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Big Brother Canada Rankdown (#4 POSTED)


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Graig Merritt competed on the third season of Big Brother Canada. He was kind of annoying. He called himself the "Ginga Ninja" and was so cocky. He was so sure he was going to easily outplay all the other Houseguests. He did start off in a good position. He was part of the Chop Shop alliance with Ashleigh, Bobby, Bruno, Willow, and Zach, and they did get their targets Sindy and Naeha out of the house. Graig was so proud of the Chop Shop and boasted about the alliance in the Diary Room a lot. However, Graig eventually got his just desserts. Graig rubbed people the wrong way with his brash personality, and people outside of his alliance were eager to take him out as soon as possible. That moment came when Brittnee won her first HoH competition of the season. Brittnee was underestimated by her fellow Houseguests with some viewing her as the perpetual pawn of the season. Instead, Brittnee orchaestrated Graig's backdoor seamlessly. She put him on the block next to his Chop Shop ally Bobby, and Graig was evicted by a unanimous 10 - 0 vote. And now out goes Graig from the rankdown too.


Saving Tom Plant.

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I will do a proper writeup tomorrow but I am cutting Andrew Gordon form the rankdown - I could have cut Jordan since he always rubbed me the wrong way and even before Big Brother. But in terms of being a terrible houseguest, Andrew Gordon takes the case. He has a terrible personality and his attitude in the house was next level - if it doesn’t goes his way, another side of him shows up.  Not only was his personality terrible, the way he treated the people not in his alliance was absolutely disgusting - if you weren’t seen as a cool kid then you weren’t invited to be part of his alliance. The best part of his time in the house was the fall of his game and being evicted. I will add more tomorrow. 

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Anick Gervais



Oh poor Anick...she stuck out like a sore thumb in the BBCAN2 house. Anick came into the house wanting to preach the "love revolution" but her offbeat personality instead turned the other houseguests off. Anick's occupation was a "reiki master" so she believed in the healing properties of non-traditional medicine and stuff like that. So I was not surprised at all a few months ago when I stumbled upon her twitter and it was filled with loads of anti-vaccine propaganda. So that's the main reason why I'm cutting her. On the show, I thought she was perfectly pleasant though! Anick was doing her own thing in the house and I appreciated that about her. She was used as a pawn against Andrew the first week, but when Andrew won the veto the target switched to Anick. Ika was used a pawn against her and luckily survived (I do not want to live in the alternate reality where Ika is the first boot). I liked Anick well enough based on her time in the house, but it's hard to be attached to any first boots on BBCAN since we get no live feed footage of them. And yeah...the revelations about her current social media presence turned me off so she can go now.


Save Risha 

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Laura Roberts was on Big Brother Canada 7. She is a judicial clerk from Calgary, AB. In her bio video, she calls herself a nice girl who "could give a finger in the air" to what people think about her. She seemed like a cool person ready to compete on the show, but her time was short-lived on the season. She only lasted six days in the house. After Adam won the first HoH competition of the season, Laura was unable to find her footing in the game. She was placed on the block with Damien. There was no Power of Veto competition prior to this eviction vote, and Laura was evicted by a unanimous 11-0 vote. I think Laura could've been an interesting character, but the season ended up getting dominated by the Pretty Boys alliance anyway. Too bad for her that she was evicted first, and now out she goes from the rankdown.


Saving Paige Distranski.

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Kat Yee was introduced to us during the first ever season of Big Brother Canada. She started the game with ton of potential by going all out in the first few hours in the house by trying to create an all-female alliance. But let's be honest, how many has that worked? If it didn't work out in the US, it wasn't going to work out for the first ever season of Big Brother Canada.  This move would eventually have consequences on her game as she ended up being nominated. Not surprising is her leaving during Week 1, and making history by being the first ever person to be evicted from Big Brother Canada. In other words, she contributed nothing to the game so she can leave the rankdown. 

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In season 3, Brittnee won 2 safety necklaces and was able to remove herself and Godfrey from the chopping block, keeping them safe from eviction that week.


Inspired by that twist, each of you will be granted the power to hand out safety to 2 houseguests. The 2 houseguests you choose will have immunity for cycles 2 & 3, guaranteeing them a spot in the Top 75.


Please post your immunity picks in the thread!


@Alex95 @*Chris @Solaris @Steven_

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  • *Amanda changed the title to Big Brother Canada Rankdown (Twist #1 - Please Choose Your Immunities!)
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