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American Idol Rankdown 2.0

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American Idol Rankdown 2.0

featuring Seasons 1-17


Last season, the Idol Rankdown set a record with 12 judges making deals and backstabbing one another to get

their favourite contestants into the final vote. In the end, Season 3's LaToya London was the one left standing after the

all the dust settled. This season, there's more contestants and less judges, so there's sure to be even more drama!


Rankdown 1.0 Winner: LaToya London


Rankdown 1.0 Runner-Up: Tamyra Gray

Rankdown 1.0 Winner's Chart

Rankdown 2.0 Winner's Chart



The Top 24: 

Winner: Kelly Clarkson

Runner-Up: David Cook

3 (tie). Candice Glover

3 (tie). Allison Iraheta

5. Chris Daughtry

6. Melinda Doolittle

7. Katharine McPhee

8. Carrie Underwood

9 (tie). Tamyra Gray

9 (tie). David Archuleta

11. Trent Harmon

12. Brooke White

13. Kree Harrison

14. Carly Smithson

15. Kimberley Locke

16. Vonzell Solomon

17. Blake Lewis

18. Jennifer Hudson

19. Haley Reinhart

20. Elise Testone

21. Trenyce

22. Adam Lambert

23. Jurnee

24. Lee DeWyze


The Rules: (stolen from the SYTYCD rankdown)

  • We will have 7 judges that will embark on a mission to collectively rank every Idol contestant.
  • At the beginning of the round random.org will determine the order the judges will nominate.
  • Whoever is chosen to nominate first will nominate a predetermined amount contestants and the other judges will have 24 hours to save one Idol contestant and cut one. Cuts and save are on first come, first serve basis so get to it fast!
  • Since this is a rankdown you should have a writeup prepared for whoever you're cutting to explain your reasoning (they don't have to be too long, I expect just a minimum of 100 words).
  • After decisions have been made on those contestants, the next judge on the list will do the same thing, and the other rankers will again, cut and save.
  • We will cycle through all the rankers until they have nominated and then the round will end.
  • At the beginning of each new round I will reveal a pre-planned twist to the round, and we will also create a new nominating order from random.org
  • Once the nominations are posted you will have 24 hours to make your cut and save. If you do not make your cut in time (unless you tell me you're going to be away) you will get a strike and whoever made the nominations can make the cut and save. Three strikes and you're out and I get to name a new judge in your place.
  • If you wanna get your cut in right when you see the nominations and wanna take time for your write-up, you can post who you're cutting and saving and then you'll have half an hour to make a new post with your write-up. However, the contestants are back up for grabs if you take too long to edit. When I say half an hour, I mean 30 minutes. If you make your cut and save at 12:15, you have until 12:45 to post your writeup. Another ranker cannot swoop in and take your cut and save until 12:46! YOU CAN RESET YOUR TIME ONLY ONCE IF YOU ARE WORKING ON YOUR WRITEUP FOR A LONG TIME.
  • Make sure all your nominees are within the confines of the twists and the rules of the game (i.e. no one who has already been eliminated or was saved last round are among your nominees). If this rule is broken, I'm afraid the round resets and you will have to completely renominate.


To Play:

  • You don't have to have seen every season of American Idol but I expect you to have seen a decent amount of seasons of it. It's also easy to find past seasons and performances on YouTube.
  • Every time I have seen this game get played people will inevitably go for the big dogs and it WILL get cutthroat. If this does not sound like your kind of game don't sign up. DEALS ARE ENCOURAGED.
  • I expect you to be active enough that you can write about 100 words about 1 contestant every 24 hours. If you don't think you can log on once days to do at least that, don't sign up. If you plan on going on vacation or being away for a while, just let me know and I can get a substitution for you while you're away.
  • There will be an application you have to fill out so I can make sure I don't have 7 rankers who all have similar opinions. However, I do plan on choosing rankers who have seen the most seasons to participate or first come, first serve.
  • You don't have to even be super active on the boards to play! If you're a more mysterious poster, that might make it easier for you to hide your faves and help them sneak through the cracks.


The Judges:




Elliott (Elliott) as Harry Connick Jr.

