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  1. hmmm: Bo Bice "Corner Of The Sky" Bo Bice "Heaven" Bo Bice "It's A Great Day To Be Alive" Anwar Robinson "A House Is Not A Home" Anwar Robinson "Ain't Nobody" for next round
  2. Corviknight I will improve this later since I'm kinda busy atm but I really like Corviknight, the regional bird concept is basically a staple (or a really tired concept that should be retired, depends on the generation) but when it's done right it can be really impactful (and actually useful in battle). First, the typing is phenomenal for defensive purposes (this isn't anything new, Skarmory put this typing combo on the map as a defensive powerhouse). Also the stats are so right, with a lot of defense and HP to make it a tank. Plus with access to good abilities and recovery in Roost, this
  3. super happy that a Latoya performance won since she's my fave from the season (even if my favorite performance is from Fantasia LOL)
  4. I Believe Don't Rain On My Parade Summertime Somewhere Circle of Life
  5. Aegislash I think this placement is an improvement over last year so we love that journey for my little ghost sword and shield. Aegislash is amazing imo, I love the design (I'm a sucker for a lot of the inanimate object pokemon, Aegislash and Chandelure as my Top 2 fave ghost pokemon) and I think it's a better direction than looking at the same irl animals and trying to get different results (tho we got a better elephant pokemon out of that so maybe I'm judging to harshly). But where Aegislash truly shines is in combat. This thing can SHRED anyone. With great stats that you can redis
  6. i think this is the first time that my B5 is the actual B5 LMAOOO (in a completely different order but hey, I dont mind)
  7. most items were 500 or above (at least revives and protections were), the 400 was a pokeball (i think) and I'm never around for noms so ...
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