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  1. Yeah, that's great. Hope it's a single or album. Hopefully a duet with Kelly, maybe. Not sure about song related to worship. I can't see him singing gospel if that is related to worship, I don't know
  2. I have always been curious about the song choice the contestant sang during the show. Now Jose has confirmed my suspension that they never get to choose their songs. He said all song chosen by TPTB.
  3. I think the stress and emotion of the PV and who'll be in IS.
  4. I heard Corey said about a producer in Dallas.. then he stop talking. Both of them starting laughing and he told Jose he'll tell him on the phone. I was all ears hoping Corey would continue, but
  5. This time both of Blake's team are not country. Interesting to see what song he will duet with Cam.
  6. Hope is 6am, so I can checkout the original song on YouTube.
  7. Guys, are we getting studios and song lists today?
  8. We reached 1000plus pages, do we open another thread or continue with this current one? What's the maximum page for a thread?
  9. Hmm, you could be right. I hope if the artist who send in pre-taped video send in a clear one. Masked wolf tape was so dark that I can't see his face clearly.
  10. I'm shocked enough already. Anything can happen. Nick Jonas already telling us that he gonna win when he showed his trophy on live tv.
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