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S21: Favorite Guy/s in the Playoffs (Pre Season Poll)


S21: Favorite Guy/s in the Playoffs (Pre Season Poll) (SPOILERS)  

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1. David/Samuel

2. Paris/Jeremy


Lmao considering the two fan threads I spend way too much time on, nobody should be surprised by my top tier 💀


Paris and Jeremy are both ones where I like what I’ve heard, but I want to see on the show before I make a call either way (same with the others I haven’t checked out as in-depth, especially Joshua).

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Samuel is just badass. All around unpredictable artist that I can´t wait to see surprise people. Same goes for David.


Peedy has a great tone and great convection of lyrics (Love his Croce covers), and he could be dangerous (I´m looking forward to him vs The Joy Reunion)


Paris is a vocalist in every extension of the word. He´s gonna kill it. Same goes for Jeremy.

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Just now, Daillon said:

I will wait to see them in action, but at the moment I’m not thrilled with this season’s male cast. 

That's my initial reaction as well, no one truly grabbed me instantly, except for the very last revealed name in this poll.

I'm open for the rest of them to surprise me in the blinds.

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The males are the underdogs this season, but I think IDF is gonna grow to like this group. We´ve got two alternative guys (David, Sam) who seem like right up IDF´s alley. (They might gain more fans after their auditions). We have two pure vocalists (Paris, Jeremy), who might not be snowflake material to many, but they´re likely going to recieve praise by people who simply like to hear great vocals. We got a pop guy with a sweet tone that might gain more fans as well after his blind, and a duo that already seems to be having support here.


The IDF villain this season appears to be Peedy, but maybe some people might end up liking him more than your traditional snowflake killer given that he´s not really country.

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I have to say no one is truly bad here. Samuel is my fave, but everyone else has potential to be enjoyable. 


Even if Peedy turns out to be the snowflake killer and makes Top 3(or even being Blake's true frontrunner in Runner-Up) I can still enjoy him and I would expect Minivan to actually assist him.

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  • istersay changed the title to S21: Favorite Guy/s in the Playoffs (Pre Season Poll)

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