NGM (Nico) as Ellen DeGeneres

Solaris (Sola) as Keith Urban

*Chris (Chris) as Kara Dioguardi

Zoey0069 (Zoey) as Paula Abdul

1234567890 (Victoria) as Simon Cowell

Alex95 (Alex) as Peggi Blu


Current Round: Cycle 12 - The Final Vote

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Jordin and Blake are both good and fighting over them is silly when Melinda outclassed them week after week!

Advancing Kelly Brianne Clarkson so @Steven_ can't magically cut her again!

*me trying to figure out why everyone is arguing over Archie/Brooke/Carly outranking one another instead of just focusing on Derek saying he didn’t like S7*

Posted Images

Overall Ranking

Winner: Kelly Clarkson (S1)

Runner-Up: David Cook (S7)

3 (tie). Candice Glover (S12)

3 (tie). Allison Iraheta (S8)

5. Chris Daughtry (S5)

6. Melinda Doolittle (S6)

7. Katharine McPhee (S5)

8. Carrie Underwood (S4)

9 (tie). Tamyra Gray (S1)

9 (tie). David Archuleta (S7)

11. Trent Harmon (S15)

12. Brooke White (S7)

13. Kree Harrison (S12)

14. Carly Smithson (S7)

15. Kimberley Locke (S2)

16. Vonzell Solomon (S4)

17. Blake Lewis (S6)

18. Jennifer Hudson (S3)

19. Haley Reinhart (S10)

20. Elise Testone (S11)

21. Trenyce (S2)

22. Adam Lambert (S8)

23. Jurnee (S16)

24. Lee DeWyze (S9)

25. Pia Toscano (S10)

26. Jena Irene (S13)

27. Paris Bennett (S5)

28. Clay Aiken (S2)

29. Ruben Studdard (S2)

30. Ryan Starr (S1)

31. Jessica Meuse (S13)

32. Syesha Mercado (S7)

33. Skylar Laine (S11)

34. La'Porsha Renae (S15)

35. Kris Allen (S8)

36. Diana DeGarmo (S3)

37. Fantasia Barrino (S3)

38. Kim Caldwell (S2)

39. Phillip Phillips (S11)

40. Colton Dixon (S11)

41. Jessica Sierra (S4)

42. Jessica Sanchez (S11)

43. George Huff (S3)

44. Joey Cook (S14)

45. Latoya London (S3)

46. Jordin Sparks (S6)

47. Lauren Alaina (S10)

48. Katie Stevens (S9)

49. Mikalah Gordon (S4)

50. Alexis Grace (S8)

51. Chris Richardson (S6)

52. Phil Stacey (S6)

53. Nadia Turner (S4)

54. Avalon Young (S15)
55. Erika Van Pelt (S11)

56. Constantine Maroulis (S4)

57. Casey James (S9)

58. Felicia Barton (S8)
59. Anthony Federov (S4)

60. Danny Gokey (S8)

61. Sonika Vaid (S15)

62. Justin Guarini (S1)

63. Michael J. Woodard (S16)

64. DeAndre Brackensick (S11)

65. Madison VanDenburg (S17)

66. Josh Gracin (S2)

67. Megan Joy (S8)

68. Scotty McCreery (S10)

69. Nikki McKibbin (S1)

