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  1. i was here for it as a meme at the start but checked out when I read the jynx write up
  2. Angela "Angie" Deangelis Susan Duncan Virginia Coady Shay Davydov Kendall Malone
  3. thank you! Hello to round 4 then see ya all for the next IDF collapse!
  4. moving to the next round: David Cook "All Right Now" David Cook "Day Tripper" David Cook "Baba O'Riley" David Cook "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"
  5. can you give me Hello for round 4 please? (my idea of waiting till everyone did their picks flopped so hard LMFAO)
  6. probably the only thing I can comment related to a Swift ranking: let the Kendrick collab die. He's incredible but honestly every time he tries to collab with a pop (ish) act it ends in disaster (even if it does well commercially)
  7. the fact that I would still participate in a music rankdown if someone did a 2.0 speaks volumes about my disregard for my mental health
  8. well, this was a nice civil thread till today. No matter what happens, I'll see y'all in court after S7
  9. also my rewatch process from this season made it even more clear how much Melinda beat the living sh!t out of everyone on almost any week, it was hilarious. On most seasons you have at least 2 people fighting it out for best performance on any given week, but here my Top 10 would be all Melinda with a side of Blake and LaKisha.
  10. in the topics of performances that tanked heavily on rewatch I would submit IATYING as a very clear example: LaKisha ran out of range to really sell the later half of the song. The emotion and everything else was there, but vocally I was "meh" on the last 20-30 seconds
  11. I'm gonna remember Wally being happy with me bc the moment IWHN appears that's all going away
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