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  1. Grey’s Anatomy *pic later* An easy frontrunner for shows that just need to f*cking end already. Plus it never was that good? Not saying that the first few seasons weren’t decent, but when you are running for (checks number) 16 seasons, you are bound to drop the ball in narrative, plot, character development.... I would like to start a petition to make all shows end after like, 6th or 7th season? Would save everyone time, and shows like this would at least go out with a little more dignity. Anyway, bye! Save: Mrs Maisel
  2. save The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel cut Grey's Anatomy
  3. Eva Green's performance of Vanessa Ives deserves the f*cking world!!!!
  4. The Simple Life Another reality show goes down. At least this one is iconic, I didn't even know wtf it was that one I cut last round. Anyway, The Simple Life followed Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie as they took normal, low-paying jobs and struggle to do them. The 2000s were truly a magical time y'all. The one thing I didn't remember was that this aired between '03 and '07, my mind completely moved it to late-00s along with all the paparazzi/celeb debacles. Also I didn't remember all the changes in network and all the drama lol truly iconic for so many messes and for a concept that could only happen during the 2000s. Save: Bates Motel
  5. save Bates Motel cut The Simple Life
  6. happy “y’all added too many shows for this rankdown” marker
  7. Paradise Hotel I just looked into what was the most unlike me show possible of the remaining noms and this is pretty much it lol It's a reality show. In the show, where a group of people (all single) live in a luxury hotel & resort, competing to see who can stay in the hotel the longest. Each week they have to pair up and share a hotel room, with one person being the odd one out. And that person has to either pair up on the next ep or leave the hotel. It had 3 seasons before being cancelled for good. This sounds like a pretty standard trashy reality show, and good for making it this far. But time to leave. Save: Velvet
  8. save Velvet cutParadise Hotel?
  9. idgaf abt anything remaining, so if anyone cares they can take my cut/save
  10. save Flavor of Love and The Leftovers
  11. #CWMustDie alliance???
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