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  1. Found a way around it. My noms: Slurpuff Vivillion Pancham Chesnaught
  2. Pidgey Good for its original time, but it has been outclassed as an evolutionary line for quite some time now (I would argue since Gen II, unarguably since Gen IV tho). It's okay at everything at the start, with Speed and Attack being the best 2 stats it has before evolving, and since it's a fast to evolve line, you can get to Pidgeotto and Pidgeot reasonably fast. The worst thing against it after so many generations is that it's typing and movepool don't really allow for much variation. And before the Mega it was so forgotten as a competitive pokemon, and the Mega wasn't really complete sa
  3. tbh im more like “if more leave that i don’t care about the game moves faster” rn
  4. im so close to the goal of zero write ups...
  5. LOL i also exposed my fave types in the last rankdown/my top faves since the endgame of that one wasn’t lost in the purge, so everyone can go check it out if they want inspiration ig
  6. I explained all my reasons for why I don’t care for these pokemon/Gen I in the last rankdown but the tl;dr version: - Find them overrated - Not good competitively - Never cared to use them in-game - I never cared for the anime, so no nostalgia value/added value from that - Dislike most trade evolutions EDIT: - Profound dislike for dragon type pokemon
  7. #TeamNoWriteUps (hopefully) Charizard Butterfree Pidgey Pikachu Vulpix Jigglypuff Meowth Psyduck Gengar Cubone Gyarados Mewtwo Kingdra
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