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Cam Anthony Fan Thread


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Cam Anthony Fan Thread

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New Single: "Keep It Between Us"
Release Date: 7/15/22

Buy / Stream



















Studio Versions

  Playoffs: "Take Me To Church" | Semifinals: "It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday" 

Finale: "Stand Up" | Finale: "Wanted Dead Or Alive" | Finale: "She Drives Me Crazy" (with Blake Shelton)







Blind Audition | Battle Round | Knockouts | Playoffs | Semifinals [Trio] | Semifinals [Solo]

Finale [Dedication] | Finale [Journey] | Finale [Duet with Blake Shelton]









1. season1

2. BigMac454

3. Bk1234

4. David68

5. jamescasaki

6. B-B

7. Hamza Tufail

7. Persy

9. VoiceTakeover89

10. disney1024

11. istersay

12. moonlighty

13. AmyNicole

14. TeamAudra

15. FloorWax

16. Jordan Smith Fan

17. Dalton Eduardo

18. Misirlou

19. Boston026

20. sydneysam [anonymouskid_35]
21. Daillon

22. VintageVoice
23. Harmat
24. Archanium
25. vfbraun
26. pauwis
27. VoiceFan1234
28. thevoicefan
29. voicelover684
30. VoiceFan1234
31. Angeles
32. Shere Khan

33. Jyn Mycle

34. stilinskies

35. RickyCoben

36. Cookie73

37. Tiger_123

38. QueenCami

39. Spurrious

40. BlaqueWorldPartyOn

41. echoap

42. Gustavo527





























[h/t: Dany for Trivia Image]









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  • istersay changed the title to Cam Anthony Fan Thread 🎵🎤🎹🌟✌
1 hour ago, jamescasaki said:

 how adorable was he as a child and wow could he sing am really looking forwood to seing his audition

DAMN! The dude has some serious pipes. He was such a great vocalist back then when he was a kid. Just Imagine how vocally strong would he be now.

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11 hours ago, Hamza Tufail said:

Hy @istersay! is it possible for you to edit this thread? The person who mad this is new here and he doesn't know how to handle it. He didn't put any social media links + Covers. He didn't even make the Fan-list.

Yeah, I honestly don’t think the main poster knew what they were signing up for by making a fan thread. 😅

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  • season1 changed the title to Cam Anthony Fan Thread

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