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  1. I'll make deals for egomanic legend Ernesto de la Cruz
  2. Li Shang I'm not really happy about this cut but he's the one I'm the least connected to, beggars can't be choosers. He's the male "lead" (not really lead but I guess close enough), the son of an army general, and a captain of trainwreck group of soldiers. While he comes from a respectable family, he has to work to get given the time of day as a captain since he's pretty young, and works his ass off to make the new soldiers (Mulan included even tho he tried to send her packing) a decent working unit. He loses his father to the Huns, and discovers that Ping is actually Mulan, so that was kinda a bad for him. After the entire Imperial City saga and pretty much the climax of the movie resolves, he goes to Mulan's house to return her father's helmet (and to try to tell her how he feels). That's all good and that but now for the million dollar question: is he bisexual? lbr this was 90s Disney, so like the queer-coding of villains, this might have been another move on that. It definitely feels different since at least it was done in a more positive light (a.k.a. he's not a villain), and props to whoever got away with it. Anyway, I like the rest more, and RIP great Coco characters in advance, but I couldn't let Frollo go out so close to the Top 100. Save: Frollo
  3. save Frollo (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) cut Li Shang (Mulan)
  4. save the wolf of wall street cut christopher robin
  5. Christopher Robin So I basically can't escape Disney-related sh!t for the night and I'm stuck writing about Winnie the Pooh. Horrific. Anyway the movie is inspired and makes use of those characters to tell a story where an adult Christopher Robin loses his sense of imagination until he gets reunited with Winnie. I want a low budget B-horror film that twists this plot into Christopher being plagued by hallucinations and starts to go insane, sounds more interesting than the plot of this movie. The movie was directed by Marc Forster and starred by Ewan McGregor, with the stuffed animals being done through CGI. I am free (or close to it that I can blab my way to 100 words), so ggwp. Save. The Wolf of Wall Street
  6. but you were a part of the original disney rankdown????
  7. suggest cut options and I can change it (make it fast tho plz, i need sleep)
  8. Pinocchio Since Alex threw both characters remaining out there, let's make sure they leave together. I think I appreciate the movie more than I like it, a lot on the back of it being so wildly different to what became the Disney formula since the 90s (basically the same applies to Alice, but I actually really like that movie). Anyway he's the main character of the movie, a wooden puppet created by Geppetto and given life by the Blue Fairy (Disney fairies get your game together, you can basically create life out of thin air but not give Cinderella more than 3 hours for a dress?). Anyway, he's lowkey annoying at spots, but that kinda sells him being a kid that's actually learning and stuff ig. Anyway, I kinda want to go to sleep, so... yeah bye. Save: Cogsworth
  9. save Cogsworth (Beauty and the Beast) cut Pinocchio (Pinocchio)
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