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  1. save Flavor of Love and The Leftovers
  2. The Flash The positives: for a superhero show not made by Netflix, the quality of the first season was okay. But in true CW fashion, that went to hell the moment season 2 started. It's kinda impressive how they can't follow up on anything semi-okay they do. Anyway, not gonna bother with details, so run-of-the-mill rundown: based on the DC character, Barry Allen gains super-human speed after an explosion on a lab, and he starts his career as a crimefighter known as The Flash, a masked superhero. The show starts to pile on things season after season, becoming the same convoluted mess than the comics. Good run on the rankdown!
  3. Supernatural #bless Elliott for nominating the last show I cut from my list for this round. Another tragic CW mess bites the dust This trainwreck as been going for 15 seasons, with this last one thankfully being the last. How this show went on for so long is beyond me, like the quality was terrible at the start, I have no idea how far it sunk or how convoluted it got. But hey, anything can survive in the CW (except a good storyline lol). Props for being a terrible fantasy show before they became mainstream? Anyway, bye forever hopefully.
  4. cut the flash cut supernatural
  5. we are missing 2 saves (Denise and QK)
  6. save Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
  7. My 5 noms: One Tree Hill Pretty Little Liars Riverdale Big Brother (US) Grey's Anatomy
  8. Titans I had no idea there was another show based on a DC comic besides Doom Patrol lol. But I guess we can just keep pilling them on, who cares. Anyway, this is a web series based on the Teen Titans comic. The show has 2 seasons to its name (with a third to come this year), and follows a group of heroes fighting crime. I don't know if it's good or bad, the reviews are kinda mixed, so not really interested in giving this a go. Thanks (not really) to whoever added more filler to the list with this. Save: The Weakest Link
  9. save The Weakest Link cut Titans
  10. enough with the live actions FFS Disney needs to be stopped
  11. While the randomizer did most of the work, I directly (or with help of the randomizer) would have put these on the final list: American Horror Story: 1984 Castle Catfish: The TV Show Below Deck American Dad Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Ex On The Beach (UK) Sex and the City if I’m gonna get called out for anything I want it to be intentional
  12. working on them now, sorry for the delay!
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