70. Gabby Barrett (S16)

71. Caleb Lee Hutchinson (S16)

72. Joshua Ledet (S10)

73. LaKisha Jones (S6)

74. James Durbin (S10)

75. Clark Beckham (S14)

76. Laine Hardy (S17)

77. Nikko Smith (S4)

78. Anwar Robinson (S4)

79. Naima Adedapo (S10)

80. Michael Sarver (S8)

81. Burnell Taylor (S12)

82. Chikezie (S7)

83. Michael Lynche (S9)

84. Kristy Lee Cook (S7)

85. Katelyn Epperly (S9)

86. Tatiana Del Toro (S8)

87. Amber Holcomb (S12)

88. Janelle Arthur (S12)

89. Crystal Bowersox (S9)

90. Michael Johns (S7)

91. Bo Bice (S4)

92. Maddie Poppe (S16)

93. JAX (S14)

94. Angie Miller (S12)

95. Melissa McGhee (S5)

96. Amy Adams (S3)

97. Caleb Johnson (S13)

98. Ricky Braddy (S8)

99. Lisa Leuschner (S3)

100. Carmen Rasmusen (S2)

101. Gina Glocksen (S6)

102. Quentin Alexander (S14)

103. Haley Scarnato (S6)

104. Tyanna Jones (S14)

105. Mandisa (S5)

106. Katie Webber (S3)

107. Sabrina Sloan (S6)

108. Laci Kaye Booth (S17)

109. Rayvon Owen (S14)

110. Jasmine Trias (S3)

111. Elliott Yamin (S5)

112. Christina Christian (S1)

113. Siobhan Magnus (S9)

114. Anoop Desai (S8)

115. David Hernandez (S7)

116. Kendra Chantelle (S10)

117. Lisa Tucker (S5)

118. Dimitrius Graham (S17)

119. Thia Megia (S10)

120. Lilly Scott (S9)

121. Didi Benami (S9)

122. Malaya Watson (S13)

123. Karen Rodriguez (S10)

124. Ace Young (S5)

125. Tim Halperin (S10)

126. Stefano Langone (S10)

127. Sam Woolf (S13)

128. Adriel Herrara (S1)

129. Brandon Rogers (S6)

130. Kelli Glover (S1)

131. Dalton Rapattoni (S15)

132. Matt Giraud (S8)

133. Amanda Overmyer (S7)

134. RJ Helton (S1)

135. Andrew Garcia (S9)

136. Kristen McNamara (S8)

137. Jackie Tohn (S8)

138. Camile Velasco (S3)

139. Kellie Pickler (S5)

140. Hollie Cavanagh (S11)

141. John Stevens (S3)

142. Nick Fradiani (S14)

143. Sanjaya (S6)

144. Alex Lambert (S9)

145. Paul McDonald (S10)

146. Ben Briley (S13)

147. Uché (S17)

148. Garrett Jacobs (S16)

149. Aaron Kelly (S9)

150. Mario Vasquez (S4)

151. Alex Preston (S13)

152. Lauren Turner (S10)

153. Suzy Vulaca (S3)

154. Zoanette Johnson (S12)

155. Brenna Gethers (S5)

156. Taylor Hicks (S5)

157. Ramiele Malubay (S7)

158. Juanita Barber (S2)

159. Angela Peel (S1)

160. Rickey Smith (S2)

161. Jeremy Rosado (S11)

162. Jen Hirsch (S11)

163. Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon (S17)

