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  1. She could win the KO if she perform like she did in her battle and BA ..plus her Zombie rendition was perfect and she's confident on stage. Kelly/Kelsea did the right thing by saving her.
  2. Honestly, all were amazing. So, my preference from 1st to 3rd placing would be : Ryleigh vs Gean, then Rachel vs Bradley follow by Emma vs Cam.
  3. I like both performance. That song suit their voice and Bradley sang it like a musical at some parts.
  4. I'm looking forward to Kenzie and Victor battles.
  5. She looks tiny as well. I haven't seen her in real life, so not sure if she is.
  6. Still a whole lot of mystery about him been booted out of the competition.
  7. Yes, new coach usually get bully, but I think Kelly will be nice to Ari..I think...probably 80% nice
  8. How much would they make for John's stick-hand and Blake's bauble head?
  9. She's under which Team? Sorry I didn't watch that season
  10. Why NBC showing only once a week of the voice.. I prefer twice a week
  11. Kelly will be screaming "Please pick me, Please pick me"!! unless if there's an Opera singer, he/she would choose her..maybe
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