly I was pretty confident she'd be here. I don't necessarily think she's gonna win, which is fine. I'm just glad she's here. When you think of Big Brother Canada, you think of Ika Wong. That's just a fact. You've got other legends like Neda, Gary, and Kevin but as well-known as they are, they still don't hold a candle to Ika. Her impact cannot be understated. She was an early pre-jury boot of BBCAN2 and managed to leverage that into becoming the biggest name in BBCAN history, an ET Canada gig, a successful YouTube channel, and I'd say even becoming a well-known name amongst BBUS fans. She has that kind of international appeal you can only achieve with hard work and star power.

Ika got her start on BBCAN2 and you knew she'd be a star immediately. She was very funny in the diary room and by being a pawn the first week, she immediately fell into the underdog role, thus making her someone the audience wanted to root for. Look there's no way around it, Ika was a hot mess in BBCAN2. Despite being nominated the first week, Ika seemed to think she was in good with the house. When she won HOH the third week, her gut told her to go after Kenny & Andrew, but instead she let herself get manipulated by Sabrina into targeting Heather. There was no strategic reason for Heather to leave, Ika just didn't like her. Unfortunately for Ika, her plan backfired and she was blindsided when her pawn Paul was evicted instead. It seemed like Ika might be saved when Rachelle, one of her only two remaining allies, won HOH. However, Rachelle was manipulated into turning on Ika and immediately turned on her the following week. All of this makes it sound like Ika's just some fun pre-juror that no one's really gonna think about when the season ends. They enjoyed her at the time, maybe a little problematic with Heather, but overall not some sort of legend. BUT, there's one part that hasn't been mentioned. Of course that's #lettergate.

Nothing else needs to be said really, every fan of Big Brother knows lettergate. Ika is given the choice to win money, or let the rest of her houseguests read their letters from home. Knowing she'll be evicted anyway, Ika decides to ruthlessly shred everyone's letters, giving her unfiltered thoughts on her fellow houseguests as she shreds letter after letter. Ika was the perfect houseguest that season to win that challenge because she's the only one who had the personality to pull that off. She was funny, she was honest, she was strategic, and she was ruthless. The letter shredding scene is arguably the greatest moment of the first four seasons of Big Brother Canada. Despite being a pre-juror who played a mediocre game, Ika earned fan favorite status with that scene alone. And with it, came an invitation to BBCAN5.

We'll set the scene between seasons. What you saw of Ika in the house is who she is in real life. She's not gonna be fake and f*ck with you if she doesn't like you. She may attend some alumni events, and she was civil of course, but she wasn't fake kissing ass to the cult leaders like Peter & Alec. She got along with Neda as the two of them were close in BBCAN2, but she certainly was not gonna become bffs with Jordan Parhar just because he's friends with everyone. So going into BBCAN5, Ika wasn't far on the outs of the vets alliance like Cassandra & Dallas, but she definitely wasn't as well-insulated as Neda, Kevin, and Bruno. Neda was pretty much her way into that alliance. Ika's role was to go along with whatever those three wanted, keep her mouth shut, and make sure no resistance forms on the other side of the house. How do you all think Ika would handle a role like that? Ika is not a follower and was never meant to be a follower. In BBCAN2, she allowed herself to be manipulated into "going along with the house" and she made damn sure to never let that happen again. And so we get the iconic BBCAN5 Ika.

It was definitely a tough first month for Ika. She had to deal with the chaotic Demetres vs. Mark vote. She also found herself growing closer to the vets on the outside like Gary & Cassandra. Ika would keep wanting to flip the house in order to save them, but she also recognized it was too soon to blow open the game like that. It was very frustrating to watch the first month of feeds because Ika kept, essentially, giving us blue balls. But it was entertaining at least, and it's hard to argue that Ika made the wrong move not flipping the house. But tension was brewing. Neda and Ika were disagreeing more and more. Neda was getting more confident as she was taking over the house. Ika was bonding more with the outsiders and gaining their loyalty. Ika couldn't keep cutting her connections and she knew that.

F*cking iconic. Nothing more needs to be said about that. It's been discussed for years and years, everyone knows every detail about this double eviction. It is the most iconic episode in Big Brother Canada history at this point, and I'd say one of the most iconic episodes in any Big Brother franchise. Ika Wong did that! She took Neda down in an hour.

I think Ika's most impeccable gameplay comes after that. Because she left behind a mess she had to clean up. Manipulating Dillon's HOH following the double eviction is Ika's strongest move I believe. Dillon had been feuding with Demetres since the first week and separating the showmance seemed like Dillon's primary goal of the week. Ika managed to lean Dillon into taking Sindy out instead. She also completely earned Dillon's lotalty, which caused Dillon to betray Dre & William and rat them out when they tried turning on Ika.

I don't need to summarize Ika's entire jury gameplay, we all know how it goes. She played a top-tier strategic game. She was involved in every eviction throughout the jury, and pulled off some moves I never saw coming. Tricking Kevin into taking Jackie out over her, getting Dillon to turn on Dre & William, getting Kevin to use the veto on her at the final five (the last one's not really her move, but she benefitted from it sooooooooo let's go with that :wub:). The list goes on. Her jury management may have been...questionable. But she never made the final two so we can never truly know :giggle:

I don't just love Ika Wong for being a Big Brother icon. I don't just love Ika Wong for being a top-tier strategist. She is fun! She brings fun to the show! On a show which Derrick Levasseur has broken by turning it into mega-alliances marching to the end in unison, Ika showed the audience there's a way to dominate the game and have fun. Whether she's cursing Jackie out or flirting with Demetres or ruining Kevin's HOH room, I was always entertained. At the end of the day, that's what I want out of a reality show. I just need entertainment. That's what Ika Wong gives to us. And that's why we stan!



