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  1. in the meantime, moving this to round 2: Skylar Laine "Where Do Broken Hearts Go" Skylar Laine "Love Sneakin' Up On You" Joshua Ledet "Ain't Too Proud To Beg" Joshua Ledet "To Love Somebody"
  2. wish i could do this well on a season I actually cared about
  3. @Alex95 (idk who else watches this but FINALLY)
  4. Casey Abrams "I Put A Spell On You" (1) Zoey Kendra Chantelle "Georgia On My Mind" (2) Hayden, Weedy Pia Toscano "Don't Let The Sun Go Down O Me" Jacob Lusk "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word" Paul McDonald "Folsom Prison Blues" (12) Gigi, rdhaley96, QK, Wallace, Victoria, Priscilla, Akshar, Diana, Amanda, Lily, JORDAN_FAN, Nico Lauren Alaina "Anyway" (8) Chris, Alex, Steven, Sola, Andrew, Elliott, JC, Crisis
  5. @Crisis and I are cutting: Lauren Alaina "Turn On The Radio" Lauren Alaina "Candle In The Wind" and moving to the finals: James Durbin "Living For The City"
  6. my rule of thumb is "middle of the road" (not exactly middle of the road, but as far as how they stand in any contestant's run on the show) survives the best, bad performances tend to leave early (really few stick around and they stick out), and the best ones are sacrifices to the god of petty or endgame material, flip a coin
  7. Round 4: James Durbin "Maybe I'm Amazed" James Durbin "Living For The City" Casey Abrams "Your Song" Casey Abrams "Have You Ever Seen The Rain?"
  8. yeah count me in for 10-12 still thinking if i wanna even bother with 13-14
  9. he doesn’t know we can drag the shit out of both
  10. i don’t hate myself THAT much
  11. Mara Justine I vaguely remember as an annoying teen on the first ABC season that got cut before she became truly annoying like most teens tend to do on Idol. Time to copy paste random facts about her to meet the word criteria: - She auditioned with Love On The Brain (which was also the performance she got eliminated on when she reprised it) - Like most teens it tends to be more vocal acrobatics/belting than conveying anything else - Whatever this showcase performance of It Must Be Love is it's not it chief. Too manic in every way - She got to sing with Rachel Platten... I'm trying to figure out who I should feel bad for in this scenario, I will make an update once I figure it out - Everything else was sorta bland in that way only a teen singing about something they still haven't fully gone thru yet can be. anyway I'm out, too much about someone I don't care about
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