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  1. Listening to this song now..good suggestion. A bit upbeat.
  2. GNT be singing two songs, right..solo and duet? Any hint who their duet partner is?
  3. I think they should do songs that they can harmonize and comfortable singing. No harm in trying something different, but better at their own show. Having said that, I actually like their rendition of 'creep'.
  4. I never see them winning IS either nor to advance to top 8. I was even unsure about Lana being in top 10.
  5. I'm ready for it ... or J&S could be the one... I can see Shasha doing his thumbs-up rn
  6. Anything is possible. I've my doubt of course, what with the predictions we're getting on social media and J&S moving to semi, but we never know.
  7. Not sure what the contestants solo song will be, but I read somewhere, for the duets they'll be doing a 90's theme song.
  8. I wonder if there be any chaos if one of the IS winners, i.e J&S, Jershika, Hailey or (semi's IS) be crown S21 winner!?
  9. Could be, but this season is unpredictable. Contestants that I thought won't be in top 10 are now in top 8.
  10. Talking about coach, I would like Rihanna or Pink as coach on the voice.
  11. I didn't watch that season, so I checked Chris was placed 2nd and Kennedy 4th. Was Chevel people choice to win or Kennedy?
  12. Yeah, some of them have said that, excited and can't wait for us to see their performance.
  13. Question: Has there ever been a contestant in the voice, highly anticipated as finalist and winner, but end up only in semi or was in finale but placed runner-ups?
  14. What does he meant by this ' romantically I'm team Blake', is he in love with Paris or Lana, can't be Wendy!
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