164. Paul Jolley (S12)

165. Michelle Sussett (S16)

166. Brielle Von Hugel (S11)

167. Alyssa Raghu (S17)

168. Emily Piriz (S13)

169. Lil Rounds (S8)

170. Scott MacIntyre (S8)

171. Jasmine Murray (S8)

172. Von Smith (S8)

173. Dexter Roberts (S13)

174. Kevin Covais (S5)

175. Julia DeMato (S2)

176. Heejun Han (S11)

177. Mackenzie Bourg (S15)

178. Jason Castro (S7)

179. Majesty Rose (S13)

180. Sarina-Joi Crowe (S14)

181. Chris Sligh (S6)

182. Devin Velez (S12)

183. Ashthon Jones (S10)

184. MK Nobilette (S13)

185. Eben Franckewitz (S11)

186. Shannon Magrane (S11)

187. Jermaine Jones (S11)

188. Jorge Nunez (S8)

189. Adanna Duru (S14)

190. Ashley Hess (S17)

191. Dennis Lorenzo (S16)

192. Maddie Walker (S14)

193. Jon Peter Lewis (S3)

194. Qaasim Middleton (S14)

195. Walker Burroughs (S17)

196. Vanessa Olivarez (S2)

197. Charles Grigsby (S2)

198. Alexis Lopez (S1)

199. Bucky Covington (S5)

200. Heather Cox (S5)

201. Lindsey Cardinals (S4)

202. Ejay Day (S1)

203. Johnny Keyser (S12)

204. Corey Clark (S2)

205. Nick “Normund Gentle” Mitchell (S8)

206. Ada Vox (S16)

207. Stephanie Edwards (S6)

208. Casey Abrams (S10)

209. Alaina Whitaker (S7)

210. Shi Scott (S14)

211. Tim Urban (S9)

212. Aloha Mischeaux (S4)

213. Luke Menard (S7)

214. Todrick Hall (S9)

215. Danny Noriega (S7)

216. Jacob Lusk (S10)

217. Aubrey Cleland (S12)

218. Lacey Brown (S9)

219. Paige Miles (S9)

220. Jim Verraros (S1)

221. Wade Cota (S17)

222. Daniel Seavey (S14)

223. Lee Jean (S15)

224. Tristan McIntosh (S15)

225. JDA (S12)

226. Gianna Isabella (S15)

227. Jonny Brenns (S16)

228. Lazaro Arbos (S12)

229. Logan Johnson (S17)

230. Kristen O'Connor (S13)

231. Scott Savol (S4)

232. Curtis Finch Jr. (S12)

233. Leah LaBelle (S3)

234. Catie Turner (S16)

235. Matt Rogers (S3)

236. Cade Foehner (S16)

237. CJ Harris (S13)

238. Olivia Rox (S15)

239. AJ Gil (S1)

240. Alejandro Aranda (S17)

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(SF) - Semi-finalists

Grey - Eliminated


Season 1

Winner: Kelly Clarkson 👑

9 (tie). Tamyra Gray

30. Ryan Starr

62. Justin Guarini

69. Nikki McKibbin

112. Christina Christian

128. Adriel Herrera (SF)

130. Kelli Glover (SF)

134. RJ Helton

159. Angela Peel (SF)

198. Alexis Lopez (SF)

202. Ejay Day

220. Jim Verraros

239. A.J. Gil


Season 2

15. Kimberly Locke

21. Trenyce

28. Clay Aiken

👑 29. Ruben Studdard

38. Kim Caldwell

66. Josh Gracin

100. Carmen Rasmusen

(SF) 158. Juanita Barber

160. Rickey Smith

175. Julie Demato

196. Vanessa Olivarez

197. Charles Grigsby

204. Corey Clark


Season 3

18. Jennifer Hudson

36. Diana DeGarmo

37. Fantasia Barrino 👑

43. George Huff

45. LaToya London

96. Amy Adams

99. Lisa Leuschner (SF)

106. Katie Webber (SF)

110. Jasmine Trias

138. Camile Velasco

141. John Stevens

153. Suzy Vulaca (SF)

193. Jon Peter Lewis

233. Leah Labelle

235. Matt Rogers


Season 4

👑 8. Carrie Underwood

16. Vonzell Solomon

41. Jessica Sierra

49. Mikalah Gordon

53. Nadia Turner

56. Constantine Maroulis

59. Anthony Federov

77. Nikko Smith

78. Anwar Robinson

91. Bo Bice

(SF) 150. Mario Vasquez

201. Lindsey Cardinale

(SF) 212. Aloha Mischeaux

231. Scott Savol


Season 5

5. Chris Daughtry

7. Katharine McPhee

27. Paris Bennett

95. Melissa McGhee

105. Mandisa

111. Elliott Yamin

117. Lisa Tucker 

124. Ace Young

139. Kellie Pickler

155. Brenna Gethers (SF)

156. Taylor Hicks 👑

174. Kevin Covais

199. Bucky Covington

200. Heather Cox (SF)


Season 6

6. Melinda Doolittle

17. Blake Lewis

👑 46. Jordin Sparks

51. Chris Richardson

52. Phil Stacey

73. LaKisha Jones

101. Gina Glocksen

103. Haley Scarnato

(SF) 107. Sabrina Sloan

129. Brandon Rogers

143. Sanjaya

181. Chris Sligh

207. Stephanie Edwards

Season 7

Runner-Up: David Cook 👑

9 (tie). David Archuleta

12. Brooke White

14. Carly Smithson

32. Syesha Mercado

82. Chikezie

84. Kristy Lee Cook

90. Michael Johns

