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American Idol Rankdown 3.0


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American Idol Rankdown 3.0

feat. Seasons 1-19


In the first Idol rankdown, a dozen judges squabbled and scrambled to cut our

contestants down to size, leaving only Season 3’s LaToya London left standing.


In the second Idol rankdown, just 7 judges had the power and gave Season 1’s champ 

Kelly Clarkson the crown once again.


Now, with two more seasons in the mix, and a couple of twists in store for this year’s judges,

which contestant will walk away with the title?


image.jpeg.e2ee7b230e890c1e7624433e770794cf.jpeg utB9up3.png


Rankdown 1.0 Winner: LaToya London

Runner-Up: Tamyra Gray

Rankdown 1.0 Winner's Chart


Rankdown 2.0 Winner: Kelly Clarkson

Runner-Up: David Cook

Rankdown 2.0 Winner’s Chart


The Rules: 

  • seven (7) judges that will collectively rank every American Idol contestant.
  • random.org will determine the order the judges will nominate in each round.
  • each round will have it’s own set of rules, so read them carefully.
  • write-ups will be required for each contestant that gets cut, min. 100 words and must be posted within 30 mins or another ranker can save your cut. You are allowed one “reset” per cut (i.e. if you repost your cut/save)
  • you may not edit your cut/save post or it will be null and void.
  • any violations of the rules will result in an automatic round reset.


To Play:

  • You don't have to have seen every season of American Idol but I expect you to have seen a decent amount of seasons of it. It's also easy to find past seasons and performances on YouTube.
  • Remember that this game can and often does get cutthroat and deals are encouraged. If this isn’t your thing, don’t play.
  • Rankers must be active. If a ranker fails to participate in a round or disappears without notice, the host may choose to replace them.
  • Interested rankers must fill out the application below. I reserve the right to choose rankers based on variety.


Application (PM to me to apply):

  • Name:
  • 3 judges you would like to play as (in order of preference):
  • Idol seasons watched:
  • Top 3 favorite seasons:
  • Bottom 3 Least favorite seasons:
  • Top 5 favorite contestants:
  • 5 contestants you consider overrated:
  • Top 3 most robbed semi-finalists:
  • Rankdown winner prediction:


The Judges:

1. ???

2. ???

3. ???

4. ???

5. ???

6. ???

7. ???

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*Me thinking about how I'll never be able to get Lee into a second Top 24 so what's the point, but then realizing I could drag someone else that IDF hates into the Top 24 instead*

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So no lie, I clicked this thread expecting it to be the performance Rankdown lol.


I'll understand why if I don't get selected, but I'll put in an application anyway. It'll be good to have some more new blood in general.

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I already have 8 applications so someone is going to get cut :shiftywave:


Or I might expand the list of rankers to 9 if I get another application. But 9 will be the maximum.

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, 1234567890 said:

Corey Clark says hold my beer. 🍺

Corey Clark wasn’t racist, at least. He just accused the show of it. :giggle:

Edited by Elliott
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