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  1. GNT be singing two songs, right..solo and duet? Any hint who their duet partner is?
  2. I think they should do songs that they can harmonize and comfortable singing. No harm in trying something different, but better at their own show. Having said that, I actually like their rendition of 'creep'.
  3. I never see them winning IS either nor to advance to top 8. I was even unsure about Lana being in top 10.
  4. I'm ready for it ... or J&S could be the one... I can see Shasha doing his thumbs-up rn
  5. Anything is possible. I've my doubt of course, what with the predictions we're getting on social media and J&S moving to semi, but we never know.
  6. Not sure what the contestants solo song will be, but I read somewhere, for the duets they'll be doing a 90's theme song.
  7. I wonder if there be any chaos if one of the IS winners, i.e J&S, Jershika, Hailey or (semi's IS) be crown S21 winner!?
  8. Could be, but this season is unpredictable. Contestants that I thought won't be in top 10 are now in top 8.
  9. Talking about coach, I would like Rihanna or Pink as coach on the voice.
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