On 1/29/2022 at 3:24 PM, *Chris said:




The one and the only, Ika Wong, finds herself at #2 on my ranking!  She is easily one of the most known Canadian houseguests, notably due to her fiesty and fiery personality which led to many iconic fights / arguments in the Big Brother Canada' house - I really wish I could post all of them.

But one of the most memorable Ika moment is certainly her iconic shredding of letters – this remains one of the best twist in Big Brother Canada history along with the slop twist.  Before we go further into details, let’s relive part of the scene :








While the shredding of the letters is iconic & incredibly ballsy on her parts, Ika is more than these letters – her position in the Big Brother Canada house during the 2nd season is so interesting as she went from being comfortable & HOH to being the next target and at the bottom; She was often seen as an unpredictable player by the rest of the house which is what I absolutely love about Ika as you never know what to expect with her.


With one appearance in the Big Brother, Ika quickly became a fan favourite but it is her time in the house during the 5th that solidified her status as one of the greatest players to have played Big Brother Canada.  In the said season, she demonstrated more restraint by building relationships with majority of the house – whether it be her relationship with the veterans, her alliance with Cassandra, Gary, and Will & Dre, and her showmance with Demetres. I am truly impressed how she was able to navigate the game for the first half of the competition with Demetres – while the rest of the house known they were together – without being targeted; Instead, they were able to get information from both side of the house. 


However, Ika’s real gameplay started when she was able to convince Sindy to backdoor Neda which was iconic – it was incredibly fun to watch this move come to light as a viewer. Let’s relive some part of it :








For most of the game, Ika was maneuver around without being targeted partly thanks to Demetres winning competition – he was the Brawn while she was the Brain of their alliance / showmance. In fact, it’s truly impressive how she was able to get all the way to the Final Four by mainly focusing on her social game and use her relationships with each one of them to somehow manipulate everyone’s gameplay; And this while Kevin Martin had them on his radar for the majority of the game – to no one surprise, he ended up being the reason why she finished in 4th place or otherwise, she might be in this rankdown as a winner instead. 


On top of being an excellent strategic player, she's also a great entertainer who gave us many iconic moments in the house especially in the confessional.

With that being said, Ika is truly an incredible player and all the works that she’s been doing behind the scene & speaking out about her experience with racism (re: ET & ET Canada) is another thing that I admire about Ika;  And her & Dem remains one of my favourite showmance of all-time ❤️ 



On 4/24/2023 at 12:36 PM, PandorasBox said:

5. Ika - adore her two season arc: iconic prejuror to mastermind. I wish we could have had her in F2 to call out the bitter jury (and if she wasn’t winning no matter what I would’ve LOVED to see Karensus take the crown)




On 1/30/2022 at 1:04 AM, Steven_ said:


Ika's winning this rankdown. There are only four rankers in this game, and we all like Ika. I'd be very surprised if Ika doesn't claim the win. We first met Ika in Season 2. Although it was for a short amount of time, she was still one of the most noteworthy Houseguests of the year. She was a natural in the Diary Room and had drive to succeed in the game. Although Ika was part of the group that bullied Heather, at least she sincerely apologized to Heather about it. Ika was very mean, but at least she owned up to it and said sorry. Anyway, Ika is also responsible for one of the most captivating moments in RTV history. Ika's dilemma to shred her Houseguests' letters or give up a hefty amount of money is one of BBCAN's best moments. Watching Ika talk through her decision, call out her fellow Houseguests, and then shred their letters one by one was amazing television. And Ika definitely made the right call! I can't believe how some of those Houseguests like Kenny and Andrew were so bitter about that. Anyway, Ika would return three seasons later, and she would no longer just be known as the Houseguest who shredded the letters. Ika came back with something to prove, and she succeeded in becoming a strategic force in the game. She effectively played the middle early on and formed close relationships with both newbies and vets. Eventually she would strike, leading the charge to take out Neda and then running the house with her showmance partner Demetres. Ika proved to be a formidable player, and many fans regard Ika as one of the very best to play the game. Ika is great, and I'll be happy to see her win this rankdown.


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2 hours ago, Alex95 said:

The star of Big Brother Canada. The correct winner


though I would've tanked her if I knew Cass was runner-up

I actually would’ve loled and been so proud of you! Even though I would’ve been appalled at Ika getting robbed.

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Well done to Cassandra on getting 2nd! I had a feeling she would do well but I didn't think she would have managed to make it to 2nd. Well done to her. :yes: 


And yayyy so happy to see Ika win! :wub: I had a feeling she would win and I'm so glad it happen. She's a Queen and a Star of BBCAN! :wub: 

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Oh, glad to see that this was finished finally. :dead: 

I’m glad you guys finally got to see who won this. Thanks @FrogLenzen for taking over and posting the results. ❤️ 

I had Ika at 1, Sarah at 2, and Cassandra at 6 BTW. Would’ve been happy with any of them winning. Not surprised Ika won with the set of rankers we had.


I may do a 2.0 of this somewhere down the road (with hopefully more rankers) but I have a few other Rankdowns I want to revisit first.


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