115. David Hernandez

133. Amanda Overmyer

157. Ramiele Malubay

178. Jason Castro

209. Alaina Whitaker (SF)

213. Luke Menard (SF)

215. Danny Noriega (SF)

Season 8

3 (tie). Allison Iraheta

22. Adam Lambert

👑 35. Kris Allen

50. Alexis Grace

(SF) 58. Felicia Barton

(#140) 60. Danny Gokey

67. Megan Joy

80. Michael Sarver

(SF) (#114) 86. Tatiana Del Toro

(SF) 98. Ricky Braddy

114. Anoop Desai

132. Matt Giraud

(SF) 136. Kristen McNamara

(SF) 137. Jackie Tohn

169. Lil Rounds

170. Scott Macintyre

171. Jasmine Murray

(SF) 172. Von Smith

188. Jorge Nunez

(SF) 205. Nick "Normund Gentle" Mitchell


Season 9

24. Lee DeWyze 👑

48. Katie Stevens

57. Casey James

83. Michael Lynche

85. Katelyn Epperly (SF)

89. Crystal Bowersox

113. Siobhan Magnus

120. Lilly Scott (SF)

121. Didi Benami

135. Andrew Garcia

144. Alex Lambert (SF)

149. Aaron Kelly

211. Tim Urban

214. Todrick Hall (SF)

218. Lacey Brown

219. Paige Miles


Season 10

19. Haley Reinhart

25. Pia Toscano

47. Lauren Alaina

👑 68. Scotty McCreery

74. James Durbin

79. Naima Adedapo

(SF) 116. Kendra Chantelle

119. Thia Megia

123. Karen Rodriguez

(SF) 125. Tim Halperin

126. Stefano Langone

145. Paul McDonald

(SF) 152. Lauren Turner

183. Ashthon Jones

208. Casey Abrams

216. Jacob Lusk


Season 11

20. Elise Testone

33. Skylar Laine

39. Phillip Phillips 👑

40. Colton Dixon

42. Jessica Sanchez

55. Erika Van Pelt

64. DeAndre Brackensick

72. Joshua Ledet

140. Hollie Cavanaugh

161. Jeremy Rosado

162. Jennifer Hirsh (SF)

166. Brielle Von Hugel (SF)

176. Heejun Han

185. Eben Franckewitz (SF)

186. Shannon Magrane

187. Jermaine Jones

Season 12

👑 3 (tie). Candice Glover

13. Kree Harrison

81. Burnell Taylor

(#126) 87. Amber Holcomb

88. Janelle Arthur

(#191) 94. Angie Miller

(SF) 154. Zoanette Johnson

164. Paul Jolley

182. Devin Velez

(SF) 203. Johnny Keyser

(SF) 217. Aubrey Cleland

(SF) 225. JDA

228. Lazaro Arbos

232. Curtis Finch Jr.


Season 13

26. Jena Irene

31. Jessica Meuse

97. Caleb Johnson 👑

122. Malaya Watson

127. Sam Woolf

146. Ben Briley

151. Alex Preston

168. Emily Piriz

173. Dexter Roberts

179. Majesty Rose

184. MK Nobilette

230. Kristen O'Connor

237. CJ Harris

Season 14

44. Joey Cook

75. Clark Beckham

(#234) 93. Jax

102. Quentin Alexander

 (#147) 104. Tyanna Jones

109. Rayvon Owen

👑  142. Nick Fradiani

180. Sarina-Joi Crowe

189. Adanna Duru

192. Maddie Walker

194. Qaasim Middleton

(SF) 210. Shi Scott

222. Daniel Seavey


Season 15

11. Trent Harmon 👑

34. La'Porsha Renae

54. Avalon Young (#111)

61. Sonika Vaid

131. Dalton Rapattoni

177. MacKenzie Bourg

223. Lee Jean

224. Tristan McIntosh

226. Gianna Isabella

238. Olivia Rox

Season 16

23. Jurnee

63. Michael J. Woodard

70. Gabby Barrett

71. Caleb Lee Hutchinson

👑 92. Maddie Poppe

(SF) 148. Garrett Jacobs

165. Michelle Sussett

191.  Dennis Lorenzo

206. Ada Vox

(SF) 227. Jonny Brenns

234. Catie Turner

236. Cade Foehner

Season 17

65. Madison VanDenburg

76. Laine Hardy 👑

108. Laci Kaye Booth

118. Dimitrius Graham

147. Uché

163. Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon

167. Alyssa Raghu

190. Ashley Hess (SF)

195. Walker Burroughs

221. Wade Cota

229. Logan Johnson (SF)

240. Alejandro Aranda

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1 hour ago, NGM said:

wtf did we do for those last 4 seasons (except Trent)????

Dennis won because there was a fight between the Maddie and Jurnee fans to make their respective fave the last one from that season, and both of them got cut when Dennis was still there. :rofl: 

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2 minutes ago, ~Tom~ said:

Except Caleb was the rightful S13 winner? :unsure: 

I kinda agree even if I was (shockingly) rooting for Jess and don't like Caleb.


Also remember @*Wallace's curse with Dexter :dead:

Edited by vee_
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